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ok time for bed

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wtf are you talking about

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then what are you gonna do in his moment of confusion

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be like 'i can do electronics.'
then pull out some swords or something

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haha wut

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its weird ive listened to like 6 black sun empire songs trying to find new music
but i already know all these songs
i think i found one
nothing really happens for 2min

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oh yeh
i has your parts bitch

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i think you could prob just dip in melted solder
and leave it for a coule seconds if that
or cleaning well or whatever
i dont have the ventilation to be boiling lead

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twingy: i got the shop on schedule and he could make sales to keep up
secretary lady told me they only have two floor workers, and supervisor is making calls to customers trying to get business
they cut health benefits, supervisor almost kicked boss guys ass
anyway new job is better
*couldnt make sales

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oh shit
i have to cal tal and be like I HAS JOB AT CERWIN VEGA
he will be like, wowow

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fuck her shes a fuck cheerleader pageant whore

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holy shit
he lost all of them
for days

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they put on more of the stuff they dont take off
so its still a soggy mess and the breading on the steak is ruined and the break is like flat and sticky
i should just make them myself more
or they dont use seasoned breadcrumbs or anything
like, dont even add salt

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i havent had that shit in prob like 10 years
you should make them a website
thats the pizza place by work
haha ok funny shit
two of the pictures in the collage are from posters at the restaurant
you know i really like it but its easy to do wrong
its like milanesa tortas
its my favorite mexican thing ever
but ive maybe had 3 or 4 great ones
and like 100 kinda sloppy not so tasty ones
they put so much crap on it it drowns out the taste
and saturates the bread
so like if you ask for it with less stuff...

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so boss guy talking about he wanna have me and other tech and some engineers setup in house electronics dev lab
that way they dont have so many issues from contracting stuff out
heh, which sounds smart because alot of the subcontractor issues are ridiculous
pizza yayay
i go to a NYC pizza place ecery day for lunch
naw we have cali pizza kitchen first
they came from here
thats like, buffy foofoo pizza
but its pretty good
i like breakfast pizzas
get some bacon and egg w/ tomato and onion pizza at those type of places

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half-assing the led grow lights
this project is total fucking fail
which is cool because it means lots of work for me
but yeh ive only been by myself for 2 days and i already got all last preproduction units working
except for fader bullshit on two fake turntables
like, the other tech and the coder are in china for 3 weeks
and french coder guy rushed this test code out to fix something, his last day here
but it totally fucks up the lcd and led update shit
so its making test go all stupid slow in some parts
he fixed the other problem tho
which is kinda more important
just to prove it can handle the audio chip streaming and the midi via firewire stuff at the same time

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nice, 25A
and the app note has 3 in parallel driving by seperate uC pwm channels
75A of ready to fail
oh maybe that is analog pwm controller
digikey has them for the price of Call

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okay check the block diagram out
they dont route one of the gates...
i wonder if they just figured it was better to do that on the pcb than on the die
like, die would have been compromised and already to many bonding wires
so they just broke out the gate driver and the gate
no they dont, look
the high side gate driver goes directly to the high side fet gate
the low side is broken out to a pin
the power fet gate also
like, you have to finish the chip on the pcb
haha yeah see on the application schematic its just wired into itself

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leftovers from a crackhead custom order
thats usually what i assume when pinout makes zero sense
either thats just how thew die pads for the bonding wire is laid out
or it was some custom request
theres no other reason
well, sane reason
they wanted a really flat power package
the split ground pad that isnt ground is pretty nuts

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omg motor fader failure
also theres something up with a version of the firmware where i have to undo watchdog rework to get it to update then redo rework
tomorrow i figure out if pot issue is pot, flexcable, and/or buffer amp
then im done
wut im rite here
weird pinout

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