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k nite
did you see the pic where i did both?
i did both
it didnt fit but i did it anyway
its one or the other
i did some boards like a month ago but i didnt like those leds
o i did the altoids tins
yes mill

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more awesome
those are 63R impedance thats so weird
haha cool
beef is weird
i think theyre neat
'you need to make icons for the left side
fr manu choices and information

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thats cheap + free shipping
the ones i want are $30 more =(
oh its refurbished

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wow he made it
then he died
just button shaped
its prob like an inch or two wide
oh 18mm
dammit stop i have to go to sleep
yes thats how it started

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so i can get a pwm chip right
i feed it a clock, some feedback,
like i can just make my own current mode switcher, no?
its like 3 inputs, no?
ref, feedback, pwn saw wave
danielson: leds with a .25V ref or something
yes the $.40 thing
thats what i was thinking

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honda asimo fail ^
that thing falls on its head
dx^: i think he looks over like oh fuck
and then falls back in that direction
hm no he was already looking in that direction
then when he slipped he got like wiplash and turned his head more
maybe he broke his neck

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that wasnt fail
that was fucking awesome

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wtf fail

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haha @ tire roll
i seen that as a gif
haha i seen that as a gif too
ya rly!

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haha @ water surge protectors
wtf moon who is tuning their pipes

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damn that shit like went thru him

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small outline integrated jfet?

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the soic didnt fit between the dip8 pins
but i did it anyway
and it DRC checks

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spraypaint can be alot of things

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Vbe is higher too, tho
i think thats actually a log relationshit, some natsemi circuit used it as a stage in a log response VCO

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it came from china subcontractor people
its one sided with mad jumpers
dip40 flash
naw these are last pre-production stuff
other shit is 6 layer for like almost no reason
bjt will saturate way lower than Vbe
theyll do .2V pretty consistently
yeh pretty much

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steppers would be diff category
pretty much
blackmoon: all the 3phase motors for our turntable dev unit things are fail
out of like 10 maybe 3 dont stall
its variable speed/torque
not sure
it has a 1000 bar optical encoder
but im not sure if that goes straight to the controller of if its used to regulate the motor too
it has three pots
its a winbond flash chip
some maxim chip
then a 3 phase driver
i think pwm filters into buffered AB or B drivers

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and floppy too i think
are hdd motors steppers?
i figured they were brushless
oh weird
brushless motor
yeh but if you were buying from a machine or magnetics company, those would be brushless

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im hungry

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