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hes smart
eggsalad: hi
a big schlonce

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see i just didnt go to school
thats bad for coworkers
hey no im gonna go toschool again!
thats bad for the floor isnt it?!
what do you mean had to
who knows wtf who knows
uhohz i bet my clothes need to be dried brb

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i love those!

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bald grrls

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dx^: iunno
i think its a temp thing
they sell them one at a time tho
just be careful k

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mrtube: thats the amp ^
see no tl072
also timecop has used them alot
there thats them

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marketing people suck
zzzz_: hi
hmm what
its coax but its not really used in RF mode
is jus used for shielding
youre not using coax as transmission line
it doesnt matter thats its ac
its just not going fast enough to do the em waves thru the insulation thing
blackmoon: thats how that amp is
thats what the 6 caps are for

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so i can use my amps
then decide if theyre awesome or not
then i can sell them
its a headphone chipamp
with a quad amp
as buffers and active tone control
its got three stereo pots, biatch
itll do 16 and above
wtf its not a cmoy failamp
hello headphones
thats like 100mW precision chipamp thinger
and a rail to rail amp
hmm i dont think ive posted schematic
so its not a stereo opamp and a stereo pot
its 4 opamps and a chipamps and mad pots

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tekrad: omg ourpcb already
4pcb is assholes
and fuckups
um no
ourpcb = chinapcb
4pcb sent my boards to like new jersey or wherever
4pcb is prob sending it to china
anyway how you gonna call yourself a prototype house, you like fucking up you shipping
tekrad: $50 tooling
and unit price under $1 for smaller boards
mrtubes bigass board was $6 i think
same design they wont care
big designs without straight cuts they freak out
mrtube: thats actual quotes or just shit on their site?
okay well chinapcb does 4mil space/trace
i need headphones

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yes any opto is prob fine

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youre trying to run it linear?
do you need any kind of accurate voltage readings?
how does that work =(
yeh for one condition
at one point in its life span
okay how about this
take a $.50 avr
put it on mains
put a resistor devider for 200V
protect with a surge protectopr or diodes or whatever
so hook onto your avr adc
why 3?
okay fine get complicated
but yeh
you can do the voltage source multiple ways
i would use a tiny bridge
and subtract the bridge voltage
or just float it
blackmoon: hahahaha
anyway id use the opto for data
to a host mcu
okay put an adc there

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i should totally jack a badboard from work
and solder the isp cable on and play with that shit
whats 4n25
oh its a normal optocoupler
thats one of the parameters you pay money for
detector current vs emitter current
at 10mA input itll do 2-7mA output current
its the 2nd graph
in the motoralla datasheet i googles
voltage output depends on the load
because its a current output device

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how fucking big are these domes?
like an apartment
pyramids rawk

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at&t long lines bunker
that would be a cool house
houses half built in hills = $$$$
oh have you guys seen the happening?
someone told me it was the threes

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i used to do thinkpad -> usb -> serial -> avrisp
a house worth 3x as much
yeh kinda
like with a shower and a bed tho
bunker house would rawk
oh lennynero knows what that thing on top of saddle peak is

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because theyre fucking domes

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how come my bank computer cant call my companies bank computer and make my money happen
whats crazy
i want it naow.

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so youre saying it was terrorism
cmon man terrorism didnt happen in 1997

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um, he doesnt have two hands?
yeh who knows

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sucked all the subtitles were in some lame european language
stupid europeans]
movie was ok i guess

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iunno i never play monopoly anymore
the whole concept of monopoly in 2008 is confusing to me
06:22 -!- mode/#projects [-b *!*@] by LF411ACN
omg bot did it
my foods is almost ready
guys when will my checks clear so i can buy headphones
i wanna try my little ampers =(
blackmoon: i just watched that

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i got pastichio w/ rice + sprite
no its like greek beefaroni souffle
omg you were playing monopoly?

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nub spam

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I was a vegetarian for many years. I eat some meat now but could NEVER eat a hamburger till I smelled then tasted a Fatburger. Yum!!! I'm hooked...still don't eat others. ....
it turned her
shit i forgot to email english teacher back
blew it up

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haha geo storm
theyre gonna pull the non-axel out?

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well for me its like, goddamn i cant be smoking more weed i gotta cut back for a few minutes
time for a cig
girl fucking her face up with a gun
ok u
im go to the store and buy croutons and eat them all with a bowl of creamy tomato soup
i want a fatburger but they are far
i think
damn all the way out by topanga canyon
thats far for a fatburger
guys the weiner factory is closed
economy ate it
hope = zero
hot dog shop
old skool

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yeh i gotta clean everything
on a cd or a fucking floppy or what?
my paychecks come fedex
omg fuck orcad
no one pays attention
man my bowl is clogging as it snaps
and i get these gnarly resin tokes
yes like two weeks now
i guess so
tragically old
just a little bit
ive had herb
i didnt for like most of two weeks before that

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ugh then i have to do labels
what do you mean use?
like, use someone elses?
well i have to check and then adjust the silk because polar
and no not stanley leds why
i dont think i have a polar 1206 footprint
but whatever its mostly routed and everything fits even the douchebag leds
no not for tant caps wtf are tant caps for
i missed this convo
smt self destruct circuitry?
i can just make it
i would have to like, start eagle tho
and i kinda wanna clean the bathroom and go buy foods
im prob just gonna think abou both and do neither for a bit longer

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its prob something else
haha dongle era
i like unclad perfboard
kind like a rack and you solder everything point to point
i would go but texas doesnt like me
i have to make 1206 led footprints

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the tip on the one at work (weller) is corroding away in tiny layers
maybe its the sponge
well thats what i mean but under the microscope it looks all huge
how does it know
im good about it, but ive left it on a few times
and its all baked looking
but then i stab into coils and it looks all new

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ours looks old
this doesnt have the box?
your new one
no i mean the transformer base thing
like it plugs right into the wall?
oh thats kinda neat
the one at work is pretty okay
the tip is kinda corroding
i think hakko tips are really, really good
like ive left it on for hours at 800F+, tip is still fine
still has that plated area that permatinned
you just jab into the coily cleaner thing and it looks new, tinned

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rab: i think thats what we have at work
temp is controlled by the tips
i think i like my hakko better
thats cheap tho
oh weird

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hahah stark industries logo = half a lockheed martin logo

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have you seen ironman?
ima watch it kbye
oh, k ill let you know
i am biased tho because its my av junkie
well, yeh thats how the story goes
he has to make it because his heart is fail

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you have to train an octopus to use that?
okay he plays wow too much
i have a friend who is bad but only on one computer at a time
they write code that writes code to control the machines
all in a warehouse in estonia or something

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okay windowing in irssi is a little lame
i dont like xchat
everyone says try weechat

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