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even when its cheaper its not cheaper
this shit is in moorpark it could maybe be here monday

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sales tax
because of cali
man ups from brooklyn
everything else is east coast

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i r cold
ima buy headphones now

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i bet they have one of the highest SMPS/mi^2 in tokyo
hmm i bet
the CF is grounded or what?
maybe not eating emi maybe just reflecting it
have you tried just sticking you hands around it
make sure your cable isnt squished, iunno
for this or something that you know works?
$1M usd.

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are your circuits loaded to match that cable or what?
you cant check to see if they signal gets to the other piece of gear?
or its just a box with an input
break out the tin foil, yo
is everything in grounded cases or just sitting out?
jp is prob dirty dirty with emi

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timecop: its failing?
`nico: octopart
oh youre just bitching because your oscillator has overshoot?
i think theres like two more tho

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it can be
like on longer and/or thinner parts
because youre putting force onto one side of the part
hmm no that just seems to work
its from one side at two points
yes on that kind of knurl

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oh hmm
i wonder if i could finish them on the mill
yeh i was thinking of doing something else instead of gnurling

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i need some skinny knobs\
i wish i had a lathe i could knurl some

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blackmoon: they make 4 lead sense resistors like that
so the resistance isnt based on mounted pin lengths

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scope mode?

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mrtube: some of the KRK use LM3886
KRK is powered studio monitors
yes 3
two in parallel
put the probes together
if they have a reading, subtract that from your measurements
oh zero it
i dont think ive seen ohm meters with tare buttons

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i dont like clear beer much

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nice @ 6" length of cut
oh youre doing this on a NC lathe?
how many tools on that?

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wait what is wind pc again
the msi
twingy: whats battery life like?
do you have a usb powered hdd?
oh wtf they have a pc now
asus gonna do eee mobo now
that would be neat for a server
wait what
the tubing ID has .050 runout?
its long enough youd have to spend more time lining it up?

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how do you know it went numb
main loops are for pussies
Main Loops, by ren
deathloop: rjmp deathloop
The End.
ttmustang: i write like all my code in a timer interrupt

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maybe a kinetic thing too
i think it should just display when on mains sourced dc
go to dim 10% pwm display, 1 sec on every 5sec
apestate: alcohol poisoning
geckos are neat
theyre better than lizards

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hopefully i get to learn to work the audio precision tester units soon
actually the specs are kinda nuts
exception being bandwidth
and sampling
but its just audio
both of their alienware laptops are toast\
the one i was using has a missing boot file error
think the hdd is bad
they wanted me to help the engineer lady with an access db
but they couldnt find a working computer for me with office
ttmustang: when i first started doing avr, id leave little systems running for like weeks
just walk up to them and play with buttons and encoders, watch 7 segments
amazed it wasnt crashing
20 million times a second, for weeks, same shit, never ending
i should do that
battery or supercap backup

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okay so cool shit
im doing some busy work (fabricating rubber and felt crush washers for caster wheels, heh)
and i look over at a KRK board
theyre using LM3886, 3 of them with 2 in parallel
to keep the wheels from vibrating
testing a 21" sub
but yeh, KRKs are gainclones, w00t
the dev guy said that they had natsemi guys come in and do the layout for that section of the pcb
no idea, maybe nothing
keep in mind they prob bought thousands of them
and KRK is pretty respected for studio monitors
ive laid out that part prob 5 times

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