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on monday i think some early mass production stuff arrives for to try and break
*for me too

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hmm wow
hmm awesome
how much are they about?
oh they make an emulator chip
like for realtime debug?

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i dont get it it hqs raw logic bits you can configure?
like on the fly or you have to burn in lines or what?
whats this called?

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dx^: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYp85QMJd1Q&feature=related

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and they put it in a box with a truck grille

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i dunno if were a public company
theres no data on google or yahoo finance but im pretty sure a bigger company owns us
i dont like the new powered cerwin vegas
like it looks cool for blues shit
but thats it
looks like a ghetto truck grille
on its side
The CVA-121 subwoofer features built-in amplification for a fully integrated solution with an authoritative 1200 watts of continuous output

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one billion new ic every fucking day
yeh boss guy said at meeting our companys owners arent even worried
that other companies like mackie arent doing so well, so they want to pick up slack

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those are like the proaudio version of the mdr-v6
ok gotta go

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i dont think my headphones shipped today
for $107 shipped/taxed
ha, no
theyre just flat response higher impedance enclosed headphones
thats studio shit, flat, uninspiring sound
hell theyre almost boring
theyre that good
i assume
i had mdr-v600
those should be better (flatter response, neo magnet drivers)

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anyway ttyl
hallo tekrad
you know all of us are still waiting to hear your views on the palin girl
ooh, new board house?
seperate tooling charge?
or thats part of the $10
oh i guess thats not so bad then
im putting shoes on
62 was rush shipping?
ok yeh
yeh 2 day is $$$ for any kind of weight

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you might need ctc mode on the other timers
you can however scale the clock so the period is longer than you need
and use an external trigger to reset the pwm counter
like the phase input
you can use that setup as fault detection too
if your counter hits TOP you know something wrong with your mains phase sensor
anyway i gotta go pick up foods and some buddha
youve never really done digital shit before have you
board level tho?
well, figure this out and youve learned alot, i guess
maybe if i have some time one night ill explain how the processor is actually working, the core and the program mem
thatd prob make some shit make more sense
really its pretty dumb, nothing magical
it just does it fast and reliably

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oh neat
it doesnt have the extra register for the force compare bits
it is just saw it
it just has one output compare reg
thats why it all fits
im not helping you after this if you keep writing you register values like 0bXXXXXXXXX
no idea, looks like you put the right shit in the registers
you prob cant set custom periods with those pwm modes

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did you just paste this code from multiple sources or what?
line 34 on is a 16b register timer
theres really only one register?
what chip
are you using it for ints?

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iunno do you
why dont you find out why before you just fail at the next thing
you got a compile error?
why are you using two timers

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17:32 <@DX^> renesis: do they eat chicken in California
yes fool
need weed
friend is lagging

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