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that looks really ugly

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pwnt, rpd

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joshua_: hahaha
macegr is close to you

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elm-chan weirdo

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rab is a douchebag
hes from tx tho
cant be helped
like blackmoon
like okok
hes from canadia
but he knows stuff
so like hes useful anyway
fuck digg and reddit you just block on blackmoon links?

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generally an asshole
he was the one selling the maxnc to rox
whatever fuck greycz
i thought he was first
he was a shitty machinist
some of the finish on the metal shit is scary
tho it makes sense because he used to brag about like, AND THE I MACHINE IT AT FULL DEPTH
i watched for a sec and kinda laughed
like, oh that was me and people i knew 10 years ago
he talked shit about everyone
to me
im like, hey guy, why you tellin me this shit
it was mostly useless shit
personal subjective whatever shit
we were like his brains in some mailing list war he was having

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um yeh duh
mccain is crazy
powell is pissed about what they did to him before the iraq war
the republicans
bushers sent him to the UN with bad info
yeh well itll never happen
because he bsically started the iraq war
life sucks
kinda boring
because everyone else on my project went to china
and they havent sent anything back to test yet
like 20min drive
12mi i guess
but yeh even tho theres not very much stuff for me to do, boss guy wont just send me home
constantly apologizing about not having stuff for me to do
machinist guy, from #cars

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tv is bad for you k

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you are picky, sir
also are we just going by looks?
because i cant even kick it with dim girls
its like hanging out with little kids
awkward snowball
wow you rated your wife
so like looks only she is what, 5?
dx^: hahahaha
scars suck
haha wtf
it happens
killing is illegal sir
mrtube: did you see pics of board?
almost done
ima go finish laundry and crash out

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does online really good, very flew glitches on a good server
i have fun and im pretty sucky
i talk to my hs girlbuddy a few times a week
you failed
ha, i told an old friend a guy we knew commit suicide
was weird because they both played guitar, jammed alot
what is your wife
shit i gotta do towell laundry
'because its time'

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omg finished 60 lap race last due to early pits for damage
efnet old car sim racing season over, \o/
no is a mod for a sim game
i have a logitech wheel thing
it has force feedback nd will give you early wrist failure
928 was a v8
does it have the gated shifter?
like H pattern
not sequencial
its mayb old
df pro is like the cheap one, and g25 is the $$$ one
g25 has an H pattern shifter, i think good for 6 speeds and rev or 7 speeds
also has a clutch
g25 is expensive
this is an rfactor mod so its pretty neat, still runs on my shit pc

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i has a race soon
also luandry and cleaning meh
1/16" seems pretty good for home depot tolerances

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cuz of powell?

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i ate all the chili mangos
farmers market = win

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small = eyeball sized

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you need to go to middle of mojave desert

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compared to like titanium and aluminum with a ton of shit to fasten together?
to make drones/orbital rockets
no i mean a big one with big engines
yes thats the plan
dammit this is your idea get behind it

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that would be so cheap to manufacture

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