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yes i was taking a class
welding with fire rawks
no idea, i think we had victors, not sure tho
dx is welding pimp not me

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did someone say yes?
its either gonna explode or its gonna explode

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lifetime 140psi
this is truth

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never happened to me
the only time 7z did weird shit to me, i installed winrar and it did the same shit
open src whores

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7z > winrar

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which one
timecop: my sister fuckhead girlcat ate them
okay i gotta do foods
and go to sleep i guess
eda for kids

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was prob some 80s job with a billion vacuum tubes
i think our moms had the same olds
ours was a 79 actually, i think
omg thats illegal
haha i did that to my z
because someone started it
so i just finished
omg ran so smooth
i think so i dunno what youre talking about!
no i mean that yours didnt have them here
in the 80s
were nazi about that shit
damn wtf gas mileage you get on that shit
like 5?
oh thats not so bad
mt new failhonda is doing not so much better actually

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they weighed a ton more
and were uglier
yes but its mine so it matters
i had one
well mom had one
but i had to go downstairs and warm that shit up every morning
else yeh itd just stall the fuck out
yeh i dunno i was like 8
i prob thought it was neat

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gm makes the best american cars
thats why theyre fucked and have no money
wait who is the cocky one
because they won, right?
amd not doing so great
was amazing it was like wow we can choose
omg they made 120hp hondas
mine was made to go 50mpg

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i miss my crx
im kinda considering getting a rebuilt engine installed
factory said it was 50mpg, in 1986
my car is like that
but more power
with armor
hello armor
it can do groceries
why is everyone obsessed with outrunning my civic
my civic isnt fast
except in alot of turns
because its mini cooper style, it just doesnt have to slow down much
i was saying my car is like 44hp
i hate the accord
well no i kinda really like it
but it will fail
and i will hate it then
hmm neat

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the engine is awesome
yeh probably
its 2.0L, 240hp
honda is like 'yeh fuck you'
have one what?
maybe next year, sir
i dont see the point of that in a street car
you couldnt ever really use it
id rather have something small and geared to go like 120 mph
gear ratio
you have a car that is geared to go 200mph, itll go faster geared to go 150mph
most cars have overdrive =(

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73, 74, then emissions happened, and rubber bumpers
75 and 76 sucked
corvettes with like 180hp
1984 corvette was like 200hp or something
efi and computers
efi is better than carbs
tekrad: pfft i drive jp cars
my engines are like from the 70s
i want a non-riced 240sx
i think im going to sell this honda and start doing the bike buss thing for a couple months
i have one
the s2000?
those are sexy

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my tube tek
digital noise
im guessing
like same price as a porsche 914
poor mans porsche
type iv VW engine, 2.0 w/ 5spd porsche gearbox
bosch efi
like 110 before emissions
there was a flat6
but it was a smaller 6 than the 911
914/6 only lasted like two years
but those 914/4 were only like 80-90hp
then they killed the six, and the fours got over 100hp

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but i think arje is sn00ze
and i think sn00ze produced this song
but i dunno maybe this is just something he spliced together, it says LiveCut
for some reason it reminds me of molly ringwald in breakfast club
she could do that dance on the stairs to the synthy 80s part in this song
rf voodoo shits?
it prob wouldnt matter except at higher speeds
just shielded cable
the standing wave, feer
yeh i love my tek

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and i dont think chinapcb
oh i love this song
i think its arje
for some reason i dont like arje
well, i dunno hes maybe just a dork
efnet dnb dj/producer/whatever
like hell play sets
but i wouldnt know unless i saw it in the playlist
because his shit might as well be playlist, only less exciting
but yeh he does sets like almost every day
or he did for a long time
what happened?
naw it wouldnt have mattered
it would have been a bit prettier
but i route from his schematics
so hed have to rework it anyway =D
or no thats another board?
man im getting your pci fail and your rf fail all confused lately

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i had some issue like that
weird selection hierarchy thing
in eagle you right click to cycle thru selectable things
you mean is the shit
oh ha
i think i know what youre talking about

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they have no impedance
unless youre running a regulated supply
current regulated supply
which is pretty neat for leds
Vf doesnt matter, voltage rails dont matter
like, you do the math, you would use the trace as your series resistance
so like, (15V-2V)/.01R
calc says thats 1300A
thats not good for LEDs

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audiophiles love distortion
at what test condition
gainclones have amazing psrr
why almost no one uses regulated rails
oh huh
i think so
green blocks over the ICs?
you kinda need them or just a resistor
for the regulators
the amps might not even be enough idle current for them to regulate right
the servo amps
what no

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ok tomorrow ill shorten all the wires to the pots by like 1/3 and fix the volume pot
and then i guess i slice up the ground plane
the tone control is pretty neat tho
im gonna go eat i think
tubes suck

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okay if i short the pot out with 100R the hiss stops

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i think its a grounding issue maybe

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no its there with nothing
i think it might be the long wires i have hooking up the pots
but yeh you can like turn the hiss down with the vol pot
and the treble pot
the gigabeat has a diff hiss
its not white noise

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portable mp3
but now nothing

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so the noise def changes when i play with the input pot

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oh maybe not it goes away when i ground the pot
slight hiss, sound is okay
i dont remember the other one doing it
i wonder because maybe the wires to the pots are like 2x longer and folded in on themselves

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control, transparency
hmm this one seems noisy

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the jack on my giga beat is fucked
but it messes up the controls
i bet you can get a remote control with a TRRS plug
that sucks
it turned the song to suicidal tendancies - institutionalized
by itself

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rab: heh neat
omg sublime + monitor headphones + curiously strong bass = mfkn win
uninspiring sounding headphones with flat response
i wouldnt even know how to test headphones
some mics in a giant silicone rubber ball with some holes in it
or something
no i mean for response like irl

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backwards log sucks for vol control
ha funny
they didnt test again?
ha, floyd recordings are noisy

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i wired the pots in packwards on this one
well, just the vol pot

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guys guys guys
i has headphones again

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