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08:12 <@DX^> I can program my STK500 with the AVR Dragon via ISP
hello duh
why do you think you buy both?

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no u

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his gun go all down to his knees and shit

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oh the batteries are just for cycling it?
oh that sucks
you should paint the first round
oh neat

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can you get extra ammo cases and belts?
how much moneys
will have.
oh no shit
how far the darts go?

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you cant really spin that, can you
heh, looks like maybe 5% avg drop
badass mfkr
holy shit is that thing real

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dell, ea, amazon
anyone else big?
dell just removed the whole forum heh

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tabby kittens are hardcore

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pretty much
i get to ideal

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pharkus: Renesis is a trademark of Mazda
im renesis
(Renesis is the 13B rotary with reworked intake ports and fail EFI)
ima just jack your parts when im bored one day
i think there was some cool shit in there
we totally got the same SMA schottky diodes!
yes theyre like the cheapest from vishay
well cheapest from digikey, decent voltage/power
yeh understandable
dude thats so old
thats funny they acted like they did some amazing shit
im like cmon, unswirl is not hard to do
or to think of

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i did a /list there once and half the top chans were geographically oriented gay chans
like dalnet is the public mens room or the interweb
*of the
ive been there since before it was freenode
efnet > *
im in #emc and a social chan full of cyberpunker swedes
i used to troll freenode chans back when my nick was Renesis
one time i got #slackware to ban *!*@*.rr.com
someone showed me the logs
like 20 people fell
if lilo was down, he would have killed me
but he just told me to stay in my little chans

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who is pharkus
do we know anyone from maine?
that aint no one i ever heard of
blackmoon: ?!
how is dalnet #electronics only 5 years old
22:43 <@BlackMoon> hes old dalnet #electronics founder who went to jail for a few years for stealing a DMM.
dalnet is way homosexual
like, fureal

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