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he still is
hmm i should try quartus already

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im pissed at medical herb
dunno they dont have much personality
`nico: the medical market has totally fucked the weed economy
because they decided to have a price spread
instead of just reg dank herb and kush
now they have like, 10 diff kinds
and the normal reg priced stuff is pretty low grade
so regs on the street have gone up
in fact regs on the street is almost dead
now its almost all kush
its because its commercial\

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neat i want a calc server
i use another failhost
my exexgf called today
luckily my phone was dead
else id prob be doing her
which is bad because we pretty sure she stole my sisters herbs
i need a new girl person, ++sigh

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.018L, nice
the prototype racer?
that shit is nuts
he like revving it with his finger
like yo old man, what now?
train a monkey to drive it or something
i want to machining a straight-6

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he didnt do one hes done maybe 50?
wow you didnt know about ic friday
you should ask nico about his setup
the res is pretty awesome
thats modern stuff tho
the opamps you can kinda pic out individual parts
prob depends on amp
i bet some of the instrumentation shit uses individual dies
wtf that shit runs?

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ha nice
kevtris: youve seen ic friday, no?
holy shit you dont know
its nicos blog thing

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its named milltronic
way better bearings

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it all scales
on a bigger tools its def way more about the tool and the material
the machines are usually pretty overkill for most parts
i hate that
thats like the most important part
thats directly related to how much heat
thats not slow
thats kinda normal
for like biggish shit
8K might as well be 10K compared to 40K
in many cases, yes
that doesnt work

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4 flt is more demand
doesnt really have much to do with it
its still an rpm vs chip size issue
well everything related to that
4 flute is still twice as many cuts and half the chip size at the same cutting speed

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haha bone stock
with nismo seats
with no rails, so not adjustable
but yeh i think i will buy this manner of failcar
i need more actually
oh no shit
uncoated carbide?
TiAlN, nice

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stolen airbag market is huge
cmon tv knows
its illegal to steal them they still do it
no you cant
so this is pretty neat
i make money faster than i can spend it
in like a couple weeks i can buy a new failcar
i dont even have to sell this failcar first

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tekrad: somewhat
not like now
but its why germany for like it did

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i think there should be an option in the program to lift before making rapids
ok gl

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wtf does that word mean
dx^: wtf does that word mean
bots lagged

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how did it fuckup just half?

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okay i gotta totally reinstall my moms pc
im an ass i havent done it for like a week
fuck windows
im pretty sure my boss really wants to keep me

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yeh hello
those are the people the breed
thus leading to more morons
and less smart people
back in the day people were mad smart
and theres lots of fords with rice shit
esp focus
but also escorts
theres *tons* of honda that are factory
the only mods on mine was a sticker on the back
i had straight pipe on my crx
i got a muffler eventually
and the stock one was rusted out
my engine is maybe a 1.5
might be 1.3 tho
anyway it was kinda loud but not ridiculous
i got a muffler tho
nice to hear the music

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he like bored the cylinders without taking the engine apart
thats some skilled machine work right there
dunno how he gonna get the new rings in there
spark plug hole
why didnt he put the intake back on
honda motor company is prob best manufacturing company in the world
90% of people are morons
so if only 80% of honda drivers are morons, id say thats pretty good
i think ford drivers take up the slack

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cylinder hone, fatter rings
whatever 8 year olds are dorks
8 year olds shouldnt be boring shit
just hone it longer
that shit has gone 2000mi like that
it doesnt burn oil
mrtube: what

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yeh maybe
point is this is like what maybe 10% of the total cycle
where as in a two stroke, this is basically the way it works all the time
blackmoon: yes
and a one way valve
usually like a flap valve
reeds are for woodwinds
i know thats what its called but that doesnt describe what it does

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i think its been done
yeh that shit is nuts
no thats how it works
you replace exhaust gas with intake gasses
its weird its like an oscillator
if it caught up with itself itd fail
yeh but it makes sense with 4 stroke
and rotaries
2 stroke its like, wut?
just between exuast and intake
yeh but thats not hard to understand at all
like 2 stroke is like, valve overlap all the time
no not really, not in a 4 stroke, and not really in a rotary
in a 2 stroke its just weird
im gonna assume its a absolute time thing
relative to the amount of gasses moving

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haha wtf
that vid is kinda nuts

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kevtris: its adjustable
but its for 5v
check this out
he used a 7805 on the other unit
WTF =(
are you guys talking about the youtube?
should i click that or what?
i gotta pee
no the subcontractor just kinda let go of the project
like you could tell they got way halfassed
like it was a revision
its not in some of the schematics
technically im a consultant
anyway he just picked the part real quick and threw it in
the part symbol isnt even fully labeled
like he did EN and FB and nothing else

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macegr: so like, subcontractor used a 6V abs. max LDO off a 12V rail
like wtf
amazingly, failure rate is very low (only a ~70mA load)
its like, avrfreak designs an integrated sound firewire midi controller

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i want air tools
i have a shop vac to clean it up
air would blow chips around
and an air spindle would be so loud
not really
it can mess up part finish
or wear your tool down way fast
cuz it rechops everything
it gets like that with long cycles
]alot of parts flush coolant wouldnt matter so much
deep pockets
so like the coolant would just overflow and the chips and shit would mostly stay at the bottom
typical operator type thing, pause the cycle and clear chips

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im hungry
you can always add the rc to the pcb
and omit the cap and jumper with a 0R
real life has EMI

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