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is cheap quad 45nm stuff
new shits
do i want ddr2 or ddr3?
ddr3 is faster
thats probably better

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the other has more l2 cash

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haha neat
man i hate this now i gotta read all sorts of reviews and articles

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dude this hardware is like 4 years old
quad core was like make believe
is that good

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have you used ssd yet?
seek times are amazing
guys should i get a quad core
i can skip this dual shit

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get 4 and raid 10 them
i gotta sleep
guys should i just be like fuck the car
and build a computer
like now
worst case
car dies
i take the bus
but im playing fallout
moon thinks i should do it
its fireworks
i can hear the pussie little rocket screams

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i think that and it has some distributed write thing
so it doesnt hit the same block 1M times while other shit is never touched
i dunno mines not dead yet
eee 4g from like january
stupid girlcat
it has kitten bitemarks in the corner of the monitor bezel

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the queen is $500
welcome to life
its odd tho how when its there all the time it becomes this chore sometimes
like WTF
yeh rly
firecrackers or a tiny gun
like 6 times
urban life. hmm

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do you have a box spring?
hmm neat
you tried it or in general
i dont like super soft
firm is prob okay
its 11"
maybe medium would be neat
is it in a sleeve or its a block of foam or what
i think i want one
hmm twin
omg tiny bed

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well no
not if i suspect gay pr0n
or its undescribed youtube
well sometimes but it annoys me
im glad i dont really like ham sandwiches
like #cars has trolls who show up like car n00bs and link to gay pr0n on image farms
dx^: neat
dx^: how is foam bed
also what was link

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meta dong data
eggsalad: sleepy
no i meant at his reply
hes thinking
you hang out with some weird 5 year olds
like she was held back in age?
yeh pretty much

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heheh why are you pasting it
the thing that doesnt work
what tool is this useful for?
hmm ksry
what purpose is this useful for
iunno im stoned and i was like trying to go to sleep an hour ago
but something happened
i should not questyion peoples motives
i gues severyone should have privacy in their manipulation
of images
yeh kinda
convert wav to flac/mp3/mom6
timecop should make a media format called .dong
timecop: write spec for .dng file
k go
are you done?

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i want a mini torch
send me $50 i will send you $25
urmom has some pennies.
one of the cables i made is fail
i think i got crazy glue on part of the tip or something

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yeh theyre low pressure
and filled with fiber to keep the shit from splashing around and exploding
asbestos or glass fiber
tiny bits of air that magically get inside
i loved that shit
1% caps?
polypropelene caps are little epoxy gas tanks
cutting torch = real ultimate power

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i use to pout perfume out on dressers and light it
ha butane was weird
i was filling something and the valve broke and it got all over my arm
and i thought i was burning
but then i realized it was super cold
i got like minor frostbite
oh actually
i used to do co2 tanks
like big tanks into little tanks for paintball guns
got super cold
one of the managers before i worked there was filling a tank, no gloves
went to pull his hand away from the tank
and his palm stuck to the tank
we were like dumping pressurized co2 into empty tanks in a coule sec
we were holding the tanks
not just working valves
i dont even remember the pressures
i just remember 15psi acetyene + o2 = dead

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haha boiling gasoline, aesome
yeh i love how everyone says those cans will never explode
im like, hi yeh, burning plastic, plastic valves, hmmm
i know tons of people
hehe me and my sister used to light everything on fire

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we had a fifi dealer in placement
i walked into his room and he had a pile of fifis on his bed
and this look in his eyes like PROFIT
like he was don king
its original fleshlight
his were rolled up towells
with rubber glove
and vaseline
he was mass producin em
funny shit is apprently he sold them all
i dunno man

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dx^: haha
i ban grey
yeh apestate is okay most of the time
on electronics or #electronics?
charles is like his only ally
charles' defence of their behaviour was 'ITS IRC DEAL WITH IT'
like, yeh you guys are tards and most people left
yeh theres like 50 people in electronics never said anything
haha @ 15 year old botnets on autopilot
owner dead, prepaid shell, feer

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heheh funneh
charles asked me if i wanted to be unbanned
but i just talked shit about him and stu for 30 lines
so you met a girl and now youre not all down with srs business
i read
shes cute even
and you has a second date
yeh neat
typos are a gateway to a persons inner mind and soul
or something

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cr2032 are the exception
because their max output current is perfect for an led

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i was buying wire clippers and dropping mom off at the dr
i need to go buy food
okay so i go to this pizza/italian place for lunch everyday
and they do like a little salad with these garlic rolls
i think im like into salads now
this is like the most awesome thing because now i dont have to feel guilty about buying large amounts of croutons
i just have to buy lettuce and some garden junk too

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not smoking cigs when you have no herbs is hard

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okay all the non stock ones are mc34060 and they look same as mc34063
except theyre more expensive and non stock
oh and it has broken out error amps and is bigger
and a 5v ref
weird its more like a tl494 than a mc34063
or copy, iunno
cuz i forgot mc34063 only 8pin

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i need to go buy wire strippers i left mine at work
he kicks the 34060 =(
im guessing thats an older obsoleted weak version of 34063
why does 34060 have two transistors
yeh panasonic has an34060
it just looks like errors amps
wait no its like three diff vregs in one package or somrething

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if you have a zero balance they assume you dont use it or what?
like an expense acct?
yeh i get it now
loaded fine for me
failure is yours, sir

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wtf was the point of that
what nico said
thats neat

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she kinda look like val kilmer

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