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fuck diptrace
its just annoying
the whole clicker interface

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just grounds and cleanup left
it just crashed tho

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tekrad: two inverters
or tie the inputs of an AND or an OR

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stupid avg keeps eating my game
i restored the files but it ate them again while i was at work

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i lernt skinheads are bad, mohawks are good
one of the office guys has a mohawk
brit guy
bass like that doesnt happen in other types of music
youre missing it
anyway, that live from stacked bass bins is awesome
life changing
aw they took away the distortion
disco was as least doing more with drums
than house/trance/hh/etc
tho trance can be less lame as sometimes itll sport the breakbeat
oh neat its doing the distorted bass again
no one understands until they been like 2' from a bass bin
then theyre like, oh

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like it can be as good as epic rock/punk/hiphop shit
layered time signatures, heavily processed and droning bass and melodies
the heavy use of live samples instead of synthesized loops
also its more punk/reggae/techy/stonered, less clubber/raver/junkied
fuck disco.
again, its like a 5% good, and REALLY annoying when its not good type of genre

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dnb > hardcore/terrorcore > trance/house/hh
absolute and indisputable
no one understands drum n bass until theyve been to it live on a decent sound system
rab: only true to the inexperienced
it seems to take like 6 months
its not random in drum n bass
like half of drum n bass is shit
its as bad as house/trance/disco
its just boring sequenced bullshit
but good dnb has depth

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teflon is was soft
oh that shit is awesome
er -was
drum n bass > u
dude you listen to happy hardcore

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logic is cheap use a shift reg
then use a bigger micro
it sucks
i must play it all tho
btw guys if i dont say anything for 3 weeks its because of fallout3
yes now

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okay so you want to isolate the clock and enable and pins right
so thats 6 pins left
well you can put switches on top of each i think and like mux with 2 pins, i think
something might be shorting out

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oh that wont work, sry im stoned
civic + bug
because its front engine rear drive
civic + bug is like iconic
can you use a shift reg?
yeh if you hold the clock it should do anything
i would test maybe it flips out for some reason
but i doubt it

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like were doing a full mod Historx
have you seen that?
weld a porsche 911 to a mustang
and gang the throttles
do the mustang auto trans and the 911 stick

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anyway ima go play with other #cars dorks were testing for next season bye
mrtube: do you has a wheel controller?
you should play with us
no, sundays
game is rfactor
is free
i havent paid anything
or actually
you maybe need GT Legends
which comes with GTR2
which was $15
which i paid for
but then had to crack anyway
because it prob thought all the gcc shit on my pc was meant to crack it
yes of course
GTR2 = racing sim
it makes sony GT hames look kinda silly
it has internal cockpit view, and head bobble for simulated gforces
also adjustable look to apex
rfactor is kinda same shit, but older
lots of mods

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timecop: didnt even touch it yesterday
timecop: doing it tonight
sda and sdla is i2c?
yeh typod
i have to wire those up
it doesnt fill me up
mcd's is tasty in this engineered sorta way tho
lennynero was getting off over those train horns mounted in pickup trucks for hours
wtf are you guys talking about

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dicktrace doesnt even have angle entry for rotation
you have to eyeball it
90 i think
^r is 90 degree rotates
im sure they can

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i dunno it has some app
so probably that
hmm gotta go

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jp tv pirat boxes
but iunno no one tells me
man what happened to the peewee herman guy
he did the movie blow
and then what
um yeh, he was peewee
tekrad: did you like pads?
were getting 3 seats at work
looks ok
i think a newer demo
at home and work
but were prob getting new version
yes i was reading the manual at work

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