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wut eh
guys this computer is fucking sweeeeet
there is a spot on the mobo for that but they didnt put the chip

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wtf is this backplate bullshit
im about to get my game on

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i dont have a back plate =(
fuck that theyre like all stamped steel to press in
im not gonna fuck up the lian li

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atheros thinger
atheros is the chip asus used in the eee for wifi
what bitch
why are you like ..... .... . . ... ...
like you swear you are learning morse code
it is lan
wifi is the eee

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quad thinger is on the interweb

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chipset, net, gpu

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wow boots fast
stupid spiral quesion mark
? in device manager = everything \o/

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i was blogging when i should have been clicking
then it asked me my name im like WHAT IUNNO WTF
some old xp pro corp thing ive had forever
and then i sp3 it
....... wat
ive done it?
i hooked up all the fans to my mobo
asus in complete control

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installing windows 39 min left

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guys so far its working

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timecop: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/brazil_wtf.png
timecop: okay you shit will be finished the open box quad thinger
doh doh
okay i gotta go build the computer machine, bbl

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timecop: it just did that autoconnect shit between a via and the ground pad for the usb
like .5" away
really wtf
can you please stop using this shit already

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pwnt, moon
youre like adding all these extra letters to it
i hate those things
but yeh they work

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