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blackmoon: wtf is this lockpick bullshit?

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its raining here

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oh nice upgrade
omg weird
make her buy you that automatic nerf
the cannon
if she really loves you
and then

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ty for payment sir
ha yeh i figured you would adjust cuz you still have to do labels
noop mine is samsung

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damn i just went in capping at the overseer
i forgot that the girl was his daughter
shes pissed!
oh yeh?

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yeh i almost thought
but then i saw the username
and realized
and went oh because grey is almost black

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installing fallout 3
video settings have been automatically set to ultra high
4gb ddr2 1066
quad core biasch-niggee
and geforce 9800gtx
cuz turdis is like, you want this prob, im like, k
seems to be working out ok!

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omg schematic

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haha just checking

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dx^: haha noooooooooo

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timecop: failboard is done

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wat wat
ive only heard
i tried to avoid watching too much play vid
timecop: ima play video games then adjust trace widths and add like two caps and then done
i read a dev explaining that
im like wtf

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6 fallouy prob wont get here until tonight
-6, *fallout
this shit says your failboard is done
i gotta adjust some trace sizes tho

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omg want to plaaaay
timecop: you failboard is almost complete

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the old mobo/proc/mem/gpu
and hdd too i guess
it sucks i cant really install it without blocking the intake fan
because the gpu sticks out too far

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in morrowind, you take suicide jumps down hills
my lian li has no panels
and the old ide seagate is like to the left of the chassis
hooked up and sitting on a antistatic bag
i wanted to make sure everything was cool first
haha i went to start it up
forgot front panel connections
i dunno what to do with the socket a shit
do i sell it or what

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turdis says not worth buying
ill hate it because i hated oblivion

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i wanna get a pointy tip for my hakko

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no its one of the beginning ones
maybe its talents?
you dont get points faster in those?
i used to be like 120% small guns by the middle of second town
you get power armor for that
damn need game
i should try dicktrace

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new compuiter is so win
i need to go find fallout 3
oh yeh?
i know
with animation
that takes 10sec
and itll do it EVERY FUCKING KILL if you have bloody mess perk
now bloody mess has a downside
extended playtime
thats fucked up yo
bloody mess is supposed to be the neutral perk
hmm weird
you think frys will have it?

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