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bet the engineers are from aerospace

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and now, theres a gas and a hybrid
the gas one supposed to do well over 120, like 150 easy
and hybrid one supposed to do over 300
that thing is easily the most aerodynamic consumer car thing ever
prob more like 50-60mph
oh no wait
i think its hybrid vs full electric
and the hybrid is like 120mpg spec but up to 300mpg in good conditions
no but thats about its range
anyway its not done!
it might change alot
in a year

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like 300mpg.
thats what that car is

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its god 3 rear view cams

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blackmoon: my friend wants to buy one of those
you have to wait like one more year
hybrid is $30K
cali > u

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wait isnt little endian like, normal
and avr
and i think maybe arm was switchable

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k fine

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middle click i think

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thats what happens when you dont roll deep
just zoom out than in with the scroll wheel

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heh wow
that bad
if i buy this $1000 eagle
do i get eagle 4 and 5?
or is that $2000
if i only get latest eagle, im pissed
if i only get one version of eagle
rly wtf
eagle light is $50?
its free right?
# Use is limited to non-profit applications or evaluation purposes.
if you made money with eagle free, you owe cadsoft $50
rab: !

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wtf @ size gimp
thats so gay

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danielson: like 10x more
eagle is cheap
and eagle is highly capable
fucked up learning curve
lots of ui tricks
but its fast
and you can get exactly what you want
horrible, horrible library management
needs a custom pad shape editor
workarounds are not DRC friendly
which to me is fail
i dont care if they added a ignore drc error checkbox in the new version
the cad backend is solid tho
who buys schematic without layout
so its $1000 now

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its prob a nix integration thing
the add part dialog has it
library subfile stuff is it for me
oh yeh that
thats really weird
oh thats because of the way you can use multiple prints for a device
or no
see theres logical reasons for alot of shit
theyre not neccessarily great decisions, but theyre logical
germany, yay
really it needs a 3rd party lib tool
which is sad but i dont think theyre really every gonna deal with that shit
i dont use any eagle lib components
i make them all myself\
from datasheets, and draw my own symbols, because im vein or something
ref-packages can be usefule for brainstorming
kevtris: its user contributed
kevtris: its crap
like some of it is really good cad work
some of it is just shit its like WTF DID YOU EYEBALL THIS, SIR

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but its really the same shit
you could learn to program a cnc in like an hour
cuz you wouldnt be learning anything as far as programming
other shit it can be easier to just type in the code
and its just like digital shit, knowing all the superbasic shit helps figure out why shit is going wrong
because omg cam apps will do silly things, especially with complex data input
but yeh its like dumber than 8bit
heheh, pneumatic punch card era, feer
there was a pratt and whitney punch card controller at school
in the 70s they actually has a punchcard splicing coarse in the cnc program, heh
use regexp
*, ?
and i think it might have been case sensitive

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if youre using a known pirat copy, that will fuck you
yeah board houses will accept that direct
yes it does rs274x and rs274d
rs274d is older, has a seperate file for the apertures
rs274x has them in the file header
its gcode
its coordinates and tool changes
its the same shit i feed my cnc with a diff tool specification
gerber or rs274?
rs274 is more
its basically the spec for all industrial cnc things
like it tripped me out when i realized, i opened a gerber and realized i was fluent in pcb cam files
like the compression thing
thats because cnc machines have modal commands
because its register based
so if everything is on the X coordinate, you only have to program once
especially not a photoplotter
cnc machines are a bit more drama, because the tooling and machine accessories

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haha do you know the fuck you mode?
itll let you work on the file as long as you want, itll let you save
it wont ever let you open it again
itll pop up a message like this file is corrupt or made by an illegal copy of eagle
please contact cadsoft
so yeh, the classic fail is like, install, check that your details say pro copy
do some crazy 8 hour work stint
go have lunch or a nap, whatever
come back, work eaten
ive never gone line by line thru the gcode
but ive looked thru alot and headers, the cam processor doesnt write fucked up shit in the gerbers
definitely not the excellon drill files
oh wtf no shit?
thats rs274
its just gcode, i has a degree in it
no i think you are thinking of the actual project file for the pcb
some board houses will accept this

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This program has a virus. If you are running windows vista SP1, windows defender will try to block it and remove all infected files. Just kill the processes. Run msconfig to see yuv*.exe files. Then remove them with regedit (CTRL+F and search for them).
Also go to c:\program files and sort by date. Then search registery again, and remove all associated. Erase those 2 folders that were created after EAGLE. Don't forget to kill the processes too. Reboot and you are ready to use eagle :)
Luckily the virus doesn't do any permanent damge to windows files.
should i pay for eagle already?
it doesnt with the cam files
it definitely does with the project files

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okay well my new torrent is at 20%
its for 5.0.0 tho =(

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danielson: its on usenet, 26 days, a.b.cracks.en
go go go go
i pay but im lame
well, if you want any kinda of movies or pr0n or new apps @ max download speed, sure
i use teh easynews, they has a efnet server
easynews has a webber interface so i dont have to use silly news apps
it automatically unrars shit
so you can just download movies and files you want
omg binsearch lied to me or easynews failed
all is lost

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keygens are as likely to by malware?
*be be be be

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like it takes two days to become dicktrace pro
basically, i spent 3min doing shit in dicktrace i can do in sec in eagle
because in eagle, i draw what i want
in dicktrace i have to trick it to leave my traces alone
wtf why
timecop has spyware that will reset the trial for eternity
it just resets the trial
it doesnt unlock it
so install xp
if dicktrace was that good timecop would use it instead of paying me to

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tho i use dicktrace when extorting money from timecop
so iunno maybe 5 hours last week
eagle isnt geared for new users
because its shit
it has shit library subfile management
its non inuitive
dicktrace makes total sense

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okay now explain why genius
dicktrace is fail
cuz god says

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where you have 3 micros running some brain dead code
that monitors the same set of buttons
you dont even have to
we know you can
everyone in here probably could
ttmustang prob could if you gave him a few weekends
he did but im not sure how he wanted it too
im not sure he ever had like a whole high level concept for that thing
a few but i dont use them
no fuck you
flow rate is reduced an insignificant amount
fuck you because youre not giving the values in ohms

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haha what
greycz: hahaha killed anymore geckos lately?
jezus fuck how old is that topic
ite im breaking my streak, im outties
haha nice
thats how it should be
theyre using like, flash cards and xp hosts and shit
they should be like some triple redundant 8bit system system

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04:50 < danielson> You guys know greycz?

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no but it sounds fun

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i dont have a logic analyzer at work
i dont even have a storage scope
status of packet analysis = eye pattern blurries or none
haha my shit at home is more advanced
oh mother fucker
timecop you ass
you should have just sent me the chinascope
instead of paying me
i didnt even think of that

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wtf @ super mutant bohemoth

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i dont have that
ha neat
4 door half car
ok back to crashy game

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i just got drivers from nvidia

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oh so its not just me?

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fallout 3 crashed
and i get gpu driver error
and im locked to like 640 480 res
nvidia woo

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crashed it again

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so fallout3 crashed
and window said i should reboot because my display driver has stopped responding
thats not cool
at least theyre interesting

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ima play

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guys how do i make all of the interweb fast like my computer
so i read the fail datasheet for the chip were using
is arm7
some obsoleted oxford semi firewire thing

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heh, the adc/dac chips in the midi thing at work freak out with any kind of esd shock to any ground
his mom was white
i seen pics shes so white!
i like barack hes all like, racially awkward
haha wtf
you would have EQ and WOW

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timecop is better at paying money than you
i still get free gov money too
no than dx
theyre so gonna want that money back
yeh cuz he got like $24 worth of stuff
ac-130h: the amp doesnt his with signals grounded
yeh something like that
for the failboard
yes some of it
im saving up those transformers
ac-130h: no i didnt change anything
it just hisses with the signal lines open, no input
and when connected to my gigabeat
but that hiss is diff i think its the gigabeat
have to try with more sources
but with signal, like in quiet parts of music, no hissing
hehe theres weird digital noises in the gigabeat signal if you listen real close
hmm i should find some app notes on esd in grounds

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you has a cold mfkr
i need to consolidate all my digikey boxes into one box
no not empty
i have to sort all that shit
i think im going to buy little envelopes i can write on and stick chips and parts into
i has enough parts, i gotta sort them

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hes punt schumacher trying to pass i would be like yayayay
the rules sounded 100% better until i heard about the engine thing
driver aids like the auto transmissions and the traction control was pretty lame to watch
ferrari would argue, probably
well, they should, maybe wouldnt anymore
ferrari sold cars to race, not the other way around
F1 without ferrari is fail

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can-am is dead because porsche built a car that never lost
it was like unlimited racing, no rules
yeh but thats what no rules becomes
F1 is about rules
the formula one label is a ference to a set of rules
watching ferrari win every time for like 5 years was ridiculous
need to change the fucking rules when that happens
not really
well, maybe a good portion
but FIA being their bitch and them having the largest budget was a huge part of it
ferrar is bitches
what they did to barichello and at indy is inexcusable
and irvine was a bitch
but barichello was a good driver
he never had the same car tho
and it was obvious he was ordered to not race michael
i havent been watching
or reading the news much
i stopped when the rules got stupid and that shit at us gp happened
punting happens
montoya was awesome for it

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i hate ferrari
as much as i hate the FIA
but F1 isnt F1 without ferrari
it would be fail
but yeh i feel worse about toyota
they were doing pretty good for a new team
make them race
but yeh the engine rule is dumb
slicks is good, the energy recovery and boost system is good, no driver aids is good
no aero is good
no fuck that
but its about racing first
do you know what can am is?

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]you guys are still going on about babies
ok, well while you guys are wasting time, i found out FIA might make F1 a spec engine series from 3rd party engine manufacturer

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those things suck
they make alot of noise
that doesnt sound like a good burger yo
thats what they eat

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i dont think so
dont do your roomates fifi its unsanitary\
ive never been to prison
def not
those the smaller ones tend to wear out quicker
so im like, its all a tradeoff
that would make it wear out quicker
if theyre already too small
polyurethane condoms are awesome
they dont break as much and you cant feel them
i would constantly be like WAIT WAIT GOTTA CHECK.... OK
i have
i think its when they shave and its growing back

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like the other two were too, but they were like original about it
i dunno i guess it feels like a sequel done by other people, shrug

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the overseer?
i didnt the first time
no wait
i did the first time
but then i went thru real quick again and didnt kill him or the butch kid
so the girl would like me
actually i did kill butch
because i saved his mom and then they both tried to kill me wtf?
are you playing as a girl or a guy?
its kinda okay
its kinda liche

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allergic to foods.
stop inhaling airborn foods
kinda ok
i got to the front gate of megaton
i want a cig
its crashed like twice
one time it made a noise and started cycling thru the facial textures
then stopped and it was like my monitor was wearing a hannibal lecter mask
was disturbing =(
k well then i need food or weed or something

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wtf @ raining

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