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it says mobo 44c
cpu 30c

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omfg dx
i sneezed 10 times

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im rocking the double barrel
a goul fucked up the matrix tho i have to restart
whats screen effects
none bloom hdr
im trying with vsync off

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yeh have fun
how was berkely?
thats good
oh neat

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he meant the back panel plate
man im so dumb i thought he meant like behind the mobo
yeh i dont have that i feel ghetto
tho i dont think it can hurt cooling a ton
heheh ive totally slept thru cycles
wake up spindle is hovering over a pile of Al chips
yes most likely
but who knows it can run itself to the end of its screws or something
even stuff like spreadsheet
pretty awesome on a quad
are you sure you dont want a car or a boat or something
how much is that?
oh thats pretty neat

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wtf how is that a timecop thing
this is abused by many

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meh i dont wanna do my invoice right now
i have to do it tomorrow
and make sure boss guy actually sent in my invoice from last week

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hahaha awesome fix
so im like, maybe it is off the screw
and i tip it up
and it catches
no u
hello yes like 100 console cmds
dont think so
oh awesome

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you have tubes?
instead of a chain?
your life depending on one bolt
do you believe

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whatever its not drums so i dont care
or your spokes snap
if you take it to a place they do it in like 30sec and make you feel stupid
and the shit will be like perfect
thats less bad
wtf shocks
ignore me as i have weird hip issues
i want a nuvinci hub
fuck gears
gimme unlimited ratio shit
whats hydrostatic

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hghaha nice
i know someone with a dahon
um i rode my bike like every day with a set of pads
they lasted like a year
go get some decent pads
also tune the brakes so you can lock them up
its weird to do them right
if you do shit in the wrong order you fail
have to have straight wheels tho

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no blackmoon changed it
i need to bring some 1uf 0603 to work

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timecop: shes just saying maybe prices wont be so fucked or dollar wont be so fucked she can actually afford it and it wont be a worry
comprehensive failure
no its some random person taken out of context
and even if its not, its just a random person
yeh basically
its dumb but for the less than obvious reasons
the president does have much control over the economy
but everyone acts like thats not true
danielson: YOU THINK!?
electoral college
hes an ancient spoiled brat
end of decision
i dont remember
some obama mad libs revisionism

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so i just make a button with a controlled resistance
yeh thats what i dont like
how is it normally done?
like, well
because as a rule this shit usually seems to be implimented pretty fucked up
okay yeh thats why
no one is sure
ours is piezo based and it sucks
its an impact sensor, heh
thats totally my idea
those suck pretty hard
theyre awesome for like a couple weeks
no im not jking
i really would
you had too

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like itd be layers
im pretty sure keyboards are capacitive
not like music keyboard
like pc keyboard
oh hmm
yeh i know that
i figured it was something with the slew of a pulse, iunno
ok fine
theres a filament?

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i think so
blackmoon: okay
what if i put sines thru RC
and just measures the voltage division
that would change with capacitance
analog membrane buttons
like the know how hard you are holding them in
i dont think on keyboards its resistive
i know

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haha wat
how did you make it?
and you guys know any cap sensor IC?
whats the pressure input
water pressure?

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omg i love ice tea but like it gives me the chils for 20min after
in the head

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`nico: okay that aside
how many abstract or symbolic games
because yeh, 8bit and 16bit days, shit wasnt real, it was like, symbolic
thats nuts
yeh alot of times
even local style
yeh yeh
rpg games were like pen and paper dnd with guis

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yeh thats neat
`nico: wow yes!
i was going to bring that up
thats a game
you dont know about katamari ball?
non linear games are pretty respectable
its kinda the same 3d=sim argument, but thats a shit load of story to get those to work right

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alot of consoles are pretty fail
alot of console games are really fail
3d gaming is what has killed games sir
not pc
i just trolled your life
engine dev time
'games' in the last decade are cheap sim
a 'better' game more closely resembles reality
no concept neccessary
just make it fucking real
no the standard has become more real
thats what the engines are blowing cycles on
AI and physics
and thats the creativity in some titles
when they create worlds
like fallout and elder scrolls and alot of non linear shit is like that
but in general
like, people
not you, cuz youre like dev level
when its real, and insights like visual/auditory-emotional response its cool
thats what the masses are into
how many totally abtsract game titles have you seen?

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`nico: im not hardcore tho
okay i guess i have my moments
and like i have canceled on social stuff to sim race
blackmoon: yeh totally
tho morrowind i totally did for like a month
i did like almost 300 hours in a month
do tha math at that
it is both impressive and sad
`nico: iunno man
board games are pretty sucky
yeh theres that
racing on consoles and tvs is silly compared to this
i loved the GT games
but GTR2 and rfactor make those seem silly arcade style
moon racing
but yeh console gaming is pretty hard to top
however, more and more, console games are pc ports
which i think is sad
anyway i like nintendos
and dreamcast

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yeh im start boosting that and repair
my small guns is like 95 already
ive only leveled like 2 or 3 times
yeh i wasnt saving before
i didnt know they lock up for good
if i cycle the area i think theyre still locked?
yeh that wasnt nice of bethesda
i didnt really follow dev or forums or reviews at all
so i know almost nothing
its pretty good so far
hey have you played stalker?
yeh i wanna start reading stuff now
turdis thinks i would like stalker
i wanted to play but old pc couldnt do it
haha gamefaqs #1
okay awesome
ima go take my eee to the bathroom and study hard
so eee is still kickin
no sign of ssd failure
like 9 months now?

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my fucking scanner died
i plug it in and the rod for the long axis is at the end
and clicking
reset and reboot dont ficx
reset doesnt help
hmm ima try rescanning thru it
yeh im going to break it down
yeh it sounds like it fell off the fucking screw or something
theres a twisty thing
maybe thats why mine is fail
maybe its just a twisted band tho
not enough light
man i suck at cofee in the morning
i had to pee so many times
hmm ok

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you find the guy who wants sugarpops to make ultrajet?
my bad
that was like my first tangent
oh hi
i had some of that
i sold it
oh neat
do you know if the containers have limits?
in think in fallout they would overflow into limbo
you have a home?
is it that locked shit in megaton?
see thats so elder scrolls
my morrowind telvanni house was awesome

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mmmmmm, piiiii
did you guys see the pi pie?
aaaaaaw jeeeeah

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(yes im 100% sure)
i was hahaha @ blackmoon =\
well @ $200 for a pdf
haha wtf @ keyed
like tetrisized pads
wow thats sucked up and almost totally pointless
*fucked up fucked up fucked up
you do teris L's in inverted mating position
the hack to defeat it would be wider than standard pads
with a higher gap
and holding onto the resistor by the edges
mechanical failure would be high
so you still win =(
my ass is 3 dimensional already

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yeh but standard to me is more an availability thing
im sure pic n place machines can do anything flat on top
i dunno your revision is like the PG-13 version
the ones i called standard have jedec specs (and the alternate names), im pretty sure
for RC its pretty standard
but i dont know if thats because theres some pad standard theyre complying with...
or just because they all make them with basically the same fab process and they all just end up the same
has anyone registered with the jedec site?
im just gonna register and theyre just gonna laugh at me, no?
60 x 30

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my rework was 5 0605 tall
10K pulldown, 0.1uF, .47uF, .47uF, .47uF
tho it was pretty straight
cmon rly?
0604 is prob like, 0102
go look it up
0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210
everything else is insane or silly
1210 is kinda ok
`nico: yeh but those are the standard ones
they make all sorts of weird in between shit for non RC stuff tho
like if you search wrong combinations you get hits usually
not sure, i think jedec specifies those
nice topic revision

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i killed the esd issue at works
so now because of me and new engineer guy (cool brown kid like my age)
theyre stopping shipment on like 900 units to do the rework
just need like 1.5uF on the reset line
10K pulldown
reset active low, but they need to wait for the controller to init them

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theres an isolated ground plug
because i isolated it and tested zero load
i shock the lighter against that
and the system will bug
not the systems ground
like a terminal in a panel for turntables
i disconnected that
to test something than just curious i shocked against that
same fuckup
tested with dmm, terminal is zero load
this product is almost abortive =(
omg laundry done

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so would fat tvs at the failing chips be enough to keep esd spikes from killing it?
because what is the esd spike is to ground
but what if the grounds are fucked enough that theres no good energy release path
so it just couples to the rails thru the caps
like where the fuck is the tvs gonna dissipate it too
well yeh
but this is some 6 layer maniac designed this
also its a firewire device
so it prob shares ground with the host pc
yeh but that almost seems like fairy tail shit
like, hi we keps the whole system at 10KV potential for 2sec
im using an electric lighter ignitor
the maudio firewire thing doesnt car tho
yeh because check this out

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ya rly
wtf is a fatman
i hardly played yet
no i told you he killed us
like i saw him
i went wtf EH
and it stomped me
it says dead bohemoth before he dies?
do you have party members?

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hmm neat
and yeh im doing that more now
because getting shit repaired is expensive
and they dont always do an awesome job
omg the girl who sends you on research missions?!
you stole from her!

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i have a stealthboy
no, one
but the main story wasnt the main story or something
two you will get bitched at
but i dont think the town will just die
or maybe
i dont remember
i had alot of shit doing on
im like, arroyo, wat
of course you go on

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you cant go over?
damn so im like best im ever gonna be with small guns?
thats pretty shitty
ok neat
o damn
i has a sniper but only like 5 rounds
right now im with the bros of steel mofos
this girl in armor, were going to the radio station
yeh i guess
there was this huge mutant
dude he killed me
and then i had to participate in some fail races

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it does look like ascii format binary
no u mfkr
i dont even try
i hate word games like that
i think i might restart game
i would but the initial shit takes too long
and 4 tries?
oh huh
i should save that point

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thats my fav reject
i know thats why its there!
thats also why i suggested you put yours there!

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haha yeh
and im better at picking now
pls to put there k
<namssa> werd 2 the muthafuckin streetz
<johnsmith> I dont understand your hacker talk
<guri> I think he said something about the current state of the US government
<johnsmith> oh I see
* johnsmith adjusts monocle

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oh they exceeded most safety standards for structure

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