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looks like code
i dont think i want to learn basic

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ha, digg this if you voted for obama
30K diggs
there is no opposition vote!
i should learn c on avr
that shit pisses me off sometimes, tho

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oh nice
where is the data from?
oh crazy
i know that table

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i think led are around 100lm/w
i think better luxeon/cree shit is like 120lm/w or something
flouro is similar
so yeh 50mA white w/ around 4V Vf would be like 20lm
assuming the 100lm/w thing

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try some 50mA or 100mA test current devices
but yeh i have no sense for mcd because its meaningless without the angles so like its harder to just how much light vs their power
those look cool

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for example, Vf=3V, test current = 100mA
does that work out to .5W to you?
because how i learned electronics, thats .3W
and if its red, a 2V drop, its be a .2W device
however they specify the same wattage, with the different Vf and the same test current
so yeh, completely disregard their spec wattage rating
but yeh, id try and get 50mA or 100mA test LEDs
but really im not sure those will be enough
superflux package
yeh but theyre prob not low wattage either
because its a fucking car
5W is alot
1W even
also its omnidirectional and likely reflected

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you need to make sure theyre not 'bright' because theyre narrow focus
because thatll look shitty
so you need bright *and* wide led
iunno i would think over 100deg
at least 60deg then, but wider might just look better, more even
also the lens probably disperses the light energy too
hmm not sure
@ 60deg, thats probably enough
half watts are probably enough
dont use the marketting wattage
its complete fucking bullshit
test current * forward voltage

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you dont have a pussy, im not going to visit you
well, no i guess if you are on the way to pussy
i did stay at orbs and smoke him into his couch, he has no pussy
hallo mr tube
sup sup
yeh if you take outputs to ground in parallel
if you take the parallel outputs thru the load to ground
no im still deciding what to do about the extra fastones
might look for smaller diodes
i can fit the speaker out
but not a ground one too
ok fine you are right
not lets hope hes not a pan to enact globalization
bridge and wide

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fuck 4pcb
giyus where is my weed
nm i found it

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cmon you are not far from WA

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