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the fuck

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i hate my hosting
how come google doesnt do hosting
because then they would rule the world?
or what

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i has it
i likes.
i havent played with many of those

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dx^: no man real fire and theyre like bigger than dogs
and i need sniper ammo
sniper rounds = 2
i killed two mutants with miniguns tho
and used one to repair the other so it was usable, and had mad ammo
also i need more fatman missiles

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yeh too late
i got to tee-tails

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By my definition of "blue water", it's any puddle, swimming pool, or outdoor body of water. Showers and baths were considered "white water" instead. I believed that, if I simply touched it, as with those games, I'd die.

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This map has a scale of 1 pixel is 6 inches making the store about 10,000 square feet. Straight up on the image is considered as "north".

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