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rejected quotes?
i think
im going to bed nite
blackmoon: i almost got to rivet city
but im doing the power armor quest for the chick in the goul city
except rly im going to sleep

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thats abig deal in some hoods, yo

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no sytu U STFU
haha they prob have little hacker gansters
they just call him hacker
smiley, joker, little joker, hacker

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haha rly?!
youd hate LA
for the most parts, its like, put on your face and walk
dont really make eye contact
everythings pretty chill where i live tho

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ima get to rivet city
blackmoon: haha
i just reached over to grab my racing wheel to play fallout
no car in this one?
i guess youd just ruin it

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danielson: i dont know if my company does that
and im sure if it does someone in florida does it
this project is some train wreck shit
work thing

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fine dont tell me, ass
naw cmon man i was a student for 1000 years
i know all about dates and obsolete books
thats half the reason i didnt go to school this semester
the other half being i didnt want to go to school this semester
ddk is (guess) driver dev kit
i am fool, i just need paychecks/car/computer and eventually savings
and if i stay long enough i get benefits
that means a real doctor and dentist
so it seems like the most effective way for me to save money is to not cash my paychecks
secondary benefit is i dont have to stand in line at the mfkn bank every weekend
timecop: losing 4db where what
because of the switcher noise?
in the module? there was no rf line on that was there?

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its getting -12v?
oh neat
hey is firewire broken on sp3?
really prob our drivers are broken
no our asio drivers
timecop: can i learn to code windows drivers?
say yes bitch and tell me how
stfu what

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just do low freq
youre watching dc
you really do 1000?
and like divide by 1000?
if you do 1024 you can do shifting instead of divide but i dont think it matter at all in your case

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like i read the docs about the constant q bpf circuit that eq is made out of
`nico: wait
i reinstalled and have no ftp client and the pic on my site in in my browser history

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i think its like a few mA minimum load
neatso krk today said rane gear sucks
damn thats supposed to be two lines
but yeh they hooked up an eq to an audio precision test thinger, and it sucked, and they could audibly hear mad noise
which is weird because rane is known for their documentation and app notes

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dx^: fleeeee
not enough information
like you have a 7806, some opamps, and data output
are you pulling any kind of current from the 7806?

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ya rly

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so it doesnt matter
even if the app thinks it matters, it doesnt matter
no im pretty sure he knows its adjustable
i think i do like .012 hole, .018 ring vias
for my small stuff
i think smaller than that, if theyll even do it theyre laser cutting the holes

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timecop: not neccessarily but youre begging for manufacturing issues
yeh but you only have a small area of contact
without the ring
i think it normall takes like 4 mils of the radius or diameter
i think diameter
and yeh i dont know why timecop is freaking out
its got rings
and the traces are wider than the vias anyway
so really those rings are meaningless
regardless of the cam output, the boards going to come out the same
and if the app is good at optimizing the cam output, itd be the same unless those vias pads got larger than the traces

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timecop wtf are you talking about
by pads do you mean unmasked/tinned area
or do you mean the pad ring around the via itself
because you earlier mentioned that its not masked
which you have absolutely no way of knowing
because that layer isnt included
with 1oz or 2oz?

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timecop: chinapcb says one sided is same price tooling, tiny bit cheaper for unit cost
meaning one sided boards are useless
i was responding to scroll bish
best comprehend
ttmustang: find a trace calculator
dx^: yeh but crossing at right angle is ideal
so maybe it all balances out
also hes gonna hit it with the radius tool

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unmasked miniboards
i didnt rent it
and the esd fail mode is blowing out the dj brains thru his headphones
or blowing out the system thru the master outs
yeh its pretty cool
i opened it up to replace the RC network
but some fuckhead before soldered the module in
instead of using the screw terminals
yeh for different standards
in eagle you can do it by via size

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we got a rental esd gun at work today
results: same as my $1.50 electric lighter ignitors

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your bed is better than mine, tho

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do it
lundry in the morning sucks

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