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haha this quest is like, go to this place and place this sensor shit in the pod nest so we can nat geographic their asses
dont kill any
but ive been there
i killed them already
that part o the ques was optional
president elect
they still have like two months to kill him or pre-impeach him
haha wat
i thik its a song
dicks per day dicks per night
per fortnight
2 weeks i think
one cock every two weeks
back to fallout

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school is better for you than food dx
fallout crashed my pc so hard
before reset it did a half sec blue screen

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i dunno how i feel about that
blackmoon: i found the strength bobble\
the harden kid was in there already wtf

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oh that pic is neat
i dont have parallel ports
my arm programmer is parallel port

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mrtube: what?
what do you do with bobbleheads?
i have one for medicine i think
right but you dont have to do anything?
i dont think its listed under the effects in status
k neat
its like probe leads or what?
no i meant did it have big fat soft insulation like probe wire

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mmc stuff
but programs and system shit fuckup sometimes
how come it maximizes funny on my monitor
yes its under the taskar on the bottom and i can see 1" of desktop on top
avrdragon found
uhohz spoilers
yeh i use it as my isp programmer
i have a ZIP in it too
its so cheesy

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k downloading avrstudio
dx^: what do i need to do c on avr?
did you ever figure out why sometimes it breaks?
oh neat
it did that to me once
hmm, k
my system is on H drive because its SATA?
that pisses me off
its gonna fuck something up
like if it wasnt a system partition, its whatever
you can change it with windows tools

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urface is blog
my desk and immediate area is clean

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battery acid, chemicals, steps, etc
wait thats why it called anodizing
or it is simply convienient for your joke

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i think the shifty code is on the eee

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haha yeh then i got job and did tubes thing and got other job
everything has been messy for months it sucks
like it was kinda messy then my sister moved in and all my shit got put in piles and boxes and shit
so yeh this weekend im trying to get rid of all the junk im not using
and try and organize the junk that i need
i have kinda made progress
haha i found all sorts of perfboad prototype shit from years ago
setup coss are a bitch
ut yeh i havent even done shit ith my scope in like 2 or 3 months

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they are next to my tek 2230 on the kitchen table
under boxes of junk
yeh maybe
@ them being diff, non inverting
vs inverting
no i got the code running and i needed to make data to load into them
then i dunno all my shit got stuck in a box and piled in the corner
this is when my shiter was here
haha sister, yeh
i did find all my uC junk and my shifties tho
and also my sam7 header board thing
but yeh i got shifties to do junk
and then i went to bed

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no u
same performance?
damn i have this 3 drawer plastic thing i havent looked into in forever
i have mad bic pencils and tape on a handle cat hair remover
macegr: no big poweed advents
im cleaning shit up right now so i have space to make shit
so i can do you clear speakers
they are

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guys i have so much junk this is out of control
theres so much perfboard debris

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i have an 8x2 hd44780 display i need to do something with it

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wtf is texas air
haha @ toilet mats
oh neat
naw dude camcorder bad

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wtf is that
oh neat
theyre always sold out when i see them

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yeh i want to repair with miniguns but im like one repair point low

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i have a 10mm submachine gun tho
oh neat
guess not
need to clean up my room
not smoking sucks
i had like 3 cigs a week ago
i still want more

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i got the goul tho
he is good
right now im in the lab
i took the 80 damage minigun
i have like 2500 minigun rounds or something
i need more repair so i can keep it alive
what gun
no i havent been back yet

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macegr: =(
`nico: h4x
my mom made bacon, whole house has greasy bacon smoke air
i feel pukish

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wtf is bleach

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luckily fallout isnt some online bullshit
its a real video game you play by yourself until youre insane

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greymoon: oh because its another elevator

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rab: !
ima go blow some more shit up
17:58 <@BlackMoon> Oh, and apparently you can take a chem 2 times in 30 hours with 0 chance of addiction (except alchole)
hah what thats lame
this fallout kinda seems to easy
time warner actually does pretty ok here

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okay minor quest bug i think
i couldnt tell him i already fixed the elevator
blackmoon: they need to follow me
i use the elevator nothing happens
i got the fusion cell
oh you mean like the noise matrix?
greymoon: im just doing the non fix
i havent been making enough perm save points
im starting to tho
quick save isnt enough
in original fallouts i used to use all 10 save spots for one game
you are such a goody goody
`nico: neat

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i usually crawl around overweight collecting all the bodies in the area
and then repair shit
to lose weight
i should have brought him
why cant i wear power armor?
that chick said shed give me power armor
oh no shit
also im trying to figure out the subway
man i tried to go around some shit
and the game was like, sorry you cannot go father please turn back
oh great invisible wall
yeh i love that
one win and you just shoot em a couple times
well then i did that shit
so i have t go to the lab now?
this chasing dad shit is kinda weird, its more elder scrolls than fallout
i get the sleezy goul in the suit/

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i prob need to play some fallout till noon, tho
else the plan will fail for some unknown reason
no i mean irl =\
oh thats what the arrows are for?
im trying to find the ammo stash in the hospital i guess
you did save the rangers to get the power armor?
you can get a goul npc?
no i just got in an out
i want the power armor
it should up my carry weight
you fucking cheater
tho yeh im tempted
then they die and your shit is stranded
cmon i done this fallout shit before, man
stuck in the wastelands, full capacity
selic dies
hes got all your big shit
oh shit you cant fast travel?

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ima make a raw materials box
an electronics box
an essential junk box
oh tools box
throw away everything else
then i have to sort the boxes
then my life will have alot of surface area for h4xing and sleeping

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terminator 3 sucked
but it was the setup for the war, so it made me happy

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theyre doing the war
like, ive wanted the war since those tiny clips in the first two movies
ha i said angle instead of angle
like a geometry tank
im all paranoid like i have to go to work and shit in 20 minutes

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theyre doing the war
and james cameron is doing battle angle
i can only assume thats based of the anime
rocket assisted sledge hammer

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omg hi

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