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bad guys and good guys and ugly guys, all same people
i bet fallout 4 is chicago
unless brotherhood of steel game was chicago
In Fallout 3, one of the Brotherhood of Steel knights explains that the Chicago-based Brotherhood featured in Fallout Tactics "went rogue. Long story."
okay so shitty 2d fallout was chicago already
even in the game no one likes that game

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3d wasteland is awesome tho
yeh thats weird mine usually locks up indoors
i quicksave alot
and its fallout so you just have to save a ton
also thee is nothing new
fallout 1 was water chips
fallout 2 was the GECK
fallout 3 seems to be about water and the GECK

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anyway i did the same thing with oblivion
the whole engine pissed me off, and its the same engine so i dont blame you much
i played an hour of oblivion and decided i was done, after playing prob like 400 hours of morrowind
the whole carrot on a stick quest marker thing and chase your father thing maybe makes it to easy
i can basically play it stoned, half asleep and forget what specifically im doing, still finish quests
the classic humor is replaced by a cliche attempt at replicating it
these devs just arent as funny

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megaton fool
see what youre doing to fallout?
i did that to oblivion
its the same fucking game
welcome to reality
fast travel makes it meaningless
also somewhat cheapens the game
the old style with the global map made more sense
i havent i wont first time
but moon is using a carry weight cheat only i guess
and hes playing a totally diff game than me because of it, heh
but i got the packrat perk (i think its called strong back now?)
and power armor now
you dont
are you sure youre not walking
yeh basically unusable
because sneak is walk speak + accuracy + stealth = extra damage
walk speed
it is debatable, im on the wall
hahaha wtf wtf
its fallout idiot
did you ever play the first two?
those were way more reading
and it was rpg style, wasnt even rts pace
like i you played the whole game in VATS targeting mode

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timecop: because you were in sneak mode n00b
(re: pickpocket them)

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i wonder if children thieve you like in the last games
kevtris: i have the dimensions thing

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11:39 <@timecop> dx, why the fuck you cant kill children in this retarded game
because bethesda is a bunch of dorky nerds

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im hungry
blackmoon: i has power armor

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stimpacks used
if i was cheating like you id have a ton more money
ill use like 4 at a time tho

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blackmoon: i found more bobbles
i have 4 or 5 now
i jyst got repair bobble and finished arefu quest
i killed that evans mfkr
he tried to kill me
wtf @ trying to kill a girl
(i was taking his ammo at the time)
dude he was outside
i was hidden, broke in
hes inside
i should have told my party to wait?
or iunno
quest is done, hes dead now
whatever all he gave me for helping his whole fuckin town out was a bottle of whiskey
anyway it crashed
whats that
oh i had the option
i have 15 stimpacks or something
and i use them wastefully

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thats good
ima play
sometimes you gotta just wipe out a whole town then reload
this happened to me eveytime in the den

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kevtris: omg that shit taking orever

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okay so i think cleaning my junk and organizing it is going to take like multiple weekends or something
tho it did take years to accumulate so i guess this makes sense

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yeh thats half as much money

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theres a patch already?
i should maybe just go buy it
that sucks
i hate them
they got the tech at school mad at me
and it pissed me off because it was two orders at the same time
and they did one right
tho, that one had someone elses circuit boards
i did get pizza and pocorn tho
so ill just stfu
maybe i can get a parallel port pci card?

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i hate their framed bullshit
okay so real solution is to find some non fail usb solution
those arent $15 tho

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okay so maybe programming but debug or everything jtag maybe fails
windows loaded a driver for it instantly
haha wow you are dedicated

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okay i have a usb to parport dongle
i wonder if thatll work for programming the arm jtag
makes sense to me
prob not
im trying to emeber what did
i think a usb to db9 serial worked for my avrisp
yeh that wont work
my ultramega new mobo has no serial or parport
i do have 6 usb on the back panel on 3 breakouts on the front
so i guess maybe pay for a usb programmer dongle

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@ 4ch or wire tails
ur LOL is so ambiguous

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anyway, i found the wart for my stk500
hehe they dont give you a wart for the stk500, you just get a barrel plug with a wire tail

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3.3K isnt high res =(
gotta look for those green and blue bands
oh its high resolution resistance artwork wtf
it was more funny when i misread it
okay well yayay for resistors on 4ch, or something

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fallout 3 and my local technical golgotha

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probably not?
wasnt that a joke in like 1998
thats from somewhere else on efnet
and was for timecop
cpu 24C mobo 44C
mobo = chipset?

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