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A false alarm was responsible for setting off the emission of deadly fire-extinguishing gases on a new Russian nuclear-powered submarine in the Sea of Japan, killing 20 people and injuring 21 late Saturday, Russian navy officials said.
wtf @ deadly fire extinguishing gasses
all but 3 were civilians
Kurdin said he believed Freon-112 was the gas emitted in two compartments of the submarine when a fire alarm went off.
damn russians really dont like fires or something

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you got a rockit launcher?
i never got that
haha @ timecop playing fallout
i know
im not trying to waste my money on that
and she makes it
i think its a quest perk
then you prob need the plans, but she gives them to you for some reason
like i can make bottlecap mines
i dont even remember thats like last week
and if you mean a computer pass, its random, its a word game
read the tutorial on gamefaqs about the hacking subgame
kinda, but since i read tutorial, ive broken most terminal locks in 2nd attempt
also there is tricks
thats just to get to the password screen
hope you saved, they dont unlock

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laundry in the morning, meh
`nico: neat at more ic friday
meh, stupid failhonda

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no u

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damn i tried to blast the slavers
i think theres too many
im have to do their stupid slaver quest

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theres like 20 bobbleheads
i only have 4
i wonder if its this stupid asus mobo driver bullshit
the lockups
meet the enclave where
at the memorial?
ok later
i reboot and play some
yeh bbl

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yeh i got power armor and mad ammo
i have like 3 sidequests i started early and couldnt finish
or stumbled on and went fuckit im busy
whatevers i can carry shit
that one is pretty neat
oh i dunjno if i mentioned
the quest wasnt buggy, there actually was two elevators
i did
he had power armor before me
we have matching outcast armor
is it bad to just be killing outcasts?
i think im supposed to like, do a quest with them
i do it wandering
one talked shit
and well
my fallout girl dont take no shit
shes like, mad good karma
people shouldnt fuck with her
they deserve to die if they do
did you read the data on the other vaults?
with the project goals and personel files and shit
haha that shit was creepy
theyre gone, no?
i dont think vault-tec has been around in any fallout
oh, yeh

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because they might not be
and there you go
the production values are higher
but yeh, its a bit to drama drama
i wont give examples because macegr just started playing
but i mean cmon
anyway, in general its an above average game
its definitely good work
i mostly mean the dad shit i think
i know, dont spoil
if im halfway done iunno, mainquest seems short
i finished fallout games as often as the original megaman
(read: almost never)
are you done or thats researched?
i think im like 5 in
that seems light
for side quests

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well it was looser and less defined
this is less anonymous, more linear
the writing is a bit drama drama
and at times childish
theres a few logical things i basically have to ignore
it feels like it was made by fallout fans
like all the obvious elements are there, but the subtle dark humor is replaced by dungeon RPG/medevil drama queen shit
well theres alot of circumstancial shit
its in 3d so alot less is left to the users imaginations
but fallout and fallout 2 writing was like godfunny
yes lots of wasted lives after the end of the world
subtle dark humor permeates the whole thing
i know what you mean im justifying
yes but you have to anyway

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you should try mpui
it ui is wmp classic
pretty good
i agree more with turdis than you
these devs just arent as clever or funny
for example
i can finish quests stoned half asleep, not remembering shit
its too carrot on a stick
but it doesnt change that it holds your hand
and the writing is as well done or cohesive
the story isnt as tangled, its more like alot of tangents, branches
blackmoon: actually, kinda
thats what you ended up doing sometimes
however i dont think this game is written well enough to not make certain clues obvious
its a neat game
im having lots of fun actually
and the landscape and interior design are awesome
but in terms of fallout qualities, its a bit cliche

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fuck xine
i have
between vlc and mplayer you can play anything playable
rab: on the lunix i almost always used mplayer
also i <3 mplayer devs
i followed a mail list flame session between them and fom debian fuckheads
*some debian fuckheads
theyre smrt/funnt guys
it came up in the list flaming
'so people can watch movies, tv episodes, porn, whatever they want'
mpui is good
google mplayer for windows
it comes with mpui and smplayer
and the codec pack
yeh gmplayer was never great
i always used it cli
i would alias the options i used

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i has the newest gpu drivers
i dont i use both
and i use mpui (mplayer) first

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return of samus, yay
oh shit
vlc made scroll wheel volume like mplayer
now i can do pr0n and entertainment with VLC
hmm vlc closes clean, but the pc still locks up when its gone

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guys my windows locks everytime i close vid

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no way itll fit inside a honda engine bay

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so the fucking honda dumped all its coolant on the way to work
heater core return hose is fucked, im pretty sure
prob just gonna bus it this week
and this weekend ill fix it
that would actually work
yeh its not a big deal
but i have no light to work in at night
it would go a mile before the thermostat would open up
and itd just pour radiator water into the bad hose
find a transaxle for that

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okay two more eps then i gotta go to work

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holy fuck i think this vid just made 4 dimensions make sense

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saw that when i woke up
kevtris: ok this docu is weird

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