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blackmoon: i killed all the slavers
even their medic
did you ever fuck that chick in the casino?
in fallout 2
and then like, youd end up having to blast your way out
which meant you were probably gonna die
okay i thought it was gonna be bad like that
but no it was just bad for a second
then i like fled, and rested for 7 hours outside
in fallout 2?
it was a bad situation
anyway, this imstead of dying, i killed everyone and set all the slaves free
fuckin old man couldnt hear me
didnt know he was free
i tried telling him like 30 times
fucking programmers
this fallout is a little easy

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neat the driver worked
time for fallout

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my shit is like a monster
i put a soundcard in for the midi port
and the company is gone now
fucking cmedia
the new company doesnt have any of the drivers
i think so
like, hard
Due to the expiration of Sensaura license, the driver download site will be temporarily suspended. We will reopen the download site when the new driver is available.
actually maybe they didnt fail
maybe something happened with their driver devs
fuck that i want midi
i dont remember the model number =(

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i wanted to build mine into like an acylic sleeve
thats why i didnt want the sockets
and grey thought it was because i was paranoid and couldnt wait
or i was trying to like, rip him off somehow, after doing all the work
its only been totally gone on mobo for a couple years
i bet by next year you start seeing boards without ps/2 input
its for hardcore system, rescue shit
and most bios will do fine after a reset running with usb keyboards
my computer has mouse support BEFORE POST
a second after boot, it pops up a splash that lets you boot into a linux image
with skype, a chat/im client, a browser, and online games bullshit
it stores the image on a windows partition
i guess like, if you really dont want to wait for boot
my shit has access to a linux image before post
the splash has mouse input
so you can click on the diff apps
so itll boot to the desktop and have the app their already
like, if you need to skype or chat NOW
hell yes it happens before post and gets to desktop in a few seconds
i did that

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oh wtf
its inittab
inittab: hi
fuck MMO
real RPG is a hardcore loneliness trip
thats why pen and paper rpg sucks
you have to find real people
inittab: do you want those?
i might still have them
probably still have them
no one has tried the pmux thing
i have a board like in a bin like 2ft from me
never even been powered up
it might work
i think i worked out the logic a couple times
it should work
no but i can reverse it hella easy
thats what was neat about it

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