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i hate how my hands burn after making salsa
salsa verde, mfkr
if im putting it on food sure
but im just eating with chips
i do that so often its like whatever

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is HID butt slow?
my mouse seems pretty quick responding

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timecop: lowest latency from usb?
rough bullshit guess
i know that i want a fucking number
hmm awesome

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i got eugene forever ago
i have like 3300 rounds for it
i can prob hold down the trigger and finish the rest of the game firing it
fallout 3
right now im playing rfactor tho
did you kill her?
how do you pickpocket a minigun
doesnt exist
this is fallout mfkr

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thats us too
im prob in it getting lapped, i think in a 914 that race
its happened to guys leading the race
you go over a hill, catch some air with the pedal floored
spin your wheels, blow up your engine
shit down instead of up, blow up your engine
keep it redlined in high gear on a straight, prob blow up your engine
you can track oil and water temps
also brake temps

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its sim
F1 cars brake at like 6g
or 4g, its alot
you just wont do well
i brake to late pretty habitually
so my lines are all fucked up, its def slower
i was prob best in the mini
but youre supposed to brake less and later in that
we use fixed versions
im not even sure what the deal is, you can buy the game for like $15 maybe
or maybe its free
its kinda old
theres tons of tracks and mods

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is sim racing, rfactor with a 60s/70s GT racing full mod
theres maybe 15 of us
im not very good =\
is fun tho
and im not horrible, im pretty nub
sec ill find vid
reich is good
hed always win but he blows his car up half the time
or melts his tires
monaco even, youve prob raced that track (its in every other game ever)
(its my birthday F1 gp, yay)
haha he almost hit eck0
eck0 is all backwards
this is an old old vid
(weve only done one season tho, heh)

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fuck fuck
efnet historic gt winter league starts this weekend
now i have to decide between fallout 3 and practice

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i made salsa verde

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be pretty tiny, so youd have this tiny stream of light, intensity a function of the ambient light, from behind your nose into your eyeball
development would be insane expensive because youd need some crazy resolution in a tiny tiny package
macegr: did you download topic?
kevtris found it, i understand 4 dimensions now

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i do pcb like that
okay you build an eye with a cam right
its got a microwave transmitter inside
back of the eyeball is the reflecting area so it doesnt put microwaves into her brain
then you build this tiny projector right behind her nostril on the side with the good eye
this would project the image onto flat prism lens thing thats like fixed to the good eye in the corner of the field of vision

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blackmoon: how come coders are always acting like coders
i dunno what he does at home

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i hope they give on this product soon and just kick it out the door into mass production
*give up
tho i guess i am biased because i spend all day hitting it with 8kV lately and dealing with it in various states of broken
i got the midi translator drivers working on the hardware test pc, its kinda fun when its working
its still kinda weird you need a computer to work your mixer

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the cables?
so you are not fucked you are inconvenienced
i should do my invoice for last week before i forget again

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snes is free
it is the peoples console
so what do i have to mod it?
solder some wires on some fine pitch qfp?
cuz i do that at work like all the time
other tech bought low power stereo scopes in china, like $130/ea

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wii is neat
i should get one
after car situation is ended i guess

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statement is funny but i doubt its effectiveness
i havent had shit since ps2
i want a gc and a wii
gc = metroids {!)

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oh weird iunno maybe
i stopped listening to the words
but theres alot of lines of lyric that loop in my head im like what
hehe the way the girls sing AND THE WHOLE CIVILIZATION IS DYING
its just so upbeat

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