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gtfo irc

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fuel tank is in the frame
i guess that is 60mph capable

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guys guys
i might get that
oh shit
wow thats an awesome idea actually
but i bet it has a warranty so not for that long
no scooter
not machine gun
are you pumping up repair
repair you main weapons hella often
all the time repair
do like 3dog say

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i just go for their heads and kill them

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i cant believe i have to solder shit to put a fan onto my moms pc
guys, the display properties tab is gone on my moms pc
none of the shit to fix it online helped
haha @ shiskabob
im about to format and reinstall
geforce 4 mx, integrated
i dont know
she prob has spyware she or my sister downloaded stupid web games
plus i think it was overheating
i did a repair reinstallation too
so thats another source of possible fail
tho it has boot file issues before
i hate computers
except mine
how come my computers always workl

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is that fixed now?
so its just your back and shit?
yeh that collarbone thing was a big fucking deal
i didnt understand how it could stick out that much and be considered OK by a dr

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i was too
i woke up too early and didnt go back t sleep so i could fix failhonda early
then i took a pussy ass 30min half nap
what would i do with two?
you dont use it?
i use bth
i plug the dragon into the stk
so its like a usb stk500
with debugwire
college is hard
you just want me to go back so i can suffer like you, i bet
i need reliable carthing and to pay off some shit
then i can waste all my monies on school again
i need to try and make my credit usable

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starscream was the best one

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on what?
xp sp3 on this
ubuntu on the cnc thinger
xp and slackware on the eee
i mostly use xp on the eee but im going to redo it soon
i played doom 3 when it came out
it will
virtualization hacks
winex did alot of games pretty well
yeh basically
i didnt like it
sometimes it was alot of hard work to get shit only half working
an emulator
Lame Aint an MP3 Encoder

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no you dont because i dont think its form of defragmenting helps it much
in general i guess its not so much a problem with the open fs
actually yeh
so you ar going to make a potato gun
with exploding potatoes
based on a low power inductive circuit
dont touch that thing standing on carpet yo
61% file fragmentation
on a drive like one month old
i have to go completely reinstall my moms computer

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wtf is time to target
first of all, if that first cap is for your mc, why do you have a bleed resistor
let the mcu bleed it
but now the other diodes are in parallel, so when they are conducting they clamp the voltage
wtf is this for
you want to dump capacitance into a load?
or a constant current?
or what
why do you buy some ignitors
and some AA batteries
and some resistors
and see if it works like that
ha, linux
wtf @ microchip detonated round
so when it ignites, the whole circuit is gone
mrtube: actually i think you can defrag it

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i knew it
this is either too genius for earth people or its insanity
is that diptrace
yeh man wtf at C1
it only has so many electroncs stuck to its plates
i dunno i think you have to manually bootstrap that thing
like inject electrons so that cap does explode

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wtf is going on
wh7 doesnt that schema have some sort of power source
me neither
ty fuck
i told you the voltage came from nowhere thru that coil
the caps drain thru the parallel resistors
but yeh...
what but the diodes also clamp the caps
wait what

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wtf is going on there
guys wtf is that circuit doing
it reminds me of when you connect shit funny in fantastic contraption and it blows itself apart
and simple cap math never works because currents/voltages change with loads/sources
yeh im like where is the power source
but i think what happens is that coil picks up emi from the air right
and it gets itself to osillate with that caps
then the diodes somehow rectify this to power the avr
no dude
thats the perpetual energy cap
it shakes with L1 and voltage happens
then the circuit works for me

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it he using a AA battery supply?
those things do like no amps
schema where?

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gonna be $39 because his ass keeps texting me

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explosive ghetto tech to close to my head
i have to find my phone
i think my dumb ass put it in singe beep + vibe mode
aw, the jfur called me twice last night
oh haha and my friend who i havent seen in forever is asking for $40
damn that was 10min ago
(i prob owe this guy like a thousand dollars or something, heh)
he not answering his phone

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it prob tests like a fuse, the time it takes to ignite is based on the current
19:16 <@renesis> the motor ignitors were electricity based really
that was supposed to be werent
man thats so the worst typo habit ever
no but ive seen several
i dont see launching potatoes as super useful
no, and dont think i would have enjoyed firing any of the ones ive seen

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like for a sec i thought you mean light the motor from a spark, which prob wouldnt work, but the ignitor might work
i just have no idea what response time was like on those ignitors
i seem to remember it taking about a second
i dont even think those can do an amp?
its be limited by AA batteries
so they blow open?
i couldnt remember

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danielson: no idea
i kinda doubt it but its possible
the motor ignitors were electricity based really
oh i read rocket motor
but you said ignitor
yeh, i meant that its not the electricity that lights the motor its the flame from the chemical shit on the ignitor
(because i thought you said rocket motor not ignitor)
(because i fail at reading or something)
and yeh i dunno, because you would stick the metal 'key' thing in to close a switch and put batteries (prob thru a resistor?) on the ignitor

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i got fallout and morrowind to run on linux
i think oblivion also runs
if oblivion runs, no reason fallout shouldnt
i dont know
im prob never going to click on videos you link to again
rab: what lunix do you use?
oh anyway
failhonda is resurrected
stupid failhose

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kids heads are too big
besides that, the look of the game is pretty neat
vertibirds blow up awesome

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