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how does bz2 work?
because that shit is like #1
tho that lzma shit is pretty awesome at smashing too
hmm what
i guess ill just have to get a book
im going to go back to sleep for an hour
actually i couldnt for a few years it sucked
what version?
oh weird

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haha because a byte
like i said wait 5 or 50 years
well thats not what i said but its what i should have said
i dont think it compresses tho
it is excryption actually
the lookup table is the key
you can prob go in and use standard compression on the table index/key/noncompressed data
its encryption with the most unweildy key ever
and the key is easy (altho inconvienient) to produce
thats is a good point
security via unusability

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you want to make a database of every possible comination of say 512 bytes
and then a compressed file would be pointers to the database index
thats either totally genius or totally on crack
maybe in 5 years
id laugh if the pointers were more chatacters than the data
my pc doesnt have powertoy calc yet
so fuck thinking
yes but were not using a base 1 system
what is 2^512?

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damn youre first time thru and already just wiping cities

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dx^: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/9887/1226847579208wz2.jpg
dx^: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/9887/1226847579208wz2.jpg
dx^: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/9887/1226847579208wz2.jpg
im still laughing audible in my local area

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yeh dreams about irc is bad voodoo like deja vu
shes azn?
azn jew, nice
they are docile

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damn mine is dead
um if you turn it off it wont use any power
it cant
it did i tied it high
i tried to rc it for slow startup
but im pretty sure it doesnt work like that
dx^: shhh theyre listening
im ssh thru my isp
yes me in my dispersed packet form
wtf dont be so literal
dickhead =(
you have a lunix host in your penis's embedded systems?
eggsalad: you have a lunix host in your penis's embedded systems?

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dx^: girl are smarter than you even when they are dumb
you cant trick them
ok try
please to take notes
timecop: iunno
its some all electronics waterproof shit
for the cnc

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just a tiny bit
and only with certain sources
and i omitted those parts so it doesnt do that anyway
i know
but it is a little bit
prob bad
eh what?
i was trying 1000 million passowrds
to who
are you dccing me something or what?
iunno i dont wanna kill the kids
what youve seen that

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i used an soic8
and the quad opamp is an soic14
i need to ftp to my website to find the pics sec
filezilla isnt shitzilla
its pretty good
now i just have to remember the password

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oh cute
okay yeh
so at some point in the next five years or whatever
i should take a couple more pics and spam forums and notblog
and see if i can get rid of the prototype ones
its a chipamp
but it has a preamp
haha cmoy
no a fureal chipamp
not a fucking signal opamp being abused
cmoy is for people who cant read datasheets
timecop: sec
timecop: http://www.st.com/stonline/products/literature/ds/9212.htm
thats the amp
now i gotta install and ftp client

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so the guy that did the boards for thing at work, used silkscreen for passives like little blocks between the pads
instead of outlines
and his shit is all 2x closer that that
shit is all bridging
yeh but their boardhouses are prob ninja

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thats neat
wait did i see pics?
i think i saw pics of something
but iunno maybe imagining
thats two boards same side
(i wanted to see the top)
(but yeh damn i did alot of cool shit on the bottom)
sucks you can see the coolest part of that board
haha the trace between the caps and the C5 C22 labels is routed under the resistor arrays
cant of course

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i should spend the paypal money you sent me on storage bins
use sneak it increases your vats
ive sold $100 in headphone amps
to local peoples tho
i never wrote it up and hit the forums with it
mostly because im lazy
and i want to take pics of it with a gigebeat with a nice cable
but i made a cable and it sucked
i should charging you a percentage
so yeh i have to make another cable
and spam on forums
and try and sell of these 20
then redesign it
with a virtual ground amp
rf can?
like the module or the shield itself
which no yea
oh ok
im like, how is a shield bad
its some metal you fucking ground it

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no why
no to macegr
no shit?
200 for assembly or pcb + assembly
and did you try it with new modules?
oh ok
hey so they can do smt on both sides fine?
i think all the shit at work is one sided because they have to wave solder all the connectors
i need to go to big lots and get like $100 in plastic storage drawers
i mean big ones

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guys i won
no i didnt i cam in like almost last
except for the guys who didnt finish
someone made a child killer patch?

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youre playing on xbox
are you brain dmgd

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greyditch is like south of the city on the west side of the river
its actual the edge of the urban area
you should have followed that kid there

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just go to sleep

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omg i wanna do the big kid quest

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irl not in fallout

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who is bittercup
you actually remember the whores names?
i havent been to bigtown
i should go scoop up that kid and go there
i have laundry and a league race, tho =(
im going to collect all my toroids and batteries
and put them in one space

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whatever just get lockpick 100
mines and beartraps
hit em with your .32

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yeh i have like 3K rounds right now
and i just used like 1500 rounds in a fight with mutants
sucks for everything else
too little
yeh find those
you can warp there later
did i tell you i ended up just killing all the raiders?
i still havent tried the mesmetron =\
oh right
same shit
oh weird
see youre playing totally diff too
im like hero of the wastes status
and i didnt turn in no fingers
yeh i know
but that seemed like drama
so i just killed everyone

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ima do the vault 92 violin quest
then ima do those
then go back to the main quest
because i would have to find more subquests
there was a buffer issue in fallout 2
where you could overfill lockers
and items would fall into limbo
you cheat tho
wtf that would change the game completely for me
anyway no more fallout
i have to practice at fuji

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my mom just asked me if i ever get sick of pizza
w t f
so the pruned the trees way back this year
and now its super hot
plus ash bits from the fires in sylmar
death heat is late this year
i have so many frag grenades

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its supposed to be a neutral perk =(

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thats beyond drifting
the guys on the segway hes doing donuts around is the vids director

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w t f

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hmm i think the ruckus is gonna end up being like $2700 or something
thats alot!

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blackmoon: yeh turbos are scary
shitty it has drum brakes

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im amazed at the poor condition of the shit we got running when i was a kid
thats just wrong
prob the exhaust breaking
yeh broke it
thats a toyota

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holy shit
The Ruckus is powered by a stunningly quiet four-stroke OHC liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that is lit by a maintenance-free ignition system and pushbutton electric starter (with backup kickstart lever). Interestingly, the starter system utilizes the engine's brushless alternator (ACG) for starting.
its ohc
and an alternator thats also a starter
cmon this is like the neatest minibike ever
car people would be confused
yours is better i think
maybe instead of electric you just swap out that motor
and make a hybrid
inittab: just use a gear
alternator is usually part of the flywheel, no?
on small motors
dude small engines are so reliable

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`nico: i had an adapter but it had mad latency
but they have horrible looking handles
i have never even used a ps3
guys im gonna start a pirat flac collection
its nice having more than 120GB

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ps2 dualshock was best ever
because it is the evolution of the SNES controller

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i think that kinda balances them more
relative to a heavier bike
with light bike wheels
yeh but as far as stability, i think the rotating mass helps alot
im pretty sure alot of it is gyro effect from wheels
because its way easier to ride faster with no hands
anyway i wouldnt do shit like that on a sport bike
or scooter
fuck tricks
ac-130u: because of the fork angle or the actual wheelbase tho?
hey are honda dealerships open on sunday?
ruckus isnt even a big scooter
50cc, woooo
yeh rly

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omg i havent smoked cigs in like 2 months or something
im pretty sure thats because of the more agressive fork angle
on motorcycles compared to bicycles
like its kinda same on a bicycle
but you dont go so fast its noticable
i used to ride up to the top of this hill in my school
and go down the street on the other side
and i prob ended up doing like 35 or 40 mph
because your motor is all high in the back
okay but yeh the bike felt like it was gonna rattle to pieces
no suspension
but it was perfectly straight, didnt wanna lean or turn at all
no my bike
doing like 40mph downhill insanity
no its just high weight over the back wheel
no idea then
its a moon device
si i assume its like boincing and shaking
and mounted in a semi-permanent (temp) fasion
i dont think you ever took pics =(
motorcycles have heavier wheels too

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like pegs or bars?
ive seen those screwed into engines
im like w t f
not really
tiny dirtbike things
thats why im like, i can get this neato scooter thing first
its totally a 40mph minibike
thats way better than the lawnmower engine shit in junior high
cuz yeh i bike around on a bmx, but thats like 20mph max
and not in the middle of the street
thats true with most everything
yeh see fuck that
im like that on a bike because ive been riding bicycles for like 25 years
haha ill be riding with no hands, like on the phone and smoking a cig

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why did you get rid of the sv
theres motorcycle school close to here, there have a 3 sundays thing
im going to try and wake up early and go to the dmv tomorrow
my friend got bigass roll bars on his bike, like on stunt bikes
im like wtf why dont all bikes have that shit

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also the scooter would be fun to h4x
digital gages and electric motors or hack in EFI or whatever
if i get a sport bike i prob get a nekkid bike
i want that
why 01
i know they have half fairings
but they have alot of engine showing
very sexy
did you like it?
and how tall are you?
im short =(
im like 5'7"
is the sv1000 same seat height?
shaman in #cars got the nekkid aprillia thing

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if being on a scooter in traffic freaks me out, no way im doing a sport bike
also this shit is new, so reliable and probably a warranty
um, a new bike would be like 4x more
if im going to get a sportbike im not getting that
also thetre is...
they put the fuel tank in the frame
plus i didnt like scooters because they looked gay
this one looks neat
they prob think it was neat actually
fact one got some 70cc honda dirtbikes, its almost same shit

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blackmoon: did you see the scooter thing i want to get?
its like a lawnmower minibike, but less ghetto from honda
i have to go like 6mi everyday

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but im doing work for stanton
so im doing dj stuff
yeh i thought that would be neat
well i was thinking like monitoring
like you could power a power/temp readout on the cabinet, like on the jack panel
and then also use it for logging, or who knows, like input control or whatever
yeh but thats amps
that makes sense i guess
cuz both speaker companies have powered units now

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and no virus when he put it in his machine
they were gone for 6 weeks
when boss asked me if i like traveling im like, yeah traveling is neat
hes like good good...
and i think, uhohz
classic pic
someone actually needs a flash drive one
the old pic is phone modem port
ive never had a flash drive
just small sd card readers and a 120gb usb hd
one of the marketting guys has these neat thumbdrives all like
Cerwin-Vega! Disturbing The Peace
no because they make sub cabinets

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i hated that
everything that touches the bignet is potentially malicious
yeh so what do we use now
if avg is fail
dont say that out loud
the china factory was trying to load virus on other techs usb thumbdrive
he would format it after the antivirus caught it and give it back
3 times, so he goes to watch the tech put the files on the drive

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thats kinda cool

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either my headphone jack or my mobo sucks
possibly just ground emi
so my soundcard app has this feature that turns off main channels when headphones are in
but sometimes itll think i unplugged them for half a sec
and like itll happen a few times
then not for days
pretty sure grounds are isolated from the chassis
like the republican bitch
and the B
this girl was like, how sad when that girl got caught or something
she got funny hair
actually i knew a chick from high school looked kinda like that

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no wai
i have to do mad laundry
she has a WoW boyfriend now
that guy is 20?

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hmm me neither
she has symmetrical feet
wtf 4 arms
that would be awesome for many soldering tasks
i only use one

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