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but yeh prob better to make her go away

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do you guys think its okay to get stuff shipped to work?
theyll prob try and jack me
its usb-jtag for arms
and 50 pin header jumper wires
and those transmitters and recievers
be nice to her
tho if shes a bitch i think its okay to be a dick back
equal oppertunity yo
but yeh prob tell her to go away
tho yeah if she has a good reason and is willing to stand you up again

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holy shit
foxit has tabs
new era, mfkrs
i dont want it to

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im getting those
yeh thats big
like 2x bigger than mine
how do you know they just didnt put it back on

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seravitae: ha

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its because they buy dells
and hps
and use stock os
with all sorts of bullshit utilities and tray bullshit and wtf redundant services
then the company adds their own layer of bullshit
i need a midi cable
stupid joystick midi cable

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did you load all the rails?

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prob radiating your frontal lobe

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no mfkr
well its 1a
you prob cant get good pizza

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dx^: i think you need better foods
i suggest pizza, obviously

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why the fuck would you do that instead of buying another pc
i need to do my invoice days ago
its like i dont wanna get paid or something

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i <3 my birthday pipe
but fuck this shit i need a working bong again bbl
i fucked up like weeks ago, but no, not significantly
like 3 in one day, over the course of 6 weeks
i dont feel better like last time
which is prob an indication i really needed to quit
i took a hit of my moms cig a few days ago
it tasted like tobaccoo
like, i had forgot what it tasted like, it goes away when you smoke
was weird was like sense memory from 12 years ago
shit was nasty
was like when id suck on my moms cigs dry when i was a kid
before i hide them or break them

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like, theres still an electrical interface
i dunno if the connectors will be compatible
i used to look right into the laser lenses of cd player
3 dots
i used to stare into the sun as a kid, too
yeh either its 3 emitters for oversampling or its just some lens weirdness
and its not like ive done this to ever piece of cd gear ive owned so maybe just that thing

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home depot saw
ttmustang got all the cool wood tech
xp sucks at firewire
i had to install a hotfix and had to add a registry node for the shit to work in F400/F800 mode
oh no shit?
glass fiber is in?
oh, definitely at that speed
it has an optical line
or at least early articles on it said so
i think its in parallel

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seravitae: ive had pretty good results with software compensation after measuring it with some dial indicators
shit i never called CNC woodshop boss back
i doubt he will want me to work weekends anyway
i dont think he trusts people in the shop when hes not there
i dont think he wants to be there on a weekend
and i dont think hed want to pay a worker to be there to help operate with me
because ill will laugh if he expects me to run the machine by myself
i aint doing that 5x8' bullshit alone
we a shop so we get that extra inch

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1.8 is 200 step
you have a 20tpm screw? or what
anyway thats good resolution, if youre using commercial step drivers, you can microstep to get more res
microstepping isnt perfectly divided resolution, but it smoothed out the stepping tremendously
lots less noise
backlash is going to be an issue no matter what setup
exception being lightly loaded, in which case backlash can be inconsistent, which is almost worse than having more backlash
you need extra feedback
so sense backlash
servos with shaft encoders dont even see backlash
and because of inherent backlash, linear encoders dont work well for servo motor feedback
something about the idle state behaviour, #emc people can prob explain much better

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details = problems, foo
heh, yeh kinda
that would be kinda cool
hand off like piles of boards and wires
some scribbled schematics
damn even in the future you are lazy
haha @ pseudocode
i took a pseudocode class =(
you had to take it before or at the same time as c++

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tru dat
i need my job to be less boring

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blackmoon: omg flash tutorial
dad would prob lose

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blackmoon: its stuck at initializing quartus ii
yeh fuck
it said stopped responding so i killed it
and when i closed out a bunch of windows, there was a WHQL driver popup i didnt see
installing again

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ha nice work for the team
now you has to teach everyone

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mmm multiplyers
quartus webber edition
isnt quartus?
15:33 <@renesis> 1.1MB/s \o/
tw upgraded me at some point
thats like 10mbits sir
was like 5 before!
whatever i has 100GB system partition!
okay so what is that file you sent me written in?
no what fucking language jezus fuck
no i havent i just woke up =(

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wtf is an LE
and tha file is overtabbed
hmm k

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11% omg
cant you do a state machine with big rom blocks?
does it actually figure out the combinational stuff for you?
thats neat
and like you can make a big table?
34% hurry up
1.1MB/s \o/
opening what
og youre dccing
why cant you get some sort of file host like normal people

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oh neat @ sub blocks
i wish LTspice had that
well, like not doing it with text files

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room smells like paint still =(
you guys are playing with quartus?

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