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i have all of portishead in flac now \o/

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no theyre plastic
theyre something else
theyre like aluminum cans with epoxy and pins sticking out
i forgot, but we had those at school

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and thats pretty weak
but i think they sell 3904 for like $1
tho 2n is to90, which are a bit more...
er to92
if you buy like 2K or whatever
in to92 theyre .02
in sot23 theyre .015

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mostly i was just blowing paypal
cuz i was already getting the jtag usb thing
its not the box header?
tho yeh there is alot of stupid stuff and wtf blogs
lots of neat shit tho
the box headers are male
theyre like local olimex distribution

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what podium
and jezus fuck as least use a $9 crimper to start the fucking cimp pins
yes which means i had some other meaning
what podium would be in reference to that
actually no im often on the side of, youll never beat manufacturer prices
building shit is neat but expensive

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oh i got 5 packs of these too
i know you are jealous
i bought my last ones on ebay
do you know how fucked up min quantity on that shit is?
or you pay some ridiculous shit
fucking crimper is like $400
okay you do that
you crimp them perfectly with needle nose pliser so they fit into the connector
tho point taken
next time ill contract some china worker people to do it

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blackmoon: if you back the copper off the edges it doesnt matter so much
but yeh when you cut thru copper with the tool all worn it looks nsty

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rab maybe
most pro fab shit is chemical im pretty sure
photo and chem
ive never seen a pic and place machine but for vias
but i dunno maybe its integrated into the drill machine
routing is prob the highest wear and tear device
drilling is all z loading, its not so bad

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what was the plating system where you drill the boards first
then plate everything
then cut out traces
well i think like you drill and clean the boards
then dip in chemical then plate everything
i dont think so
macegr knows i think

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blackmoon: ha wtf
im getting led zep and rhcp discographys in flac

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like probe wire or flexpcb cables?
they use coax 50awg or something =\
no its worse
you can really repair the coax
er cant cant cant
i think its like magnet wire, some thread spun around it, some stands of wire in a loose braid as a shield
that shit is horrible sometimes

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he didnt know very much about avr
thats why he hates me
because he came into electronics and tried to talk about how great avrs were
but he was wrong, theyre great but not as great as he was saying
no he was an amazing machine builder
but he didnt own any machine tools
and wasnt building any
but especially for sure he was a better machinist than me
which is silly as ive never stated im even a good machinist
i read an article theyre making plastic alloy wires, as conductive as metal
so like i guess it doesnt break
no i guess they use something else, and it somehow conducts better without being as dense
i really like flex cable

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<3 easynews
see okay, or
google 'download xp powertoy calc'
and youre done
fuck i should stfu and just do that
dx knows
he hangs in the avrfreak electronics chan
#electronicstech, i think
im banned on site
because i did a wavetab beacon sim on stk500 in like an hour

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well i was blowing paypal at sparkfun anyway
and im like, wow stupid cheap
how come windows doesnt come with powertoy calc?
i did
i got a transmitter and two recievers
no jezus fuck god no
have you used powertoy calc?
okay now youre scaring me
does that cost money?
did he ever make the sante fe beacon sim?

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i got some rf modules from sparkfun
with my jumpers wires for pin headers
and my jtag usb dongle
has anyone tried these?
so no, no one has tried the stupid cheap wireless thingers from sparkfun?
omg theyre 500MHz

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wget is awesome

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yeh i would, sometimes its a big difference in prices

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the linear ic companies have app notes
depends on the pharmacy, but im pretty sure the medi-cal discount works at most
ive had kaiser before, i think you had to go to their hospitals, drs, and use their pharmacy

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all the gear was just fucked up old
so i was going to try another one
and i called and had my dr changed to that one
but then they became this other company
and now my dr is a pediatrician
and im like hmm no that doesnt work
so i have to call and get another dr
my contract ends in like a month, and i find out is im hired as staff or not at job
*if im
but yeh thatd be neat id have real medical and dental insurance, w00t

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but i went to the dr and he did some tests and the company sent me like a hundred letters, all the same
im just kinda like, wtf why did you several dozen of the same fucking letter
why because i have ghetto state health care?
no i said, was blue cross now is anthem, but its subsidized by medi-cal
see ive never understood people complaining about state health care
ive had that shit all my life and when my dad was a pharmacist it was prob like half his business
actually i think its kinda good
i can walk into any public hospital and get treated for shit, and ive never paid shit
well, prescription drugs, i pay, but sometimes alot less
also the last dr on this subsidized plan was ghetto
russian guy with mexican degrees before his american ones
and it was just ghetto
like i peed into a dixi cup
and then his tech did the pee tests in the sink right in front of me
im like, damn dont you have a room to do that

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it sounds like switcher psu and a typewriters inside my headphones wtf =(
`nico: last time i went they are like, your teeth are good, there are like one or two almost cavities, but we will fix that!
that was like...
7 years ago?
nothing hurts tho
oh except sometimes i bite on a filling funny but i dont think that counts
yeh i know but i dont
but maybe i do
because i have state health insurance, and i think my mom found a dentist that accepts it
cuz like pretty much none do
but then there is also i dont want them to be yanking out my wisdom teeth
well i know but if they want to im prob going to let them
but if i dont go its just not an issue
like i have some sort of private subsidized health care now
it was blue cross but now its anthem or wtf

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whats that
hmm youre maybe not joking?
@ karaoke because korean, not @ korean
does it rate them?
some of them have beat counters or something, and will rate your singing
other tech at work has a philipino gf
so i guess karaoke happens alot
er wife
i havent done that yet
i bet next time i go to dentist they want to do that
man i have my headphones on, from the pc
no signal
its like its trying to reprogram my brain or something

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theyre supposedly building new offices and labs at work in the next month
so ill actually have someplace to do work
i have to like find places to stick my laptop and make my temp desk =\
and all the chairs we use in the lab im mostly in are stuck on low
`nico: companies prob going out of business right now
its thermal noise
and then there was other shit but like resistor by itself doing nothing, prob just electrons moving noise
yeh nico is smart at this shit ask him
`nico: did you get failout 3 yet?

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stu goes on and on about furnishing his new place
charles dont care
i paste one link to a leather chair i wanna get
cuz its decent chair cheap im like irc should know about good chairs yo
anyway charles is like 'people have been banned in here for that shit'
and im like hahahahaha
`nico: its cool, youre prob better of for not being around for the drama
anyway, banning ops/regs over bullshit and trolling your own channel and ignoring actual channel disruptions is awesome way to fuckup a channel
i vaguely remember that
but that shit is gallium alloy and they dont seem to have much safety test data, or it actually is pretty inert
oh right
and stu decided it was unlawful for other ops to clear bans
even tho he does it
im in more than one chan
read up
hmm i should look into that

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charles is stus girlfriend
when everyone was pissed over blackmoon, he pretended not to be an op and banned thru charles or the bots
well then its a lesbian couple, iunno
anyway, stu spent a ton of time trolling the chan
ertyu is on maybe one every two years as far as i see
i seen charles come into a running conversation
call everyone an idiot, say the better way to do it
when people explain why his way doesnt work or has already been discussed, hes too busy calling people retarded and storming off to understand
like, charles banned lordpil because lordpil spent too much time blogging about new furniture
because yeh he had a new place and a job
i dunno measure it
lordpils job was maintaining someones elses arm c code
sometimes his blogging was kinda interesting
anyway, after he was banned, right

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is it mercury?
stu is a bitch
banning regs, banning ops over personal shit, pretending not to be op and banning thru the bots and his gf charles
i mean im not even touching on what an ass he can be
hello he banned blackmoon
over some fpga project that moon did for almost nothing
blackmoon was the only op, basically
stu never helps anyone, charles is about the same
they make alot of criticisms, alot of which make them look stupid because they dont know what the people are talking about

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