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yeh that one just means add everything up i think
my car is gonna suck in the rain
should have bought my jalisco tires already

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yes i know what it is thanks
what do all the silly symbols mean
man screw you guys im gonna get a book or some shit

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guys how do i do that
teach me
also timecop he sucks at maths

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gd&t is officially metric, so hes like, fuck gd&t
its still raining!
my apt is gonna melt!

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(rly i have some big long argument about ho mil and inch is base 1000, so a credible engineering notation, and how most precision features will fit in an inch, and how a mil is about the smallest you can see with the naked eye
etc etc etc)
actually i think mm are useless
okay useless is a bit harsh
like, youre swapping units
for precision work
tenth of a mm, or mm, or several mm
ill leave cm out of it so you can have a chance at this argument
while with inches, everything precision is under an inch
generally 0.001 to 1.000 covers everything, everything is in mils, your most precise practical unit
and the other unit is 1000 more
wtf is tens of a mm
one day i will be like the machine instructor paul at school he wont even give you reasons hell just be like..
metric? fuck you.

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whats min size?
are you doing .012 vias?
i think default min dril is like .016
yeah fuck that, and fuck the rest of the world
because im fucking american, thats why
meters are stupid

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cant believe my dragon is fried
or actually yes i do it was much abused
oh i wonder if my other usb programmer works
i think that one didnt work with newer avrisp2 firmware

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drc setting
theres a bad vs drill size setting
theres a min/%/max spec, you prob wanna change the % setting
lemme know if its that, heh
(i cant think of anything else it could be)
i hope i get last week's paycheck tomorrow
then i have 5 of them to cash \o/

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you gotta solder those quick

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blackmoon: thoughts on the H bridge fets for reversing the main lines?
maybe make them a bit thinner
but i dont think itll affect it electrically

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someone needs to teach him to spot solder one pin
then do the other proper
then go back and do the spot solder
im sure it works but i wouldnt do it for the same reasons i wouldnt make holes the exact exterior diameter of a pin
5 mils is huge
its not that hard
i was amazed that wasnt a joke

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its easy to catch on vias, tho
yes that fucker needs to be canned
it works as long as your pin headers and fab house is perfect
its just bad manufacturing practice
you can achieve the same thing by measuring the square pins diagonally and making holes exactly that size
which is a bad idea for the same type of reasons
someone needed to teach him to spot solder
why does he have the drill then
only reason i can think of
i dont wanna talk about eagle pad editing
the hole are offset
so the header cant tilt when inserted

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is that...
oh thats funny
i didnt even look at that number =\
i hate routing with those oval pads on dips
just hit it with 1.8mm holes
i always make them bigger
plating, worn drills, bad karma, whatever
you see backlash errors on pcb, alot
like, *some* drills will be misaligned
but its not like when you fuckup aligning, the deviation isnt linear across the board

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your footprint def dont work for that
is that really supposed to be for that part?
all that work on the silk to
sucks its all over the pads
but whatever
you see why i wont use any eagle parts?

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omg omg

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actually ive had that issue on a few cheap devices
also smd miniplugs
the one on the dragon, kycon part, is pretty hardcore
that looks pretty sexy
blackmoon: cd4066 prob works ok?

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im pretty sure my dragon is esd fucked
i have to find a serial cable so i can test the stk500 with a usb to rs232 adapter
i got the usb jtag from sparkfun tho, i have to setup a gnuarm toolchain again
sexy layout
so the boards we subcontracted at work
they werent always run a DRC check
they sent one batch that had a trace cutout by an edge route
their excuse was like, oh somehow it got moved in the editor
yes ty tc i was going to ask about that

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(these were for 3-chip ones in custom freqs)
no clue
i was thinking of trying to find a lab here to test but i prob cant afford it
i got 140deg ones
hehe yeh i saw that
ha neat
same type of stuff?

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my 5chip leds left hong kong today
red and blue
im going to try and bother led aimee more about samples
wow nice
but yeh i dont wanna send a bunch of money to a gmail adress
her english got worse last time i asked for samples
im like, samples? shes like, yes .44c each

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ive had little issues with it

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How is JUan doing?
He is a very talented person
from mr deep groove, of greycz (juan gelt)
yeh thats weird id be pissed
thats also lame
it doesnt matter if its typical
its fucked up and dishonest

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hes cool
he new greycz personally
or maybe not personally
before, i think the exact line was 'that juan gelt is a smart guy'
oh wtf
i paid like under $1700, shipped
for my mill

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how am i aussi im in the same timezone as you =\
no idea i hate money orders
i guess you can do a payment receipt thing
so you know if they cashed it and they try and say they didnt
i did off ebay thru paypal

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be neat to work on this weekend tho
hmm, i think it took a few days last time
this supply has 3 8dis and 3 4dips
they come from digikey
i thought you had huge issues
because of customs
oh weird

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you need to switch the power lines too
you could do the power bridge, the sense bridge, and the timer and ui on that board
i wonder if i have a tl494 in something
besides the ones im using
i have alot of shit psu
alot of them dont use it tho, they have 8 dip controllers
alot of them are shitty oem supply in imaginary form factors
i have rrio amps too i can test with

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its hiz so even high Ron signal fets would prob work
that could prob even be its own board, its kinda independent of the supply
not that it will be

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so basically diffamp the probes thru hiz lines, then error amp that
i mean fuckit then
if im gonna have one opemp might as well have two
and then i can use an mc34063
blackmoon: H bridge for AC!
tho i guess now i have to h bridge the sense lines
which sounds pretty fail
yeh i think you can get ones like 4*2 that would work

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no but i mean just use a sense wire to the tank electrode
on the boards or at the tank?
oh yeh thats fine
yeh i get all that
actually i had to repair a blown resistor on a power monitor thing yesterday because of that shit
speaker engineer guy had fuses inline with the power tester, so they blow and the speaker kicks back into the sense line
poor resistor
it looked like a resistor skeleton
like the epoxy was ashed but the stripes were still ok

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damn you beat me
that was plan b
just use big wires!
tru dat
okay thats not a big deal, tho
grounding tricks on the pcb, and feedback input breakout
do i need remote sense?
i can just filter a feedback line

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the thermal specs for the fet
wtf @ 10 son package
.3V is the lowest you can get adjustable smps =\

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future depression era tek
yeh, thatll prob work
neat Rth specs

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yes probably
i dont get how it plates glass
can i plate normal glass?
like borosilicate?
yeh that works
so it needs to be porus
woah, so you can do ceramic
relay is ghetto

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thats 2.5W dude
but will that plate the FR4?
oh, hmm
whats regulated, the amps or the voltage?
so a .25V supply capable of 10A?
hmmm, lady ada maybe did something cool?
for urmom, tc
how regulated?
like 5%, 1%, what?
haha, transformer
that sounds way complicated
im like fuck efficiency
tho yeh, switcher i wouldnt need an expensive supply

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yeh but theyre prototypes, theyre not gonna last anyway unless you clean and mask them somehow
only needs to be nice enough to be working
most my older cnc'd boards are corroded =(
especially where i left flux on it
see at that point, its like just have some boards fabbed, rush
twingy do you know the chemical stuff to plate whole boards after drills?
macegr: rab: ^
and it coats everything?
im not sure
that just tin plates
i need something that plates the inside surfaces of the drills
yeh i need something that plates everything
the copper and the FR4
they linked to something but i dont have those bookmarks anymore =(
that doesnt even sound hard

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its mostly tool limitations
and flipping is intuitive tricks to maintain minimum backlash error
.008 was a bitch
jezus fuck it was like an adventure just to get working tools
tiny diameter endmills were the biggest fucking fail ever
i have had like zero Z problems since i installed my fixture
which is my cnc desk getting dirty probably
hmm dont think so
how many flutes?
or theyre more like burrs
are they really flutes, or just edges?
fuck that
those pyramids work for awhile at .008
and when they break theyre usually still okay for like .014 shit

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but then it also depends how realistic your designs are
if you design and machine for exact tolerances, prob not
if you design and machine so that +/-.005 works, sure every time
.001, maybe not so much
yeh i have piles of it in my room
well, not right now
i sleep in the room i cut pcb
they can be but they settle pretty quick
theres copper in it too
.008 space/trace
its a bitch
.014 all day like whatever

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what kinda of flywheel
you have coils or magnets on that shit or what?
oh neat
what kind of transformer?
what version of solidworks do you run?
yours is pirat or what?
he has a taig
depends on your skill and patience
thats part of skill
i think luck might be involved, but some machinists would prob slap me
there is like infinite variables in machining, tho
heheh neat
blackmoon: yes

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im pretty sure only aluminum in the taig is the table, if it is
no, there should be
the design would be ridiculous simple to scale up, too
tight like one
they only make one mill
it has 3 diff size tables
like, 2015, 2017, and 2019, i think
-CR means CNC Ready
meaning it has the brass leadscrew nuts and stepper mounts
yeh i have that one
and an 18" table

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he needs to be able to break it down and move it by himself or with a little help
700lbs is a bit big
a taig it wont even be an issue by yourself
i can pick up the whole machine, assembled
prob same with max nc
whats that one thats like $15K tooled the fuck out
tormach i think
that thing looks sweet
professor has one
prick fuckhead
max NC is Al?
taig is like, iron tubes for body, some angle iron feet
i think the taigs table is anodized Al

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i like my taig, even with the shit Y
twingy likes his
twingy: sweeet
is this the one right by work?
el torito grill machine
twingy has one at work, i think?
el dorado mill drill or whatever
did your tech ever hook it up?
oh, neat
i wired a 50A 120V connector to a little outlet box yesterday
shit didnt catch fire or anything
your tech is a wuss

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jezus fuck where do you live?
for $100 ill rip you off for a whole q oz
youre in austin?
rab doesnt smoke
all youre boards from me happened because of weed =)
i hate doing work on the pc for too long sober
stop being emo

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because generally 3 in 1 machines are compromised?
tho yeh, for him it might not be so bad
so you want a cookie or some shit?
im out of weed im about to grind up some stems
blackmoon is in #emc

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someone will do it just with software and you will be like wat
because it can do net -> computer -> printer -> chef
but i guess your thing should be easier
well everyone kinda does now

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i havent tried solidworks on the quad thingy
you ended up using the solidedge thinger?

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*your, whatever i gotta go
im prob going to end up figuring shit shit out all over again
its doing 3 blinks in a second
then pausing for a few sec
i think thats my code, anyway it means the arm thinger aint dead
it has a receipt tray?
wtf it the thing on top for
why is it so fucking huge yo
make it stop floating

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you dont want to weld it?
if not, bolts or screws and wide washers
oh hmm weird
you have a shoecam tc?
how do you do you arm shit?

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how come nothing ever works when you follow the directions
Warning: /cygdrive/C/gccfd/projects/sam7h256-flash/.settings: No such file or directory.
except it does
olimex put cygwin on my fucking computer and its broken

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olimex made a mfkn install0r
jre, eclipse, cygwin, gnuarm, wtf is zylincdt and embeddedcdt, and openocd

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