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talk about yourself eggsalad
dude thats not an actuall stat line its just jibberish that looks like stats
i guess he doesnt do the random statements about himself whenever he sees his name

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we did, you did, fool
eggsalad: who programmed your ass
eggsalad: girl you
he wont say something to you i dont think
hell just say something
because you didnt go like eggsalad:
hes still figuring out your aids statement =\
brain file issues
(im not kidding)
you seem to have damaged him
naw hes stuck
he makes statements about himself if you say his name
i dont know if the responses are triggered by his name at the beginning of a sentence or by his name and a colon

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except the bots
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm
eggsalad: too ambiguous; clarify.
hes def male
yeh i thought it was jibberish
its just under punctuated

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its neat to be in two totally diff channels that talk mad shit about stu
meh, i think art pcb might be fail

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oh, neat

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yeh sure
make the outside circle
then extrude it
then on the top face of the extrusion draw a circle
and do a cut extrusion, i think its called
basically unextrude it
thats a way fun app
dx uses a solidworks clone alot, he can prob help with alot of general stuff
i havent played with sw so much lately

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emc for control, twingys gcam for cam
pcb-gcode for pcb
its an eagle ulp
simpler stuff ill hand code
i should setup a pirat commercial cam app to fuck around with

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then post to the machine, either directly or generate a file and manually load into the machine
most CAM apps will have alot of canned functionality
like, do me this bolt circle pattern, pocket this area for me, panelize these designs (the shit i used at the last job was as successful at this as your avg pcb autorouter)
like, after trying it out a couple times i basically laughed and went fuck this

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g code isnt too hard
machinist will prob want 3d files
do their opwn gcode, because alot of it is machine and setup specific
CAM is usually done by the machine shop
from the CAD files
usually no
you might draw edges
or 3d objects
and then the CAM app handles the tooling offsets and tool paths
you can also set them up to be aware of the machine and fixtures
so they wont crash
you can draw 2.5D
like 2D with depths
so you basically draw edges
and then it handles the radius compensation
yeh kinda, its all different depending on CAM software
its all kinda the same but the details are pretty app specific
usually you do a drawing, assign tools to parts of the drawing

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prob the same as the Y
and it differs with height from the table
about 1.5" or so you hit the Z ways
about 2" you hit the leadscrew
gimme a few sec ill take a rough measure
5.5" to the column
4.25" to the ways 1.5" above the table
3.5" to the leadscrew 3" above the table
i aint gonna lie, the Y is shit

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omg @ tiny chopsaw
timecop: when you have a new pcb to route so you can send me your failscope

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