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heh pontameter?

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left 4 dead
4 vs 4 surivors vs zombies game
its supposed to be really good
ive seen some gameplay vids looks pretty insane
think so
no its two teams
you can be the zombies too

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sts is store directly to dataspace, its a two word opcode with 16b absolute adressing, thats operand 1
assuming they start at 1 and not 0, which would just be rude of them haha
so 6e isnt out of range
range should be like 0000-ffff
out is the same thing but its relative adressing

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should be fine
you shouldnt even be trying to learn asm unless you have the assembler manual and the instruction set doc open
and the datasheet
everytime you ask me a question, all i do is look in the datasheet or asm docs

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do you have the instruction set doc open?
operand `'s range in sts is 16b, $6e isnt even close to out of range
well you should be looking there first
i wont even code asm without that and the assembler manual open
depends what mp1 is

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its sts
you maybe have the wrong part definition file loaded

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oh double
ltspice updates takes so looooong

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i guess so

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see ti thinks you should use multiple smaller caps in parallel for low esr too
blackmoon: yeh
you can temper steels now, too
wow im eating peanuts
i almost grabbed a handful of weed and threw it in my mouth like the peanuts

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sometimes going over stuff youve already welded
can blow your flame out

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i think our cutting setup was the same stuff
i know we had some victor torches
but yeh the one i did the 1" steel with was prob big like that
yeh we had like smaller ones at our welding stations
we mostly welded like 1/16" to 1/4" stuff
get like 00 thru 2 tips
if you suck
or yeh if your material sucks
dirty, corroded, weird alloy
itll like pop sometimes

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right hand threaded?
no idea
welding book index doesnt have hoses =\
yeh i know what you mean
i dunno search for brass pressure fittings or something
it is
you should get one of those little spongle bottles
like sponge on a stick
like glue comes in them sometimes, little jar with a applicator on the top
fill with soapy water and use to check your setup for leaks
leaks will make bubbles
yeh it wont work then

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that looks normal
yeh every torch ive seen
so you can use the same body to weld or cut

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damn so i need like a pretty fat coil for this smps
o2 jet cutting is fucking amazing
metals just goes away

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that guy will prob be a waiter in 6 months

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blackmoon: yes
well, maybe not super huge tho
rab: wat!?
rab: ok why am i watching this youtube =(
that 3rd beat clap bullshit makes me wanna stab
The lead singer's hair is purposely messed up, his character in chaos.

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but i dont like fish
jezus fuck
that is kinda big

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oh its got a big tip?
you should prob get a few sizez
down to 0 or 00 at least
wtf @ 1/4"
have fun welding your battleship
oh the threads
okay thats not so bad
it might just be a better torch body, or just heavier
maybe its ribbed or something to dissipate more heat?
yeh that sounds big but not super huge
is that with or without the cutting valve attachment?
hey where is dx

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damn fail
i put the df pro back together
and like it turns out you need to put those clamp screw in first
logitech driving force pro
mine says logitech on the hub tho
i like the buttons on the wheel
the better logitech only has like two buttoms

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brained with an 8 button mouse

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fuck that, too many angry geeks
sounds like a bad scene
people prob got stabt

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omg df pro is two tactile switches
the sequencial shifter
its tactile switches with springs on top
the shifter rocks on posts in shell, and has like tabs that come out and press the button springs
bif steel brace from the front to the steering wheel assembly
which is built into a big steel plate
yay logitech
what if i try and pull the springs out a bit and the buttons fly apart

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in failout 3?

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ive been thru a few alkaline
but like ill leave it on and fall asleep with it attached to the computer playing music
i sold two
so i want to build a few more to test with
havent hooked it up to a scope or tested sensitivity with it, sounds good tho
i should buy a signal generator
i miss the hp thing at school =\
at some point probably, they havent stuck me on any of the ap tester things yet

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i have to update the schematic and buy parts for the rest of these pcbs
yeh im prob going to buy parts soon
yeh wanted to use it for awhile
i just left off two parts
im going to do next one with virtual ground
so the input circuit is alot simpler
hmm ive never tested it with nimh
it should work its vregged to 5v with an ldo

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but yeh i was prob going to build a few more i think it was only like $20
like buying low qty
and im pretty sure that was w/ hardware and battery
i have the standoffs and washers and screws
i have to tweak the edge routing so it fits a little closer
and then do a full width pcb and front panel edge route for non portable stuff
oh i also have silicone rubber adhesive strips so you can totally sit on it and not short it out
stick under the lid

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its only noisy from the gigabeat or just open input but whatever
grounded it was quite, and ive been listening to flac from the pc
when the music hits quite parts its like dead silent
haha sometimes with the gigabeat i can hear this whirring noise in the background
if i open a directory with alot of files, i can hear the pitch changing while its working
ac-130u: if you just want pcbs i can send those
and a parts list and shit
i need to buy a bunch of empty tins and cnc a bunch
its pretty easy to do alot, its 4 setups but theyre pretty quick cycles

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lame open office office wont download
i wonder if google docs will do ods
wow after 30sec the download dialog pops up
(download is started from a donation page)
i have no dip rrio amps
damn see nothing can be simple
which amps?
i have to buy more parts
im happy with it now

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i made diff colors and sizes
i dunno if my acct still exists
if it does theyre prob still there
i think those are actually the 300mm ones, because they dont have the tab on the pin like .1" under the lens
haha neat
oh happy bday
another friends bday was like day before thanks giving
haha your bday is thanksgiving some years?
is better that way
thanksgiving bday sounds pretty shitty

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i did like a particle glow at the end of the wisker
and a script to turn them on
then yeh i stopped playing
like i just stayed up a whole weekend
the script is smart
they were like people size
id stick them in the ground like mushrooms
i have pics i think
finding, sec
damn i need to organize all these stupid images
500MM LEDs

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or 15 and clk, something
anyway they sent it to a canadian subcontractor
and they sent it back all packed stupid and it was all fucked up
i had to do body work on it and check why the crt wasnt flush with the bezel anymore
like i literally had to take it apart, take the aluminum shell down to the shop and smack it a ton with a ball peen hammer against a carpetted table
all the little feet posts were kinda bent open and a little broken =\
the plastic trim piece that the screws holding it together go thru was broken
like in multiple places
so there was pieces that didnt have screws going thru them
well whatever it works
but yeh wtf
apperently the other canadians do a really good job, so of course i dont even have to touch those ever
i made giant leds but i didnt know what to do with them

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i think the ones at school had solitaire
we had a few diff types, 2ch and 2ch + logic
open office not downloading
The server at openoffice.bouncer.osuosl.org is taking too long to respond.
in the ide looking port
oh, the one you linked is what we had at school
then you have a braided probe breakout usually
and then mini probes that plug into that
like tiny clips or needles
we have a 3 input one at work
i think its like 20 inputs or something per plug

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that shit is expensive
4ch dso is pretty pimp
they make agilents w/ built in logic analyzers
the probes are neat

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all is open today w00t
oh neat i found perfboard
like an l shaped piece
omgoddly alot of the ebay chinascopes advertise 8x bandwidth as samples/sec
damn not enough backspace

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i can maybe do that with my arm, alot slower tho
has jtag scanning shit, im pretty sure thats kinda slow tho
super long shift reg
haha led debugging
i was doing that alot when we were figuring out gnuarm for sam7
that thing is so neat
ac-130u: try and get like a 100mhz tech analog dso
or a chinascope
they make tds type things for way cheap
digital stuff sucks without storage tho

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its a bit clicky in the mV range, like itll always jump to these same values
i even have a card reader in my cnc
kevtris: yeh i have an old analog tek w/ vector dso
im like, how the fuck do you do digital with an analog
kevtris: mine has a mode where you can save like 4 screens worth of trace
its pretty weird to scroll thru saved data on an analog scope
blackmoon: wait so if i buy an fpga
and put it on a board with like a usb connector
ill have a pc scope?
they have software?
oh so you cant get these things with adc?

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thyre mostly the same
agilent scope was about the same
but the display was better
theyre kinda flukish
like you just stick them on shit and it displays what you want
and doing anything else took a couple soft key presses
the autoscale?
naw it rocks
yeh theyre like 15" deep
nice display
theyre light
like you cant push the buttons to hard itll just move
blackmoon: you should fine one and fuck with it
the softkey menus are setup really good
everything in one or two presses
and autoranging is really sane
so you usually just have to throw cursors in
and itll read voltages

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get precision reference samples from TI
kevtris: the old man tech at the tube QA job didnt trust my fluke
because its all little and autoranging
so he has one of those voltage bridge meter things
im not ever sure how that shit works
he takes my meter over for like 10min
comes back like 'damn'
yeh it has like odometer style display
it was prob like resistor networks =\
yeh kinda
they used a bunch of manually ranging china things
im like, oh hey i built a kit one of these for my first class project
my fluke is like way smaller with like 8 modes or something
you just stick it on shit and its tells you what you want
i tried to explain it to a guy at work, hes like eh

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haha i laughed because alkaline batteries are excempt
they test it
call it good
yeh i never figured you as a pot guy
um to make sure you shit isnt fucked
mmmm fixed point

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yeh cuz then youre like debugging your probe
or breadboard
omg no
we have ones like that
i love mine

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i think they use huge coils
thats how you fix worn speaker magnets
fuck ton of current
that stuff is so awesome
is like a rack for your parts and then you solder pins to pins and shit
you can solder on it over and over and theres no pads to make a mess
its like a p2p soldering project
except there is something to hold the parts
its cheap tho
haha fool
the small ones are kinda useless tho
cheaper that way

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yeh i never thought about it like that tho
theres a magnet in that thing?
taking apart our fridge would be bad
works perfectly fine
are they like in the door or in the rubber part?
ac-130u: hes indy
movie just doesnt work like that
because i totally remember seasing them stick almost like they grabbed on
we have a corner that doesnt seal as well as every else
we keep some pretty hardcore magnets on the side of the fridge right there
fridge still seals okay
just like a bit sticks up for like an inch

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hahah effective anti-piracy
radio hip hop is so bad =(
goddamn when will it stop being cold
eh its cold man dont scream things will shatter
i need socks i guess
i hate frozen meat

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An Important Note From The Lawyers: Under US Law, it may not be legal for you to monitor certain SCA transmissions. You should check in advance with the provider of the service.
its maybe like moon said then, pay services
so you know when youre in the market?
and you hear ads for the market?
then some more drone music?
they prob just have it blank
haha crazy
thats our invisible waves bitch
radios wouldnt care because its more ads hitting more people
mp3 is like good radio quality
its sad they sell it

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we have red light cams
its more than just the radio text shit?
for head units

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are you guys talking about crazy $30 chips
theyre probably really long too
no one will ever run out of optos
are these things ultrafast?
that is pretty fast
why IR
oh ok
haha get it around people

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the coolest ones are non stock
i bet if you want like 10K theyll make you custom crap, then just leave it on their website in case someone else wasnt 1000 or whatever
possibly they swim in them

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old smt is funny looking
they do that alot for firmware chips
blackmoon: theyre used in tons of shit
were they dip pitch?
ive done it in an editor, ive never made on or had one made
i would def do it for a timecop board

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without a cnc?
iunno ninja skills

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ah, wait yeh thats bad
theres tool holders, with the slots and the set screws
those slide down on dovetails onto the tool post
and then the bolt w/ lever is pushing out posts that lock the tool holder into place
another bolt clamps the whole tool post down
i think the one for the taig mill is just a block with slots

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you have to bust out pythagorems to use that one with controlled feed
not really supposed to be convenient
under the slide is prob a safe place away from chips to keep shit like that
those handles are cheap
just a block with horizontal slots near the top on all 4 sides
with screws from the top into the slots to hold a cutting tool
and then a big hole in the middle with a big bolt or nut with handle to tighten it down

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thats prob why they keep them off the web
serious thats almost the only electronics shop here
besides frys
and fuck if im gonna pay $40-100 on perfboard
next digikey i have to get a sheet of that unclad perfboard
kinda, yeh

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oh i should buy dc barrel jacks for the headphone amper board
cuz yeh i guess thats non fail
been like a month or whatever and hasnt blown up
so all now has two of those 3 pin black th barrel jacks
they have a box of like prob 5K that say NON WEB
and then they had a box of like 10
with an id like on the web
so i got one from the overflowing bin and they dont fit right
one of the pins is like .015 bigger at least, i cant even really smash that shit in there
i hope they have at least 20 more of the normal ones

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i think im going to go to all and get perfboard
they have that weird shit that feels like plastic
with the pads that start like sliding around
cmon its all they wont have that shit for like 5 years
i think its fiberglass but its like brown and kinda plasticy
they have fakes?
i wouldnt ever buy ICs from all
were the grind marks like obvious?
or did you have to scope it
oh, yeh thats not cool
like a hand sander?
i bet they have a socket fixture
belt sand like 100 of them
wiping the chips off with a chem prob take longer
real ones?

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omg dont encourage daytime tv

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