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as long as the bladed dont disintegrated on impact and leave shrapnel in the victim

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moon you idiot
how the fuck are you gonna hot glue something to tile?
need like some holes and a ziptie or some shit
hotglue pedastool
i just said that

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blackmoon: tiles
i can drill tiles to mount the elements via standoffs and mount the tiles to aluminum plate
kosheen - suicide
its so upbeat

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haha @ punching the little girl

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the dies are sloppy
the basic patterns are the same
but if you look close theyre not consistent
theyre not machine placed
i think the bonding wires are machine welded to the dies
because they look perfect
but i think workers mount the dies to the leadframe and manually weld the bonding wire to the leadframe
oddly, the blue ones were connected with two bonding wires
the red ones were glued with something metallic to the lens part of the leadframe, on bonding wire
*one bonding wire
its on the wall mfkr
when you walk in
i think its on the opposite wall on the left
i might be trippin tho

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they look nuts under a scope, but totally human

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yeh takes awhile they were dropping fuckers off
ive blown up a few tho
maybe 3
so i dont think any are invincible
yeh i have to spray it while they drop
and spray while it flies off
and itll usually explode as its taking off
its an awesome explosion tho
the first time i just stopped, like, woah
and died
but it was cool because i got to do it again
macegr: 5 chip leds are hand assembled

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blow up a vertibird
its awesome
maybe best video game explosion ever
how what?
i just minigunned that shit

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what game?
i stopped because im basically done and dont want to be done
you never even played it
yes i know you prob did like 5 hours
that aint shit thats like the equiv of level 1-2 in a smb game without warping

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for user interfacing nub
oh i got my 5chip leds today
macegr: 5chip led are totally assembled by hand
if you look under a scope, the emitters are in the same general pattern but exact placement is random, human

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haha h8
of what?
why isnt it easy?
maybe later on
oh neat
how much $?
ive thought about buying those
no im not going to charge you
how much is the fucking buttom jezus fuck
not bad
oh no shit?
and if you wait long enough dx ill forget
i always do
no shit @ analog joystick

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the key removal would be a good cue as to its on/off position
well the other one was only while off
this one doesnt say
dx^: !~
blackmoon: serious give it like 30sec
the youtube
i almost turned it off and cursed rab out

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summit racing has bigass switches
blackmoon: they have those pole mounted disconnects too
these are neat tho
iunno man deers dont come from cows
are they even edible?!
they have more
cheaper even

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blackmoon: if i can find good switches, i can maybe do something with just in, out, and like two switches to set it up
heheh @ 'bullets'
but yeh automotive is a good idea
ima ask #cars people
lenny would prob know
dx^: omg hi!
i thought you were gone forever =(

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that blocks an input!
i bet mcmaster has some overprices thing for that current
oh weird
like that?
yeh exactly
they wanna put this in the isolation chamber
haha i didnt wanna say it
but the interior walls are made out of shit they use in police station lockup tanks

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already is
has to be 8/4/2
so i have 2 4R arrays, center tapped
so you have to short one side
for 2
yeh i guess but its more a ui thing
like how to short but make it not possible to plug into the one that now shorte
no this needs to be passive likely
prob needs to be banana in
im not sure
because banana in is pretty hardcore
we actually have some shit like that
blackmoon: this is to test amps
maybe the speakons
anyway oh i remember when you got that
hey someone invite gpf
i miss him
blackmoon: yeh i was thinking electric chair style switches
ttmustang: better

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yeh im like WOOD!
wait no
wait no
what does mp mean
that thing only has half a stack pointer?
yeh you just stack overflowed
tho you maybe didnt
because your stack isnt totally defined
so you like random adress overflowed
could be
i dont think ram is initialized, dunno what defaul sp is
but yeh im not sure how to do the shorting part
ideally some failsafe thing
so you cant short it and use the input thats shorted
blackmoon: to get the 2R from the 4R

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so i get to design a ~10KW load at work
really i just have to figure out how to mount them
and how to do the shorting fo 2R
we have like almost 40 of these 300W 4R things
so im going to use 32
theyre like ceramic tubes with element wrapped around the outside
maybe 8" long
two 3/8" tabs
im going to mount two at a time with the tabs
but i have to figure out a non conductive surface to mount them

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who is td-linux
and when did unit41 get here
yes ive heard
i havent fucked with blender in a couple years
heh @ cat video
yeh was gonna say...

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