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wat wat

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dx^: !
oh i just thought it was funny you told a fully grown pro-lie to get aborted

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she cant use the phone?

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damn i gotta do a digikey

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haha @ banana plugs
those allways have threaded rings to screw on the bnc adapters

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those look neat

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i dont even wanna say

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danielson: i have 3 associates degrees, im on school break
i need money and stuff
im not doing that right now
electronics tech for stanton/KRK/verwin-vega
so i troubleshoot stupid midi-firewire dj things
or do all the silly shit none of the engineers want to do
like make cables
and test drivers
and do rework
actually we were testing it everywhere before
i would remove fader knobs
and esd fuck the fader shafts
we were burning rrio opamps
omg the circuit

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i think i have that chinagraph
its high impedance
so they maybe skimp on the resistor power
hahaha @ initiated
yes this part of life is shitty
in a month i will prob be on salary
and i will have dental and medical fureal

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so youre only scoping a few volts
yeh you should maybe just buy the probe
dmm is like a blind mans stick
thats kinda cool
i said make a divider!
what works
thats all the probe is
ive done this with armys of 1/4w resistors
yes thats why you paid $$$
and waited
yeh rly

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scr is a lamer triac
i think SCR are usually more power handling
for ur monies
that makes sense
triacs are like double that i think
why dont you hook that up to the motor
and use a scope to see what the max phase is
i would make a resistor divider
and scope that, in like 10x mode
you lose hippie
thats why i said make a divider
and scope that

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if you stay under 1/4 and you start at ZC the wave amplitude would rise pretty linear
this is truth
it might not even move it very much
wtf how can you tell
its a pot on the gate of an SCR

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wtf is pa

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guys this is lame i dont have an rs232 cable
no fu i have mad usb a to b
i totally burned my moms fan playing with triacs
duty to low
it was like kinda pulsing
but it couldnt make it to the next coil
yeh well either it never reset
or it was too slow and coil ate it
looked like the switch just broke it out to multiple coils
haha wtf

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theyre weird
i built a kit dmm for a class project that had one
i was totally like wtf
i think it had a polarity kinda
but not like, right side up, upside down
like rotational
i guess because it was mostly foam
with the zebras on one side
like rotational around a Z axis
macegr: metallic paint

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how would you not have to worry about alignment?
unless you just made the pads so gapped slow wouldnt matter
board alignment is directly related to the tolerance of the zebra thing
no that doesnt make sense unless you have mad gap between contacts
youre relying on alignment and that the zebra isnt warped in the direction of your pad line

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oh wtf @ zebra connectors
how the fuck do those work?
the ones i saw were just lik blocks of foam

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