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unit41: turbocad is pretty good
it has enough snap functionality to do most the shit autocad can do
tho yeh autocad is like, perfect
guys guys
im about to power up a half array grow led prototype

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dx^: what
why does it have bumpers
guys where is my perfboard
foung it

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he had two but one blowd up
and now he has one
haha you did!
you stopped!?
When using 2Checkout as the payment method, there is a high probability that the 2Checkout process screen will show items that you do not have in your cart. We receive the correct receipt from our software, and we are in the process of fixing this. We apologize for the confusion.
haha nice
no idea
price on mcmaster and onlinemetals or whatever
and home depot
i dont think they sell shit like that online tho
you might have to like drive and checked
wtf yo
well obviously you want random size
i guess they mean random from their perspective
they are like, hey why does this fucker want 5.6ft of pipe
no shit
where the fuck do i price ceramic tile online

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dx been working on this since you were born
dx^: my hip is doing a thing
inittab: electronic vacuum motor, dont
okay stretch
but now i hurts
put flames nieah
why not just buy a china modem case
dx is neat he has one project

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no i mean his electric one
see fuck that
i wouldnt do it unless i had it all planned and money to do it plus extra

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i dont see very many anymore
my crx would be fun
i wonder if he uses the vacuum assist
you would prob snap yours
or burn alot of clutches
and prob still eventually snap it
mine woul be even worse
he did not make a playwood adapter
i think he did
does it run yet?

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whats the range on his car
does he direct drive it or run a transmission or what?
you have a del sol?
those things have big trunks

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it doesnt randomly corrupt
its not random at all
naw its instant
you prob kept the session open
okay thats me
guys i wanna build an electric car
thats normal
ive seen that before
no it is for an electric
because the torque curve is inverted
ive seen that before, light electric vs muscle and exotic

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thats like the same vid
its not skateboarding
its roller blading

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i need to find my roms
or just download them again
haha @ %27
other tech was like 'i dont understand why people use underscores'
hate %20
naw man
thats how racing games were
inittab: thats 16b on a non-cartoonish style
*in a
which is sad

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dx^: welcome to reality
youre ME so like youre gonna have to figure out how to enjoy that shit
dx^: why dont you put the leds to the left of the d-button
you can put it on the same board and also then the user is using the d-button they wont be blocking the status leds
ttmustang: pimp

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and you could hit ALL the buttons with one thumb
like you could really only do 2 or 4 at a time on genesis
depending if 3 or 6 buttons controller
whole thumb stomp
okay yeh but like
hold down A
and tap C
most advanced genesis players i knew used their fingers
arcade style
and like held it against their thigh
sonic really was the best genesis game
and all three buttons did the same exact thing
that says alot
haha yeh everyone loves roadrash
are they remaking it?
or did i dream that or something
n64 was so horrible
it was like, 6 years of starfox
zelda was good
the mario game was okay
haha nice

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because up and down shift would be on the pad
3 buttons, remember
so youd accidentally shift while turning
the tolerances were too loose
but yeh look its not squarish
but yeh genesis controllers felt all rattly
and the button press distance was huge
i thought it was more squarish to fit the diagonals but they fit them in the circle
maybe im thinking master system
that one wasnt as bad
the first truly modern game controller
emulated to this day, until the wiimote

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if youre gonna get custom plastic lenses for your led indicators at least make them flat
okay just making sure
meh, you went genesis
d-pad #1
no its very nice actually
its a bit to symmetrical for my taste
he got a 4 way w/ push button
one of those little cheapy ones like for phones
oh yeh
forgot you didnt click
blackmoon: yes but the pad itself was squared off round
and it was notorius for phantom diagonal presses
i think it might have been squarish to fit the useless diagonal arrors
racing games were the worst

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once youre above that and doing something with your little blocks of code its not like c or asm are gonna be very different
highly doubtful anything will port

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instead of rcall or what?
blackmoon: have you seen arm7 opcodes?
youd be like fuck asm
the mnemonic opcode is is only like 5 bits
they get fucked up creative with the other 27 bits
like the opcode id
like when you go 'inc' and theres a portion of the opcode that says i am this opcode
c is lame on 8bit
i cant imagine writing it in C either
coding lowest level anything sucks

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is stu still using an anti-avrfreak hostmask?
one thousand mils
rch = 5mil
english units = defined.
dx^: if you keep working as you hate it you will fuck up
thats like the only times i fuckup, when i pissed off at the app
thats why i work so fast in diptrace
more than a day on a dicktrace project and i want it to die
basically yeh
im sure it does

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the fixed ones are usually shitty
ha weird
yeh thats makes sense tho
but yeh i know exactly what youre talking about
you just kinda get it going
then the force in the switch goes away
i never thought about it but it makes sense
glue what?
youre thinking like an engineer
hahaha nice
with all the people that seem to hate me youd think someone would have nick jacked me at some point

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just dont get it wet !
ive never used any of those except sw
job has sw licenses
the dial indicators with like the radius probe?
yeh but the prob pivots
you can get linear indicators too
kinda plunger style
ph neat
those are better for most work measurements
the indicators with the radius tip are good for machine setup
and testing flatness and shit
.0005 accurate shit is pretty cheap
is it switched?
yeh those are always pretty good

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dx^: yeh thats better
thats the one with the external printer?
i thought it had an eth port
youre going with sat net!?

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okay so that klippel thing i repaired is pretty neat
like, it tests drivers without breaking them
you set limit values for power, temp rise, and surround stiffness and magnetic force
and then it goes nuts, ramping up power and making graph until it hits a limit
then it eases back some and tries to fuck with it collecting data
im pretty sure most of the tests are pink noise
shit sounds like window seat by the wing of a jet

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divide it in thirds
so like 8" in

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your fingerprint frustrates the magnetic wave stuff

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100mA thru the 5chip leds is really fucking bright
blue is wtf bright, and red is really bright
no but wiki has it
guys im hungry

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at $6mil they buy brittanica for credibility
For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2008 and ending June 30, 2009, we have budgeted $5.9 million in expenses,
free like in beer, #1
legit eds like you?
im sick of wordpress
i need a tiny cms or some shit
oh guys

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