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guys what kind of connectors should grow led pods have
its like 60V@.1A
yeh i guess
i was thinking lexan and aluminum
that would be pretty pimp
yeh totally
i make a noise in my head all electromechanical
theyre so big tho

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man fuck 100v 1000uF

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weird, somehow ripple voltage has become a good thing
they mean the pins, macegr
the pins are multicolor

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theyre $$$ even on the ebay
my shit is 5W $12 w/ current regulation
okay but you need like a 55VDC psu

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i wanna do like same thing but with a current feedback smps
how much are those?
how much is 5w led?
100mAh 3.7V
they burn out =( =( =(
then yeh its like $20 for 5W with those

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was 10x5 and two were white and mostly useless
and they werent 5chip =(, 20mA leds
they ran warm anyway because they were like edge to edge
board is gonna be one sided, all thru hole
yes i think they were 2.5w or so
this one is 5W
its a way longer string
the current reg isnt tho
because im using an lm317 so its like 1.25V ref + 3V dropout i think
so plus headroom its like having a whole other led pair
sec im gonna go put 70V reverse voltage on it

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macegr: i shined both of the panels i have right now at the back wall of grow box
so thats really like 1.5 panels
well, bit more, because some of the strings are out
like, i shined the new 5W panel in there
and it makes the other two panels looks silly
easily 2x or 3x brighter
i cant look at it
well i can
but its def not good for me, burnin last closer to a minute if i more than glance=\
`nico: should i put a cap on this shit?
yeh do it
damn thats smaller than my monitor i think

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macegr: brite leds are bright
i have 20 leds, in red blue checker 4 x 5 checker pattern
with lm317 current reg
and series schottky

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what about 2Hz xtal
eh eh
drivin his xtal down the highway
rly slow?

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see datasheet is smrt
thats how shit is at the beginning, shrug
avr datasheets are laid out consistently, so eventually you know where to look for registers and bit definitions
after awhile youre not even reading anything youre just looking for tables
because they have diff feature sets
sometimes it can fit all in one register, so its maybe faster for someone instead of writing two just for portability

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tired, hip hurts
wai, etc
k explain
how to do it and what it does
how, did you write 00000010 to the prescale register?

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so yeh maybe you have a 001 in there but i dont know maybe the bits fall over into the next register
yeh i dunno, drop shit in there, note what happens, come back and let us know

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i dont know what bits are the cs bits
tho, i think usually cs2..0 is 000 for off and 001 for cpu clk and other values for prescaling or external clk src

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prettiest car ever
no fu
like it
i was thinking about making one of those electric the other day
but thats fucking retarded
because the engines in those things are fucking awesome
no rly
i had a fucked up 280z
all the emissions shit was fucked
but yeh omg shit ran so smooth
like it sounded like a giant vacuum cleaner or something
ima blow all my money on a restored 280z
is that irresponsible or what
people sell those things for like $4k
auto shift, failz

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that would actually be balanced really well
and youd have a firewall
crx wouldnt
no youre way fucker
doing it your way, doing it right, i bet you could 50/50 balance the car
thats just cool scifi shit
dont do hub rotors in a car
its mad unsprung weight
its horrible for handling
which sucks
because hub rotors are one of the coolest sci-fi tech things ever
i should do an electric 914

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would prob eliminate most rounding errors in cad apps
that shit happens yo
maybe i should get a miata
okay if i had that much money WHY THE FUCK WOULD I WANT A MIATA
yeh but whatever i dont care
its rear drive, 5spd, and light
and you can race them scca
like g1 rx7
before scca ate them all
so youre gonna do it right and make it mid engine
dony dude me
have you seen inside your trunk?
why do you think they made it like that
yeh man, to put an engine, to make it real
put the engine at the bottom
and put the batteries behind it
active cool the comparment
and include automatic fire extinguising gear

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saying there is no use for 64bit is like saying we will never need more than 500K of mem
do you still use win311 or what?

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quad pc makes everything runs like its fucking supposed to

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it pins already dont pop back all the way =\
and if you dont watch out while inserting, pins will go on the wrong side of the slots and when you go to clamp it unconnects tho pins
go china

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timecop: another putty tray bug
besides the link at end of line so its pastes the timecode bullshit
if you click on a link and the scoll moves up a line at the same instant, itll paste some random shit from the next line
03:39 <@tigeraid> http://www.scca.com/events.aspx?hub=10
03:39 <@tigeraid> YOU
kevtris: i was all impressed by the aries brand ZIF socket in the usb everything programmer at work
i think theyre like $12 at digikey
i opted for the $6 shit from hong kong via ebay
heh, it says 3M on it
but not like, 3M logo font
just nomal sans font that says 3M

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eh wat

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i has clean clothes!

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he was an engineer
all my other teachers were techs
he was the only bullshit i dealt with in my program
what the fuck is that
pretty much
blackmoon: can you do non ideal opamp maths?
like open loop gain and loop gain and calculating exact errors acurately based on components and opamp specs
shit my laundry is done
have to go to work

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I because of a cap somewhere?
dx^: no you can do feedback tricks to control freq response
and like, response latency
yeh someone named someonething and youre confusing us
is it single input if you have a reference?
i think thats two inputs
oh yeh also the oscillator
the pwm controller junk for smps
blackmoon: thats basically why that teacher fucked me over
because he would do calculus over and over to solve something
and no one else was taught why
im like, ugh because phase lag turns the negative feedback into positive

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who is hatrix?
where is that spelling nazi guy
i forgot his name and i think hes gone
teach me
yeh exactly
but its such a pretty block diagram

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it was just so low res it wasnt offensive even ripped off and dripping blood
fuck themes
there was this hr giger one that made alien whale noises for everything

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or is that totally hardcoded into the firmware
why arent you using oem code
naw hes using megasquirt
oem code is still homebrew
was original asm megasquirt good?
yes im sure
in fact there is kits and software for alot of cars
i need to learn pid feedback shit
blackmoon: stupga was for ecu?
must look like 1989 dos interface?
did it need dos?
did it need cmd.exe
dos can suckit
if you need dedicated build a lunix
yeh i dont use nesticle anymore
i use jnes
it was cock and balls

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mxmanwork: wasnt that direct input?
sure fine
this was the bottom circuit with like 3 opamps?
yeh one of them was just an inverting amp past the input circuit
i think it maybe had inputs broken out
or maybe i just wanted it to have inputs broken out
their PID control just isnt doing it right
like it oscillates?
can you tune the pid constants?

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it controls the current thru the sensor and the opto
so yes its pretty important
thats prob for like 15mA which should be okay for the sensor
max is 25mA
damn you need a 10W resistor to power an led at 10mA off of 12V?
dude no wonder those john/wing diodes or whoever exist
oh dude im on crack
damn blackmoon you could have caught my moment of morning retardation
okay 100mW
sounds right
so yeh any resistor except stupid small ones

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like the wattage?
half watt is fine but im not mathing it, just guessing
1K was enough current for the opto and not to much for the sensor
i think like 10mA
yeh 12 or 13.4 minues opto drop and an open collector
so thats like what
10mW or something?
p=i*r, so .01*1000 = 10W?
that sounds wrong

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that would be 32Hz @ 1000rpm

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2Hz at what like 600rpm?
1000 rpm = 16Hz
so if you had a sensor at one point on the flywheel or wherever
it would pulse at minimum 16Hz
so you shit would have to pulse one time after 8 revolutions to do 2Hz @ 1000rpm
do you mean like 2 sensor events per revolution?

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60 cycles per revs isnt enough?
cmon rly?
oh how low is your resolution
should be like 20Hz
can you adjust the pid constants?

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yeah but not normal priority
you just get like, shipped and delivered tracking
does say where it is
and it doesnt even really mean its shipped, just means someone printed out postage for it

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in the input circuits or what?
and if they run c code that cant keep up with its own interrupts like teknique says, they prob feels shitty about being so fail
i pay 8% sales tax if its in cali
but then i prob get it next day w/ the cheapest shipping option
usps is really good
you cant track but it never fails

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oh weird how long has mxman been here
you have been working on that project ms forever

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