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they are heat treated so they have that cool rainbow pattern
im going back to bed i think

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guys i bought thise shower thing but its fail
its supposede to hang on your shower door, but i got it on and now it intereres with the other door, its lame
well, no i think that form of discrimination is actually okay
and encouraged
you just ant like, kill them all
human oil?
pretty sure: if (final solution == kill them all) you = hitler;
so i guess youre saying that being a hitler in this case is not so bad
but again
what is the designer purse men decide the same thing
then in their perspective, they should kill all of you
tho i guess this is even more reason to kill all of them
they carry jeweled grip 9mm in their little purses

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most smart people are kinda absent minded in some respect
spent all their time thinking about shit no one else is thinking or even knowing about
WHY ARE YOU SPACED OUT HELLO sorry im like thinking about semiconductors and shit WAT
in certain circles we are certainly the idiots
because like, we dont know what style of designer jeans and purses is ok
im thinking this is like half the population
and i dont mean women because there are guys who know this shit
and they will wear these girldesigner jeans and buy chicks these wtf purses
this is true but hard to legislate without coming off like a hitlers
and being a hitler is a major party foul

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blackmoon: hehe i did a search for more schottkys and found yours =\
how do you do it manually without timered interupts?
are you counting cycles or something?
you use a compare register to set duty so just use that as an int
yeh that too
is truth

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haha yeh rly
but then the whole world based their economy on it
you can maybe hax pcint too but why
thats cheating
yeh thats how it works
almost all of them
except the gimpiest timers on the gimpiest avr

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yeh im going to try the ghetto way
just because i wanna see if it works
then if that doesnt work im just gonna buy or find some synchronous fet driver smps dealy
the linear thing?
oh, yeh ill do the math and prob be like daaamn
im pretty sure me and trinky and big enough chunks of aluminum to deal with that
aluminum is the shit
what are you guys at?

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wtf am i doing up =(
bullshit anything with a heatsink that big demands respect

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wtf because i need one?
wtf @ parallel diode!?
anyway i was looking at the dc current
and this shit is prob gonna end up being like no duty
haha neat @ pins
fuck its 6a

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naw youd use a bunch of parallel darlingtons
wtf 20A ldo
big huge fat ones, same feedback tricks!
wtf no im looking at the only to220 ones over 20A
cree makes them wtf
schottkys are normally like ,5vf at an amp or two
yeh but all the other ones are pussy
do schottky search, go to single rectifier, theres only two things in search will do 20A amps

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mega schottky is like 2V @ 20A
its almost starting to make sense just to like do a linear regulator off very low voltage

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haha wtf
thats so bad!

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twingy: im buying parts for that this weekend

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ow, hip pain
being awake at 4:30a because it fucking hurts is some bullshit

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i have an n-ch fet low side
so why can i just put a gate driver on it to pull the gate high/low
oh wait right because buck i need high side
stupid synchronous output schematics
why to p-ch to-220 fets suck so hard

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hmm why
logic fet
and some shit like that
4.5 to 18V

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w/ gate driver i should be able to use logic n-channel, no?

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blackmoon: okay fuckit ima do mc34063 + gate driver + p-ch
+ schottky
if it fails i can buy synchronous shit next week

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blackmoon: shopping for synchronous controllers
blackmoon: theyre like $5!

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hip pain is painful

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yeh rly

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put as many of those as a psu can handle

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yes should
thats weird arent phantom powered mics like 48V?
you get like 2V headroom?
xlr is under $3
its weird the 'nicer' neutrik xlr have lower current rating than the vanilla ones w/ plastic boot

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omg theyre only 50v rated
i wanna do 60V @ .1A

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theyll have tails
instead of having connectors at the light emitters
and like, xlr jacks or some shit
standard, extendable to infiniti
i wonder what neutrik plugs and jacks are rated...

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yeh weird
because if the internal refs blows out first, the current regulation is fucked
i was going to fuse in the power supply
i can put on on this now, tho
its gonna be like more short towards squarish instead of long and wide
er long and thin
damn now i gotta be soldering stuff
i need shelves
like, more of them

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guys what happens if you put an lm317 in current reg config on more than 35V
do you think it just shuts down, or catches fire, or explodes, or what
like what if all the leds short out
yeh but im saying like
if it fails
so 10v or whatever becomes like 55v
what but what mode of fucked
if it just like explodes and cracks open, whatever
i think im going to have to
rev voltage is pop
i dont care if it dies i just dont want it to catch fire or something lame

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meh paperwork sucks

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theres companys that do v8 w/ hiyabusa heads
i dunno if theyre reliable for shit tho
because thats the little ones
yeh but theres bigger engines
yeh but those blocks are so old
heh like infiniti parts for them
but that was before emissions so its like not even comparable =(

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pretty sure
yeh, 8 cyls half the time
also more cylinders are just kinda more balanced
like 600rpm-1k depending on stuff
like how much shit you got on, the weather and engine condition and other stupid ecu junk, whether its in D/R or N/P
has twice as many cylinders

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its 4v tho?
because it looks like a dual carb
oh nice
just two on one port
hp is just kinda when you shift, torque is like how the vehicle thing drives
how low do they idle?
yeh thats pretty high but its prob a bigass piston
bet it gets stupid wobbly very low

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damn i has projects this weekend and my hips are doing the thing
and fuck my failaccords window got stuck
and my hip is doing a thing
mrtube: your atv is 2cil?
mrtube: i dont understand cards at all unless i see better than avg cutaway drawings or diagrams
man i should just go back to sleep
they repainted my bathroom
i should install the shower hammock now

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