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dx^: ok hip thing seems to be a consistent 2-3 day event

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blackmoon: hello, old
i want to buy one
for a bmx
im prob going to sell my bmx and get an aluminum frame one
i got 24" CF/steel forks already
its like almost $400 for the kit to build into a wheel
but yeh me and macegr were already like wow at the variable viscosity fluid stuff

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guys i think im going to get a miata
cuz check it out if i like it, when i get a real car, i can spend all my money making the miata a spec race car

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okay next year ima be like dx and do one project
or two
yes or two sounds like a good number

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everything uses id3 tags now
theres a limit to how many itll store
oh thats shitty
yes rly
they prob havent updated that code since gaming pc was 32mb
neat @ random gen poems
haha windows haiku editor
OK id dimmed until you have properly formatted 575 or 353 haiku

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fuckin smps, i have to make a whole other spreadsheet to buy parts for another chip
it does that?
does it still have attributes?
why do you even use that shit
vista is the new ME
you cant right click on the column headers and add shit anymore?
i always add attribute and make sure date created and modified are both on

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i just have a folding conf table
with the cheapie woodgrain

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inittab: yes its neat
have you even done 3d design?
oh yeh then iunno maybe tough
but thatll prob be easier to understand and learn than anything else
i should do that
measuring tape is gone cant help you
my table/desk is 28" high
26" would be better\

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how many are you getting?
did that take like 3 weeks before?
ya think?

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you dont know how to do group polys? =D
dont hold down the clicker, click once to start then click more times to defined points
or do it once by one
or define trace width in the class
which ive never done but theoretically it should work because thats whats its for
dont hold down the clicker, click once to start then click more times to defined points
if you hold it down itll do a box
yeh most likely
or reroute

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macegr: ok that has to be fake
else that chick is awesome
sometimes in IM she will send me a heart made from the letter 3
new electric razor is horrible at doing my neck
eye doesnt group, group groups
and i dont think change tool works on groups
if it does, its via right click
group, change tool w/ right click
if that doesnt work it likely doesnt do change tool via groups
eye tool doesnt group tho
eye tool is to view thing in schema and pcb at once
group them
put lines around them and nothing else

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hi what, im home
why is the channel keyed?
tube couldnt get in =(

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joshua_: upon reposting it was noted that that is like 6mo old
no we are still in 2008, moon

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oh youre are going to look at one?
*gammar, die

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joshua_: yes on a scale of fucked to inconvenienced i think this is ok
mxmanwrk: truck what

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sharing bathrooms sucks

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