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and then like .1R output resistors to absorb small differences
ive done bridged/parallel
with and without the natsemi offset stabilization servos
ha shitty
how do i clean out my dns cache in windows?
oh shitty
i cant google
or any web
hmm, can get into my router
same dns servers
dhcp renews fine

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`nico: wtf opamp?
power opamp, sure
LM3886TF ftmfw
i thought about that
youll have a tough time getting the power you need thru the primary of the second transformers, id think
its the 10A that is the issue
yeh i know what you wanna do now
thats about as h4x as using the rails of an opamp in series with resistors to drive AB output
`nico: if it works im sure itll be shit
but yeh fuckit, try it
kk gl
how much are those?
twingy: they use my fav chipamps in one of the powered KRK speakers
in parallel
my dns is fucked
what do you mean?
between the opamps?
sure, you just have to use good parts in the input and gain parts

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im not allowed more than 8 hours a day =(
id be far, tho
and i still wanna go to school
i just need to save up moneys for awhile
get a decent car and some savings built up
i might buy a miata
if i really like it, SCCA has a miata spec race series
so when i get a real car, i can blow my time and money turning it into a race car
not much
im going to try two ways, but i have to make a spreadsheet to select parts for the new switcher
10A 3.3V reg?
if you have a 2.5V supply
i dount youll find something will do 10A
even @ 1V drop thats 10W

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my kitty doesnt run anymore =(
hes old =(
harold is 10
for me?
i need to take him to the vet maybe he needs athritus meds
i was at work all day
being confused my fucking rca jacks of all things
what, no
slash KRK slash stanton
ha no im doing tech shit not design
tho vp of engineering (guy who hired me) wants to do more in house design
lots of that, fixing and rework
but yeh he said eventually hed want me doing prototypes
designing my own boards and shit
im contracted until end of this month
then im prob hired as staff, salary
so long hours
but its a cool place, small
whatever $ is $
i dont know how much they wanna pay me
i get $18/hr now, and 40 hours a week

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mxmanwrk: okay good one megafail at a time

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mxmanwrk: omg you are going to megafail it?

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hi person
want to take a shower but clean clothes arent clean for another hour and 15min

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