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guys the gov is done giving me free money
psych eval was like, okay this guys is above average to superior logic skills and 140 IQ (thats funny because thats what all those online tests i didnt want to believe said
he can def do repetitive shit all day
i was going to try and fail the psych tests but they were all like, logic puzzles
and i couldnt help it =(
i dont understand this guitar hero shit
its like ddr

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hmm how much?
thats a tool plate
and setup (including fixtures) is like 95% of machining
i have a small vice, 123 blocks w/ step blocks i use as clamps
that works for most shit
twingy uses a vacuum table setup
i might do that

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they look neat, shrug

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they sound blown or weak?
theyre old suspension is prob all worn out and magnets are fuckey
its consumer shit

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are you still fixing your speaker?
im testing racks of speakers like 5 diff ways

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macegr: she scares me
its cruella deville yo

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surface piercings are lame

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my cat is like staring at himself in the mirror

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find a manual yo
maybe the drives are fine but the data is desynced or some shit
i mean your indicators are 'healthy' and 'degraded' i could make up like 5 possible meanings
eggsalad: seen mrtube
mrtube is awesome, sir
okay fuck this im taking a shower its warm there
twingy: dont you guys get snow in MD?
i would prob die from snow and youd have to find another tech

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haha nice
i didnt have big speakers i tested my first gainclone amp on someone elses speakers
im cold this sucks
haha gl
is it raid0?
oh thats prob not so bad unless its writing trash for no reason

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looks like the one
thats all setup for steppers and is desktop mill sized
yeh sherline is a big site
`nico: okay

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`nico: what are the to220?
youre using the opamp as an output driver
or those are something else
are those vregs?
dude i live in an apartment
its like 80lb
with the enclosure and everything its maybe 120
mcm has one of those
maybe not that size but that type from grizzly
from #cars
he was using it to do head work i think
i only use 10K for like pcb and engraving shit

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blackmoon: iunno $500
id have to check around but i think thats about what itd cost for a little one
you want like a tailstock too
i have the er spindle, is like soring collets up to 3/8" straight shank
no not really for gears
but to do more lathe type shit on a mill
like, long bar stock
you can do alot with just the A axis table
you dont want one too big for the taig, because itll be off balance on the table
might wear that shit down funny
and you can make a tailstock
google for the sherline rotary table

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meh, mornings
you want the er spindle
the A axis is a toy
its weak
you could on a real one
its just a stepper with a tiny 3 jaw chucks
non precision

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