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fucks up random?
hehe, never played it
never played DDR either!
prob just fuckup my hip on that tho

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jezus fuck
razzi: honestly i think small shops are prob the only thing that can save american industry
big corp isnt nationalist, they dont care about hometeam
they can get by with smaller staffs because they have the most swing as far as getting employees
relative to before

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thats pretty much all business
if youre a design house, youre prob doing contract work for shit someone else is selling
and yeh, even if you shit is good
try explaining that to the guys with money who dont know wtf youre talking about
business = sales = bullshit
im sure there is valid exceptions but they are exactly that, exceptional

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money, contacts, and bullshitting skills prob matter more

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i hate that
...except for the people that it gets worse for

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guys guys
weve already established your opinion about music is void
you are discredited sir
happy hardcore and rush, cmon =(

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just watch the speaker when you power it on
if it doesnt push out massively itll prob be okay, sound ok
like what voltage is 0db?
i think its dbu, so like 1W rms thru 600R i think is the magic number
thats an old school standard, tho
like, alot of test plots use dbV (1Vrms ref) but im not sure if thats a VU standard
ha nice
on alot of the pro audio rack shit ive seen 4dBu pro, -10dBu commercial
but i dunno if those are 0db refs or standard maximum levels or what

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on the signal or power amps or both?
but yeh if its that low a gain stage shouldnt add much
oh nice
whats PSRR like on the power amp?
thats one of the nice things about national overture amps, they dont care about ripple much
yeh looking
i <3 that pinout tho
wow i dont think it has psrr spec, weird
but yeh i dont think that much offset will hurt the sub unless its coil is totally pussy
itll decrease the linear swing of the speaker a tad

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are you just running it unity or you have divided feedback?
ac oupling output is pretty hardcore for a higher power amp
the cap tube put in series with the feedback killed like 60mV of offset, at the cost of low end response i believe it was
also, its per the application circuit in the LM3886 datasheet, tho its left off in many circuits
mostly because LM3886 fans tend to be minimalist junkies
that might increase offset
well, depends on the gain amp stage
i dunno what Vos spec is on those chips
but the 60mV was within spec for Vos * gain of the 3886

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subwoofer yeh probably
we subcontract that shit, sadly, to china
apperently one of the anmps we just got had 300mV offset
the gainclones on the board i did for mr tube...
the standard one, was like 50mV at first
he put a cap in series with the feedback and got it under 5mV i think?
apperently 50mV isnt uncommon for LM3886
but on the servo stabilized bridged-parallel LM3886
it was under 1mV
no he tested not me
try ac coupling the feedback
cap between low side of the feedback divider and ground

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is tenpenny the pimp?
in paradise falls?
i had pretty must wasted the whole town before i entered his establishment
i basically shot him in the head as i walked by him
i did steal his pimp suit and hat, tho
where/what is tenpenny tower?
ears are much cleaner working in office/lab/warehouse than in woodshop

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they obviously come from aliens.
blank lcd, feelings of confusion and suspense, lcd comes back w/ answer
damn what
they just do leds with no R?
hehe, cool
flash a cop light into it and blow up the leds

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haha nice
get pretty fucking close
as the only operations it requires are addition, subtraction, bitshift and table lookup.
sounds awesome already
bitshift ftmfw

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maybe you can do -V on both lines
and then read right after
or sense current or something
do it with electrolytics just cuz
that would look really neat actually
almost biological maybe =\
small ceramics, smt or th, could be pretty dense
what pkg fets?
smt you could do them like on opposite sides
yeh, like fit the cap under the smt
might make routing kinda a bitch but prob not so bad

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did you shoot a car then go stand next to it?
how do you write 0?
neg voltage?
well, current but yeh
inittab: random encounter!
ooh, ok
yeh that sucks
i guess its because you are flipping the magnetic field?
wow thats nuts
the pic
it might be under the horizontal one
kinda looks like theres more than one wire
might be a shadow tho
yeh im assuming it does that at the ends out of view
that might work
oh huh

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why are you building discrete mem =(
oh neat
how the fuck does that work
V write I read?
ha what
damn that sounds troublesome!
big long wire?

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blackmoon: as long as voltage is above both, i think youre fine
w/ exception of body diodes
not even signal power shit?
jfets are h4x
theyre neat
i think the thing with them was you had to make sure gate current was limited when forward biased?
its not isolated
when you forward bias the gate the go no impedance and die
*they go
that shit is to new mofo
theyre the newest no?

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the fucking dog
id you shoot the dog or some shit?
hes pretty badass
i seen him take out enclavers in power armor!

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i just wasted that guy
then wasted the whole city
jane = good wastelander girl
my fallout character is always jane

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because the wastelands dont discriminate
inittab: you need to do that with party members that wont die
charon makes an excellent mule

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youre doing this on perfboard or what?
at 20mA saturated theyre not going to get that hot you can put them right next to each other
yeh see if you can do like an 8x3 array of sot23 or something
yeh might get a little warm
not really tho
@ 1V drop its like 20mW, its prob going to be fine

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its 20mA just use sot23 3906
increases, im pretty sure
tho i might be confusing it with Vbe/Vf
get a 3904 datasheet they usually have a bunch of curves
also its like the cheapest piece of bipolar doped silicon ever

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why do you need src/sink anyway?
why do you need both to drive leds
nice to know
are you charlieplexing or something?
oh maybe you means src and sink on different io
oh ok

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man shitty
theres like 3" of leaves and dirt in my balcony
i dont think itll all fit in the shop vac =(
just do PNP/NPN class-B style

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then probably no?

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but ours is not so great so we call it the echoic chamber
its like as tall as the building tho!
maybe a 30ft cieling in there
cought it onto your monitor and take pics
with #projects in the background
have germ will travel
i dont understand why would you need it to be cleaned!?
okay i gotta go fureal bye

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because they fall into potholes?
canadiant have funny hinged heads
we have an echoic chamber at work
its kinda like an anechoic chamber
but fail
but we have alot of these stuffed fabric panels in wood frames in there
i plugged something in and bumped one
and i like turn around and it falls onto my head =(
things are like 10ft tall and 3ft wide =(
because it sucks
anechoic chambers are for testing audio shit in controlled environments

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kevtris: its like 4x to 6x here =(
250K houses, tract fucking houses, going for $1M
that sucks
did copper drop?
techsmurf: wow
but yeh, the housing market needs to fail
so normal people can get homes again
people were flipping them
thats why prices went up
all gone now
anyway we have other issues here
before the market inflation, rent went up here massively
alot of people think because they want to make poor people go away
so they can redevelop with high rises
and charge mad rent
we rezoned like 10 years ago so res can go above commercial now
yeh everyone says you have horrible roads

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`nico: macegr gave it to you!
rural houses are so cheap
my friend got a little house in spanaway
like, maybe 20min south of tacoma
i think it was like $150K
kevtris: exactly
everyone who is surprised is a fucking retard pipe dreamer

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go back 20 years from F16 development
by the its integrated into industry thru gov contracting
okay it maybe not aliens tho
its maybe human technology from the future
apperently they have tech failures too
they crash and die, have personalities, etc
they prob think cows are the dominate race
since like, theres prob more of them than anything
yeh but ants havent enslaved humans
and made them work to feed the cows

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NK is weirdly dated
the vids i saw it looked like they were stuck in some 60-80s hybrid era
blackmoon: kinda
fallout is modern but if aliens didnt crash at roswell
so we never developped miniaturization
miniaturization comes from rev engineering crashed alien tech
go look at the founding dates for our mil/spook agencies, and major electronic advances

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yeh i dont believe that
tho i wouldnt argue with a majority of them being in that state
like, overwhelming majority
yeh but you cant completely cut the outside world out
there will always be backlash culture
yeh exactly
so when it comes down to it
you can hate leader
but in public, you just gonna go along
just to survive
kevtris: theres def people with radio and tv
else there would be nobody to kill for watching radio and tv
ac-130u: basically
china isnt that bad
and itll prob get better
yeh exactly
china isnt isolated
and china has resources
china isnt great but theyre doing better and its a whole diff situation
managing 1B people is a bitch
NK is disconnected
socially, technologically, economically

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Approximate total number of defectors from 1953 to 2005: 14000
more than 1K every year since 2002
media and aid get in and out of there
thats like 100x more per year that i thought kev =)
but yeh that whole place is fucked
ive seen stuff about that
they smuggle media in, too
fucked if you get caught doing that
die for a cartoon
its contraband
pretty much everything from the outside in contraband
i dont buy the fearless leader shit completely either
i think theres alot more aware people who are just faking it

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k i gotta go bank
i bet they closed already
its worse other places
much worse
they dont want to
theyre programmed wrong
places in africa are magnitudes worse
they do
i think defection is somewhat common
not like hundreds

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but yeh def fucked up on that line
dude theres ones with him and bodyguards
and they all got formal suits and dark glasses
he looks all corp pimpim
mekius: naw man look at the other dide with straight pants
they did the shadow right
they fucked up on the wall
its a decent jopb they just made a really big mistake
with glasses

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its dying
bad scene
SK is one of the most advanced asian countries thee is
good education and net
decent industry
he might be dead
hes prob going to die soon
i think he does
he might be the son, tho?
im maybe confused
kevtris: anyway its maybe worse if he croaks
there will prob be a mil struggle for power
and then who fucking knows
actually thats not a bad photoshop job

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getting rid of mexicans is like #1 way to tank americas economy
americans dont like working
mexicans work harder for less money
you can still get those some places here
mexico uses bottles for everything
blackmoon: steam would prob knock that right out
fuck beer
well, 90% of beer
i dont have a weed card
yeh but thats a new thing
blackmoon: i wouldnt doubt it
shops are making enough ching that it wouldnt be any skin of their back

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i did most of the game crouched/hidden

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rf = voodoo.
i think i had like $5k and def too much ammo

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yeh multisim would totally trip over itself sometimes
ive simmed huge analog circuits in it before on my old machine, tho
like shit prob had like 20+ opamps in it

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does blocks
eagles needs blocks already
whats wrong with eagle?
yeh but thats not so much an issues unless youre designing tons and tons of shit
id probably hardly use it but its a powerful feature
eagle is still pretty good
shit UI but thats pretty standard for CAD/CAM/EDA
autocad and sw are the only CAD apps i really enjoy in terms of UI
basically the more other apps are like them, the better i feel about working with them
eagle has custom shaped pad issues
diptrace is a bit more functional but the custom pad definitions looks like pulling teeth

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because youre not sure if thats all those stubs are connected to
or connected at all =(
multiple sheet schema it would just be fucked up
yeh if theres a few and theyre labeled obvious
because they stand out
the A B C tags are prob best way to do it
im not sure you can do shit like that in eagle
like ---[ A >
then someplace else < A ]---
i should try fucking with PADS
since we licensed it at work
probably ---[ A > ---< A > and ---< A ]
it looks a bit bloat, but not so bad
dunno seemed kinda avg
eagle and diptrace are very cheap
its very heirarchial
which is kinda cool
like DRC stuff can be per project, net class, or individual net

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net* being the name of a net
its just a graphical tool
it can make routing shit alot quicker
you can do a stub schema
with tiny little wires coming off every pin
and just connect them with names
fuck when dx found that shit out he did most of his schema like that
if you have labels on the nets its kinda okay
its a pretty shitty practice
yeh its basically graphically netlisting
you could do the same thing with a text editor, spice style
i just mean lists of nodes and nets
like, its about the same as stubbed diagrams tho

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i thought he was going to die
no idea
ive never had a jar shatter like that
i dont even hold jars super hard when theyre stuck
i smash the lid against the counter
to break the seal
and they never shatter like that
yeh w t f
yeh seems worse than suicide

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then why did you ask
it should be imanijar1puddleofblood
the weirdest shit is hes not yelling
did you get to the dig?
i dont want to know
ha its alot less fucked to watch now =\
he does yell, me and phire think this maybe happens to him alot

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blackmoon: did you really wanna see most disturbing thing ever?
i couldnt even watch to the end

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tekrad: thats 72W, so yes very
tho you might not be doing both of those at once
6amps thru a sot23 prob isnt gonna happen
yeh because no current is no watts
transistion might be an issue
if youre doing high speed switching, and the transistion time becomes significant relayive to your hold times
tho yeh 6A thru a sot23 seems like a bad scene
if it can do it, its prob just few a few uS
*for a few
you have to make sure they can burn it down safely
else if they get hurt burning it down you are fuckied
so this door came off way easier than i thought
just had to come back to get my little screwdriver to pop a screw cover

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i just saw something like 100x more disturbing than 2girls1cup

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no itd still be hard
i dont want to take this shit apart
get the door panel off is a bitch then i gotta make it skip a few teeth on the gear back to where its supposed to be
basically im going to try and break it again in the right direction
just need it to be up, dont need to use it
i got a/c

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i have a little bottle brush i use
doesnt fit in some pipes, tho, i use tablesalt on those and solid core wire to chip off harder stuff
i gotta digikey order like 3 projects worth of shit today =\
screws or digikey?
alldata says taking apart door and fixing window is gonna suck
yeh it looks like the access holes arent where i want them to be

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bet you could do something pretty reliable with a bank of parallel low esr caps
meh i have to stop procrastinating and fix window
i dont smoke in my car ever anymore
mostly because i dont trust this car anymore than to go to work and come home
it got stuck
used iso?
thats shit works awesome
better than the orange degreaser shit they sell at head shop
the cool shit about the degreaser at headshops is the abrasive
it doesnt dissolve, its better than salt

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so you have to do one at a time
and try and lift a corner
its also a very good heat sink
so it takes alot of time and heats the board up a ton
hot air is shitty because itll just melt the soldermask before it heats up the shield enough
like, 4 or 5 soldering irons and help is maybe best way
or if you can like, snip it off
you can dremel it off easiest but you could destroy the board with the metal chips
like, not in an unfixable way
well unless its shorts something and damages it, but alot of shit you can just remove the tiny metal chip and itll be fine
screwdriver works but its not very sane
its kinda cool to weld a big screwdriver to cap leads draining it, tho
def not very nice to the cap
did twingy every try a capacitive weld setup?

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how big is the avr?
i think within a family
per io?
okay so 20mA leds
you can prob direct drive on portd/b
have fun taking it off with solder
its possible but its a bitch
no the other tech does it at work with normal weller
cutting it off is easier but you have chip issues
could have you debugging shorts forever
like, its a total bitch with an iron, tho
its doable
just not fun
its prob soldered down in multiple points

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just make sure to calc thermal/derating parameters
theres a max port current, and a max supply current
i dont think ive ever seen those parameters greater or even close to equal the max current sum of the pins
theyre 40mA?
damn avr are neat
check for port max
meh, just put the gio on the darlingtons or it gets the hose
have to go fix stupid accord window

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like if you feed 1mA into base and try and get 100mA out, with a transistor beta of like 100
well it might work, but youre prob running in a linear region, and transition might be slow
and saturation voltage might be higher than you want
danielson: you want to use enough base current that beta is not an issue
like in your app, if you had a 100 beta transistor, youre running like 3x base current than you need, prob okay
if Hfe=50, then youre not even double the abs minimum current
darlington arrays are a good solution for driving alot of shit
this is for leds or what?

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better beta (500-3000 compared to like 50-200 for notmal BJT)
greater Vbe (two BJT Vbe)
thats pretty much the only diff
like, youre not gonna make any great circuit feeding current into the base trying to get set outputs
but you need it to calc alot of shit
danielson: yes but it might be slow
a dalington would work quicker
yeh i know
itll prob work okay withj a BJT
but like you wanna drive the base overkill for a given beta/current

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theres lots of older phone boxes on the street that are ripped open here
all the phone wiring ripped out
just those terminal blocks left
i dont think theyre used anymore
pretty sure because no one has come to fix them

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When Phelps cut the wire carrying at least 220 volts, he was hit with a powerful electrical arc, similar to what happens when lightning strikes or a transformer blows.
hahaha @ 220VAC being similar to lightning and wtf does transformers blowing up have to do with this

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haha yeh i dont get it either

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damn you just got gta4?
everyone was all going nuts over that like 6mo ago

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