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qhaha nice
you dont have elevated bed anymore?
that must be nice, like sleeping in a vagina
k i need to shower and crash the fuck out

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you hook a monitor to your laptop

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pr0n is like music, if its good itll make up for quality shortcomings

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least i finished and got points
tv is meh
cspan and cnn dont seem more exciting in HD

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i accidently the whole thing =(
hehe, i didnt practive mid-ohio in my alfa gta at all this week
and like i managed to keep up for like maybe 5 laps
but yeh then fucked up, and then my tires disintegrated
and i onl took front in pits
so by the end my rears were gone and i spent half the race off the track =(

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the cops dont come too?

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looks like it, from the site specs

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wtf @ cpu solder
mine doesnt even have pins they put the pins on the mobo this time
wtf dont drop your cpu

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joshua_: heh, if youre not melting the mask it prob didnt get hot enough
especially if its rohs

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thats not bad for $100
k back to abusing stupid fucking honda

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okay i has a compressor
i like how my grandpa says it in spanish
i got 8gal 2hp for $99 from horror fate and it hasnt killed me yet
rab: yay?
oh tv computers, thats why i have no idea wtf it is

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okay the bar wedged between studs is total fail
have to go buy a fail compressor from horror fate
big hub nut in the way and the whole thing moves to much when i try and unbolt
shits gonna fly out and chop my head in half =\
like i dont want to bend the studs that would suck
i was using a breaker bar too so its totally capable
because i dont think that totally works with the jackstand
and i kinda want a compressor

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youve linked this before i think
cdjs, meh
yeh i do that with the crx
hose is long enough i can rest it on a suspension link
you can sell them wtf?

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so this is ass
i need to go buy a fucking impact wrench
just to get the rotors off my car
they put spacers on between the rotor and wheel that are bolted on thru the hub
car in park, try to turn bolt
other axle spins
diffs, yay
yeh fuck that
yeh i thought about that it seems pretty fail
you also hang your calipers by their hoses =(
yeh im prob going to
i need a compressor too tho
and their cheap ones were scary
i know i been i seen
prob going back now
hey at least its not noon yet

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man fuck alldata
every manual ive ever read ever:
hang caliper by wire
alldata: let the mofos hang
i do it without the soup
i has phone wire
i think 6 strands twisted is enough
but yeh i dont use the soup
i just eat the noodles
whole packet of flavor = death

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yeh this kinda pissed me off
the pads are fine
but they squeek now and brakes feel less tight

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doing brakes sucks
discs, im just lazy
i fucking hate drums
i popped them open when i got the car and they still had like 1/8" left
so i just put the drum back on

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16:50 <@Tekrad> if Russia comes to their rescue....they could become an issue
yeh for china maybe
china prob dont want NK to have ballistic nukes capable of getting to beijing
great leader is crazy, cant control him
anymore than russia wants iran to have ballistic nukes
and crazier mil leaders might take his place =\
your spreadsheets are to colorful sir
you tables, sir
red = safe!
red = <3

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you just destroy their reality
japan was the same way

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