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dude timecop
your app will move shit after your place it
at 1mil grid
thats like cadfail defined
yes timecop
ima go bed
heheh @ 'no' like i havent spent literally 5min trying to trick a trace into staying in a particular place
iguana are neat

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eyeball tool

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laying souls, kinky
i think i would get arrested for just landing in dubai

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`nico: mix with eggs, also onions or whatever
i like it with lemon pepper
its good to put some sugar on it, too
the fried matzo
its weird the sugar even tastes good with onions and lemon pepper
also i do matzo pizza

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so he goes over to the china tech himself and watches him load the file
no virus
i didnt get one
they dont love me
yeh same
when did it go out?
yeh they dont love me
i think im gonna make some jew food
fried giant crackers, yo

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03:24 < danielson> Wha.... using diptrace, made a custom pattern, how much wider do you make your lands than the pins themselves?
why are you using dicktrace =(
now only timecop and me can help you
and i will only help you in the form of stop using dicktrace
i dunno i didnt read past using dicktrace
did i tell you about other techs trip to china and the flash card?
btw theyre prob gonna send me there if i get hired as staff =\
did i tell you what happened tho or youre guessing?
he was handed usb flash 3 times, 3 times his antivir shows it as viral

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yes the whole thing is based on businesses being honest
that the other reason why its fail
you just said businesses can be dishonest
in a more flattering way
damn i gotta go
blackmoon: basically it works, but its really easy to fuck it up and cheat
its heavily regulated, for a reason

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you prob still get to use your shit tho
unless you piss them off so much they decide they dont want you running shit
i actually think you can affer more stock
but itll fuck your stock prices
and everyone will be pissed
if you had 51%
and you sell way more stock
you might not have 51% anymore
when you run out of money
and your stock prices fail
and you offer more and lose control
and at some point everyone decides to cash out

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financers decide how much it is worth
so the market buys it
they get in trouble when they price too low at IPO
like if the shit moves way too fast
no but its based on money tekrad
which fed can print more of
in money
typically you want to keep a majority
to maintain control
so you see like 51% company owned
and they sell the other half
so they get capital but they still have control
man whats with everyone using my irl name =\
i would think itd be pretty close to DC
just vary a bit, im not sure tho
like maybe vary with revs and conditions
theyre whoring themselves out
theyre public
its like if you sold half your shit to people
so you had money for more projects
but when you make money, you have to break them off some
if you lose alot of money, they get pissed
they might want their shit back, or sell your shit to someone else for less money

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and decide what would be a good price, and how to divide it up
so that the market wants it
ya, rly
whoever has the most
like you need majority votes
so diff from company to company
not for free
theyre giving away control
people dont like losing money
so people with control try and change shit so that doesnt happen
not rly
yeh but a few % isnt much vote, is my point
blackmoon: typically the most control resides in a smaller group of people
its not always the case tho

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you should have listened to me when i said the stock market is a fucking scam
but no, no one listens to ren
im hungry
anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves
stock market has prob destroyed as many companies as it helped get going
capital is based on bullshit money
with made-up value
like i said, its prob destroyed as many companies as its started
yes like bank set value on money is a good thing
they go to finance banks
and those banks look at their shit

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i hope they tell microchip to fuckoff
what do you have against AVR?
that sucks
babies are easier to make than semicorps
so dont use it
i barely know wtf it is

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ui is shit but for the most part the cam backend is really good
is the shield flat on the bottom?
or it has raised areas?
routing under an edge is like fail prone
alot of them have tabs that go in but are raised a bit where they dont attach
yeh that sounds ok to route under

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yeh new eagle
i dont use it
yeh but thats bad =(
what about all the other pads =(
you can poly over pads and draw mask manually
yeh but shit can get close
smt RC and chips
because shit happens
but yeh you can set drc to pretty much ignore anything
yeh they should
unless you undo pad to signal
yeh pretty much
ui aside, thats its biggest fail
most shit you can do sq/rectangle pads and be fine
tc's antennas and shields and shit are a prob
yes, it isnt, but its far from ideal
really thats the only prob with eagles cam engine i have

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actually some do
olimex and a few other will do eagle files
few sites even have eagle DRC files
yeh pretty much
at work at least
i guess kev too
at work, think so
his work is using it now
instead of dospcb
yeh he is upgrading
hence all the 'seagul' comments
hahaha, yeh totally
with the exception of pad shaping, i can get any results i want from eagle
and i can do that too its just h4x w/ drc errors
not acceptable

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no he isnt
wtf do you think seagul is timecop?
and hahaha if you think dicktrace is real pcb cad
shit is eda for kids
or do you mean danielson
in which case he needs to generate rs274x and excellon files anyway

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or find an acceptable one in the eagle dirs

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12:24 <@kevtris> I hate how seagull uses Q for crystal since Q is transistor
your fail completely for using eagle libs
my eagle uses whatever the fuck i tell it to use
also their smt silk is pretty useful in most libs
er useless
damn i just did a rab
damn no one helped him
11:26 < danielson> What kind of files do you send ourpcb?
teh gcode
gerbers, rs274x
use the cam processor
remember bottom side layers need to be mirrored
you also want to send an excellon format drill file
its prob best if you ask one of us for a cam processor file

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