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rab: eheheh
haha @ graphing calc disc bg
*disco disco disco
neat shit works
<3 teh irssi
k i need foods and sleeps

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damn thats cheap for that shit?
128MB, not bad

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if i aint laughing im prob dead

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no i went shooting with a #cars buddy
indoor place, we did like springfield XD and a glock, both 9mm
in long and short barrels
i fucking suck at the short barrels
ive never done handgns before, just rifles
was different, neat shit
i was pulling towards my trigger hand and im not sure about how the sights are supposed to line up
i did ok, tho
hahaha i thought of you and voting with bullets

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i should download more boondocks

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we only did 9mm
and if i got a .45 id have to get a 1911
two 1911
and a weeks worth of black suits
and like those rib holsters
and a hat like that

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handguns are neat

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droll is good for the ways

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whats csa?
hahah tru
Canadian Standards Association
not csa?
the delta one maybe has a nice motor and bearings
you would hope
thing prob flips itself
i have a bunch of cast Al heatsink doors
from old forled horn subs
theyre all CERWIN-VEGA! really big
ima keep one for my wall and cut the rest into heatsinks
*folded horns

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i think if i ever get ahead of my tasks at work im going to offer to clean up the little wood shop
shit is all fucked up
as much of a dork as he could be, respec to the old cnc boss, kept his shop pretty clean
made all his workers clean up
that looks nice'
i wnder if thats the same as delta fans
if logo isnt the same, its trying to be
they have spindle and step motors listed
ha ryobi and skil are like worse tools ever =(

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yeh, bit of give
like, the motor body bolted into cement might not be wobbling as much
shit is rotating and mashing into shit
steppers just lock up or skip a ton
my shit dont lock up until i go way fast with it
and i have little steppers
it could be that, too
i have a lower rotational mass at the end of my axis
yeh prob big diff in the bearings
haha, yeh not sticking out so far
oh i thought your wheel was wobbly too
old machines are made out of so much fucking metal
prob dont have those problems as much
like bigass shop machines
its like steel grew on trees or some shit
damn that sounds scary

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like 1" high cork square with waffle patter rubber on both sides
like 2x2" square
i mount my machine thru the the bottom and the table
and another isolator
then washer and bolt
so the machine is kinda on suspension
theory is if theres vibrations in the tool and spindl and column
they dont get absorbed my the hard mounting surface
thus affecting maybe just parts of the machine
like, the table would be totally stable, but the tool in the spindle on the column, not
with suspension, if something vibrates the spindle/column
like say feeding into tyhe side of your part from air
or coming out into air, or maybe tool is wearing so its not cutting as even
the whole machine vibrates
hopefully keeping the spindle more aligned with the table
but ive never had issues with resonance in my screws
table isnt so elastic
because under the spindle is *alot* of hardware
but vids of seen f my machines having resonance issues
usually on a hard surface
its bolted down super tight into the isolators

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so its all compromises
and its based on machine, tool, stock, ambient conditions
it wears down
carbid chips, you get shit finish but the chipped edge still usually cuts
HSS will just heat up more
maybe sieze up or break
ruining your part
like you can lick them theyre so dull
carbide can get like that but it takes way longer
and usually the tips just chip
so you can look at it and know its used up
maybe useful for light shit where finish isnt an issue
hss, youre kinda like, hmm
looks okay, is less sharp
maybe not sharp enough
more grey area
yeh theyll still cut
itll be nasty, but it wont just rub and get stupid hot and then maybe bend and brake because it cant keep up with the feed
drilling you can stress tools much more to their limit i think
because tools are pretty strong with all forced up their axis
yeh vibrations can convert into heat problems
or it can chip your tools
i have my machine on little cork/rubber isiolation pads

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no i put a layer on what its going to cut
oh i bought a compressor last weekend
mineral oil doesnt
engine oil and machine oil does
the bigass bridgeports at school, like tekrad has, theyre stale enough to push a big tool until its that hot
like manually machining, wed brush n oil
and when you get a nice single wisp of smoke, thats about when you should pace things
its usually the oil thats smoking
carbide tools are a red heat tool
theyll work red hot
theyll die way quick
but like if youre just going for speed and have mad tooling, you can fly thru shit until the tool is almost melting
when theyre red fucking hot, everything dies pretty quick im guessing
ive personally never felt any insane need to push a tool that hard
my machine wont doe it
someone was drilling, speeds way to high
and they pulled out of the hole
and the drill stretched out and basically dripped into the hole
i hate HSS

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you wanna coolant for most everything metal to metal
i prob wouldnt retract
you could
really, ideally, youd do it one pass
youd prob get the most even finish
id go very slow speed, and pretty low feed
higher speeds generates more heat
very high speeds with big tools approaches a grinding operation
i use baby oil
just squirt it on
we used motor oil at the shop at school
i have an exclosure
3 walls and bottom of 1/2" plywood
and a 1/8" plexi front
with some brackets
L brackets, so i slide the plastic in and out
cuz its rare that chips travel like that
they mostly fly kinda outwards
when they go up they typically lose speeds and hit the wall
like my conditions arent exactly ideal
in a shop youd have compressed air, can use it to blow chips out of the part

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mac0wrk: try partsexpress.com, i think search for outdoor speakers
hmm no luck
you can prob find smaller shit
taig carrys alot of shit, you can prob order a smaller t slot cutter from them
but you just mill a slot
and then go thru the slot with the tslot cutter
you prob dont want to do it in one pass
if you wanted tslots with 1/4 neck
you would take a .25 endmill and slot down to at least the depth of the neck
then you drive tslot cutter in, with its shank in the slot
like, if you machine i stable enough you can just go full depth
if the tool can hang thru that material
yeh you mean that
it can
maybe pauses

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