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macegr: hahah wtf

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bad bot
ima have to try and remember his pw

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i did, fuck keys
i always get msged like WTF IS THEY KEY

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haha @ fell over

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i have to clean up my room this weekend fureal

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you are genius, sir
im going to at some point
my hosting has php safe_mode enabled
so might find some new hosting first
it makes all the cool features i want to use in gallery software not work
also i think drupal had some issues but it was maybe something else
only thing that doesnt care is wordpress
i think it was like uploading zip files or something

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dude, wallwart leads stuck behind battery terminals
i couldnt deal with wordpress taking forever to upload images and files

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temp went up like 15F \o/

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yeh rly @ yoga + torture
tho mechanics usually have tons of extra tools that make this not as horrible

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maybe my sister took the other one tho
dont have a heater in the bathroom
stupid california apartments

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its cold =(
if you say thats not cold i will stab
okay but youre like eskimos you dont care
i dont even have a heater in my room =( =( =(
i should
maybe we have two
we have electric heaters

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blackmoon: op me k thx
what do you think
is my bot undoing it or something
have enough ops to keep chan opped

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