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they are truly awesome
k nite
fucker i dont have a garage =(
whatever i has pizza

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also, youd be a ballsy company to have a distortion indictor on your systems
damn you i havent even started watching
thats was my biggest point
like you can put a clip indicator on an amp
and the user can fix it
and its like a real improvement
user cant do shit about distortion
its a saturated market
see ive always seen cashflow in an incoming sense
damn you really meant negative =(

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like, clipping is an overvolateg situation
overvoltage (WTF)
you can fix clipping
like, any user with half a brain can fix that
you cant fix distortion
well, if its not cause from clipping
short of reworking the hardware
which i mean im sitting on the couch listening to music
i dont want a 'HI IM YOUR AMP I SUCK AT THIS YO' indicator
cuz i mean thats work
no its actually neat, your idea
like i almost wanna put one on my amp
but youd never see it on something mass production
oh its soft clip
you could fix that with a few caps tho
im sure itd work with sines
music is random tho, most signal sections and amps will prob fuckup at something

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danielson: comparing amplified output with the input signal seems overkill and prone to false positives
cuz real signals are completely random and amplifiers arent perfect
b is divided by Av, but yeh theoretically it works fine
yours is basically a distortion detector
im guessing it actively attenuates and you somehow use the level of clamp to unfuck the data
i dont want to google anything right now =(
no i means a baker clamp
danielson: your thing works, but almost to well
like it would indicate any distortion
not clipping
i mean it might actually work great, but im thinking some music signals itd just false positive all day

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so i just realized
i felt like my clip circuit was somewhat fail
because like, you have a buffer amp half a dual chan amp
and if the other is all comparator style, you have th other half all going to rail to rail
which cant be good for the signal amp in the same chip
but like, if youre really using it as a clip indicator, you signal if fucked anyway because your clipping
you will be stuck, eh
i wonder how long before they sell tickets where you can drive your car into the plane
scaled output?
you figure out where your amp clips
and you turn the pot so that the red light goes on when its clipping
weird it has an attenuator for a resolution comprimise?
(thats smrt)
and iunno

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the ones theyre designed for fit fine
but theres was like 20 of those
vs like a box of over flowing ones
that sentence is just wrong
vs like overflowing box of ones sounds stupid tho

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heh, i think with radiused edge routes and no 9v battery, i can make the altoid boards like 100% bigger than the pcb i did before
you sounded like sarah palin when you did that
i need to go to all and buy more of those DC jacks that actually fit in these pcb
(they had a box of like 1000 that are the same thing but pins bit bigger, dont fit all the way)
i tried to get the right jacks from old shit but they melted =(
eh eh
yeh kinda

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ha neat
nanobrite with smt led and flex cable
so the thing im acoustic testing speakers with can do signal level thd stuff
i can like test my audio junk fureal
we have ap machines, like industry standard shit, but no one made me do stuff on it yet

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i wonder if radiation is more a bitch in hard mode
i think radx was resistance
radaway was heal

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like the goofir looking robe was because of the monty python joke, but there was non enchanted robes other places
i dont remember if there was church fucker in fallout 2 like in fallout
finally gonna get some herbs yay
food was hp rad increases
i can prob count how much food i ate in fallout on one hand
yeh usually a few levels in stimpacks werent a problem anymore
yeh, now that i know to basically blowoff the main quest
i usually did that
i hated having red bodythings
k bbl

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yeh it was annoying but really not more than usual
non-linear games are normally worse than most, too
yeh id be pissed
fallout was mostly broken quest scripting
older fallouts
and they were all known issues and pretty minor
there was limits to how much you could put in any container
like if you used just one locker itd eventually buffer overflow into limbo
but i mean it was an insane amount of shit
way more than you could sanely fit into one locker
was like if you put half the game into one container
it was a bug, but it was totally excusable
ambience, iunno
i think usually it was because they were part of random encounter jokes or something
well, some shit
like the robe

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so you have to like sum repetitive parts yourself to get the price breaks
unless theyve changed that
why i think larger projects would prob benefit from some sort of local tool, spreadsheet or db based thing, so you dont have to deal with the redundant entry bullshit
because you literally have to go thru the order visually and find the repeats, sucks, easy to miss shit
nico seemed to be doing fine
fallout is traditionally crashy
its their method to teach you to save furiously

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(you have to watch it, because theyll check/uncheck certain things when you change certain parameters)
for little projects, sure
it would be to time consuming anyway
if it were that big a deal id have some local way to deal with multiple variations of BOM and use their text uploader
but like, ive done shit with dozens of parts each for multiple boards, w/ diff amounts of each board
works pretty well, but itll add multiple lines for parts from diff parts lists

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if youre serious im laughing
well fine, valid
05:08 < Tekrad> they f'd it all up
not valid (because it seems like the same damn site to me)
mydigikey seems the same
ha, licking
you just dont like my digikey?
ive been using that junk for awhile
i like the patrts lists thing because you just enter your single unit bom and then put multiples

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blackmoon: it is priest fucks
but its bill maher mocking them to their faces apperently
its heavily torrented
eh eh
hmm wtf
they still have my parts lists
ive been logged in for like years
sounds like an extra 20sec
on a slow connect
dude its 20sec

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what makes a stat script nonshitty?
blackmoon: have you seen religulous?
its bill mar interviewing people about religion
i almost have it
its supposed to be hella funny
damn i thought youd be into two hours of thrashing religion

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your pc is fail
or possibly your xbox

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dont forget psx games
mame yay
i dont remember why i did it
i should see if shadows of the colossus runs
halo was all xbox people played for years
original duke nukem was pc and a platformer
oh original snes one
fps on consoles is total fail
youre like 20sec in?
w t f

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you are not a user you are a god
haha @ battery

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no weed for like two hours
its been like 10 days

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ttmustang: typically i run a timer as a system tick
so you would just run the 1ms every however many system ticks is 1ms
yeh i suck
ttmustang: doing delay code basically ties up your proc doing nothing
doing a timer based system lets you do something periodically without having to just loop doing nothing
i need to clean my bathroom counter and floor
i use those plastic things look like copper scrubbies
and yeh, green yellow or blue blue sponges

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cycle counted loop
or like 1000 nops (@ 1MHz)

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id guess code

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are you sure it isnt your code?
also make sure your grounds are ok
it shouldnt by itself
are the two avr on a common ground?

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do you have reset pullups?
why not
put 10K from reset to vcc
(i highly doubt thats too much power for the stk500)
(and avr are known to act fuckey without the reset pullup)

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im -8
Now we can reveal the answer: according to the Top Gear spokeswoman, the tested Tesla was filmed being pushed into the shed in order to show what would happen if the Roadster had run out of charge.

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did they actually drive it
did they admit afterwards
hya @ his electric joke

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someone linked to last night
car companies refuse to make sometyhing like that
and thats why electrics arent popular
people would buy sport things with a 50mi range if they were badass
er no

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k that lung thing is just weird

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