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woah fuck vaporizer
i need to put the regulator back on this thing
thats almost a song lyric

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wtf this efnet
its gonna stop just for you?
it prob depends which firetruck
they have lots

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the new altimas look neat

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like you have to make the little door level
if its hanging down the side inside the hinge gets in the way
id get a scion tc before id get a civic

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theyre not always right side up
on your laptop maybe
yeh man my cardreader isnt like that
my cardreader rocks
also we have laptops at work that are upside down
but the logo is on top
so you can actually see it
it was never a problem for me
do they have mobo without ps2 yet?
like full size mobo
my shit doesnt have serial or parport
i have 6 usb on the back
and 3 on front
only because the cardreader doesnt have two ports
only complaint about my lian li
the little audio/firewire/usb thing behind the door is too narrow
and some shit barely fits
like my sony headphones

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its black and kinda rubbery tho, way thick
crazy glue from hell
tekrad: i dont like the new civics very much
i dont like the new accords at all
they have that bubble sticker headlight thing
like the cramry
he was prob driving too fast yo
dont do that
i thought you got it in

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its good for connectors and caps
but not even so much since they added the pic on the item info page
but yeh its still the fastest way to find that exact switch or compare tons of caps
you should be able to just get sections =\
i have loctite 426 on my hands =(
again =(
naw it scrubs off without to much pressure it just takes awhile
its cryanoocrylate tho

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haha @ db meter
id rather have 4x 10"
you mean the paper cat?
its almost thicker than it is wide

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the 21" im like, bending at the knees, both arms straining
the amount of glue we needed to put it together was ridiculous
especially the surround
not much i dont have a car worth putting a system in yet =\
dont they have a series of massive xmax drivers?
350lbs wtf
is it fucking cast iron or what

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has two spiders where the one in that pic is, like one on top of the other, for strength
so yeh im pretty impressed by the 21"
it also has extra reinforcement where the cone meets the voice coil
like little mini cones made out of spider material
and theyre saturated with glue so its almost like a composite
inittab: we used the loctite 426 glue on them because thats what we had
like $40 worth of glue per sub =\ =\
its $120 a tube and we used like 1/3 tube on each
actually, $60
well $50
like i had done two and we just had a little left for the 3rd
dude the 21" makes the 18" woofers feel stupid light
like i could toss 18" around like nothing

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inittab: strokers subs can have up to three spiders wtf
i rebuild some today
one spider is *above* the cone, under the dustcap
wtf is cerwinski alive or what?
wtf is cerwinski lab
yeh this has two spiders like stacked like pancackes below
then it has an extension on the pole piece that another spider screws into
its the lower suspension
its flat
the pole piece goes up past the bottom of the cone
nd the the spider meets the cone about where the massive dust cap attaches
that + the surround align the coil within the gap
like, on the sub i rebuilt today
which i was informed is prob the hardesr sub to put together, ever

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schedule fucked
donde mi zapatos!?

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