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i can make a wtf its cold meter
i have some of those national to92 temp sensors
blue death heart
oh i was thinking like blue dading into death
you have shiftbrights?
you have some freaky crossfading algorithm
fine whatever post or dcc or whatever you do
shiftbrights are bright

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okay so doing sbi/cbi commands with no nops, shiftbrights seem to work fine @ 20MHz
50KHz shiftbrite update rate feer
one color
but any color
is make functional code now that i know my shit aint broken?
okay youre just weirding me out
id be feeding it random shift to see the pretty data colors
try to explain this to normal people they will be like WAT ARE YOU INSANE

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22:49 <@BlackMoon> no it was pertty much everyone.
okay so what do i do with shiftbrights

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macegr: the 5 shiftbrites in the pile that killed my avr dragon are working
omg that guy hurts

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neat i made a shiftbright green

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neat code working fine with the mega88
see if my stk500 and any of my avr are working
now im going to see if shiftbrites are working
dont need luck, done with that part
i think i blew out the pin on my mega164p or some shit
no u

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mega88 also working

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portc from an 8515 is working
diff socket tho
so its the chips i guess

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k after labeling

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all the pins on portc are connected to the header
none of the affected pins test as shorted together
stk500 aref is surprisingly accurate
rab: no voltage or short on the pins with the chip out
going to try another 40pin avr

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im going to try setting them all one state at a time
pc2..5 are stuck hi
i just set everything hiz

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it was to the led stuff
but theyre stuck high
even when i load the stk500 example code
works portb output, when i switch code to c, only first two pins work, next 5 are stuck high
no idea what are those labeled
looks like they are mapped to pins on D and B
i need to label chips so i know which is which

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hmm its like portc on my stk500 is shorted to power
or that port on several 164p is fucked
my stk500 mostly works
i think its port c thats fuckin up
or i somehow managed to blowout the same pins on every avr of this type that i have
dunno about to try another
like, port b and d acting normal
port c, only the first two pins seem to respond
rab: no, oddly
tho im about to check again

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hey thats what mine is doing wtf

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i think my stk500 is fucked or all these chips are or something
maybe my avrstudio is fucked

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then yeh i think you have to send a char at a time
like you can store stuff in the undisplayed characters on the lcd
and scroll to that i guess
but you needed to hav loaded those characters individually at some point anyway
lpm instruction
you just write a block of code that sends the character in the temp register

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from ram or flash or what?
in the preprocessor so the code looks neater?
.db to store the strings and lpm to load them
is thats what the lcd expects

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hi what
hahah wtf

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16:29 <@timecop> youre one-script lunix trash has quality that barely beats youtube after 10th generation reupload
you an angry!

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i hated that app
super is neat
but its the superior vbr format!

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(actually theres two, its just a weird angle)
one jumps over the other one but you can always see both heads
the one in the foreground goes up and over

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two smash into each other and become three

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