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fureal, everything would just be batteries
wow 6 years
how is that now ++awesome
how does free panels happen
omg seravitae robbed the solar panel truck
w t f
k im going to bed

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okay i wasnt sure but this whole thing was to avoid that

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blackmoon: 4:20
k 1min early but fuckit im going to sleep

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but itd be princess auto/horror freight shit

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blackmoon: is there internal clocks or do i use input pin or what
i bet these things have datasheets
aaaw shit
ok im going to bed
built in?
or i gotta supply mega super pll
oh no shit nice
oh wow

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dude i made a divider megafunctions its its all IP FILE DECIDE SOMETHING

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you were switching something
im going to bed
wtf @ megafunction wizard
'whats stratix
well fuck that

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why are they ip cores because you need to buy some fucking license or what?
hopefully they are non buggy and awesome?
parallel army of caps could maybe hang

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thats pretty giant
haha, 'megafunctions'
these things look serial
tes i see now
because they are like label[] or label[][]

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how do they do it now
man waking up @ 3am is prob a stupid time to play with fpga editor
blackmoon: what button do i push to like, put gates in a schematic and shit
caps would look awesome tho

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is this for some solar thing?
somehow went frm fpga awesome to caps on solar cells
oh mr llama is gone
i have quartus installed
i think current inverter technologies use batteries
why dont you ask twingy hes dropped a ton on panels and inverters

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i wonder who had to clean the machine
im already watching that

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we are from the same thing as monkeys!
punk came from black sabbath
metal, also from black sabbath
i dunno everytime i turn on the radio they are playing shit from 5-15 years ago
so i turn it off

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daniel larusso was from reseda
its 80s hair stuff
no i can name tons of 80s stuff i love
hahaha wow
the 80s
thats like saying man is from monkeys

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king missile \o/
think so
yes with the terminal stuff, think so
oh, right with karate kid bullshit =(
you know i live where he lived?

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thats a new thing
i dont use that shit in browser windows

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(and how long it should take)
if they were atmel docs but its prob open src crap from 5 versions ago
that amount to 'look in the headers and figure it out your damn self'
atmels docs are really good

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ttmustang: argue your way is faster and worry about it when youre actually running out of flash
wow @ puffing the magic dragon
winavr int handlng was straight retarded when i read about it
i didnt say it was hard to write out the c code
i know exactly what my asm int handler does

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omg i cleaned my balcony
some grasshopper tried to kill me
tried to get me like 3 times
wasnt there two diff ways, one that enabled nested interrupts, one that was sane?

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(btw you can copy the order and comments from the end of the *def.inc files)

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instead of 'rjmp fault' you can just put 'reti'
but yeh rjmp like that wont work for avr with larger program mem areas, because they use jmp instead of rjmp
so you need to nop pad or jmp to a fault handler
anyway, not yours
so add a whole vector table, with reti for everything youre not using
if it doesnt happen anymore, you have another unmasked interrupt firing

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some freddy mercury made up shit
ttmustang: time it after reset
if its always at the same time its def code
ttmustang: do a real vector table
right now your reset code is in the middle of the vector table
and part of load byte too maybe

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or 1uF and .01uF in pairs

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then yeh prob wont work great
yeh its called reset =(

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id bet its the breadboard noise more than that
and ive never had power issues with the stk500
i think it has caps right at all the power shit
on by the lcd might not hurt
see if you can reset the lcd
like power cycle it while the avr is attached
if the lcd is just entering some bad half functinal state
like maybe it half reset or something
i dont think it will work but maybe
also it might be bad for the io on the lcd

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yeh i guess so
i have to go make foods in a sec
what is the issue
wow 15min
does it fix itself?

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danielson: it forms an RC with the gate capactance, usually in the nF range
so yeh its going to slow down turnon/turnoff time considerably
and youre going to be dissipating alot of power in the fet during transition

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eggsalad: go to sleep
heh neat'
colorless green ftw

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on my banks acct activity page its like, 01.02.2009 @ ralphs
then sometimes they just dissapear
i bet they benefit from the overlapping money, somehow

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wtf is a floor heater

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theyre letting you know its actually snow and not like, shaved ice or ice cream or something
it says its 60F
wtf @ the apartment retaining the cold

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fuck this im going back to bed
blankets and shit worked better than 1500W crap heater
kinda at night lately
it was getting to like 35F
one night there was mad snow on the mountains to the north
never happens
it was gone by noon
inittab: heh
they labeling it so you know

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i should take that out of my irssi channel list

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our apartment didnt come with that
unless the people downstairs are using the heat
or its just hot in the summertime
like 28 why
how old are you
ok and the reason you wanted to know

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holy fuck my alarm just went off
inittab: oanel heater is in a room with like 15ft cielings with a row of windows on one side on top
so yeh unless youre hanging out in the cat tree, doesnt help much
damn my phone alarm too
yeh its neat for not so long
then you realize the a/c and the heater dont do shit
would prob be horrible to listen to music in, too
weird echos

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this spaceheater shit is not working

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