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canadian prison is probably fun
they prob didnt get to keep the money

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twingy: insert sketch or template after a drop segfaults
damn youre sleeping
dragging doesnt do it i dont think, its actually dropping it someplace else
i think im going to make some rice
haha damn
i was going to go get ice cream and make a peanut butter and honey milk shake
k nite
im prob gonna crash
then tomorrow i have to edit schematic and order tons of parts
i cant believe my failhonda passed smog

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works neat
i like the pop open on hover
i tried to add a template and it seg faulted
anyway, foods then eat
then sleep
twingy: ill just grab whats there tomorrow
you can export them to a file

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k making
need to eat

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is dbus just for gnome?

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of bugs?
no ive been waiting for new gcam to download and test
but yeh if you didnt fix the segfault on project settings menu click, you should prob do that
the other thing was the beginning and end blocks being draggable
'ps afx' on a gnome/gdm system is fucked up

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it didnt give me the option for 1280x1024
dunno, maybe it decided 4:3 only

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axis gui @ 1280x960 is pretty spiffy
actually its 4:3
1280x1024 is odd, even tho its more common

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it just has 'configured device' things as identifiers in xorg.conf
with like no options, so i guess its running some sort of default
cuz yeh i added monitor lines and my monitor was doing like OVERFREQUENCY WTF
naw it needed the driver 'nv' line
in the device section
ha apperently i got an onboard gf6100

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twingy: yeh old gcam compiled and started up

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twingy: tried to compile old gcam
configure says /lib/cpp fails sanity check
pfft linux is like 3 years ago
theres a package on ubuntu that installs all the dev shit you need
ty inittab
mekius: im not here im at another computer type louder
i need foods
-p, --same-permissions, --preserve-permissions ignore umask when extracting files (the default for root)

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it showed up again
like, files are randomly dissapearing on my sd card
when i stick it back in they are back
see i knew i backed up my config files!
ok neat cnc is working

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holy fuck
it wants me to install dev shit for like half of lunix now
58 packages
those are weird
wtf its done
58 packages, 1minute
auto kitty boxes are weird

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stupid installer is stuck
its like ldconfig deferred processing taking place
no just close
oh nm it was done
ha ive done that before
which gtkglext
theres a bunch
im picking the shortest
that doesnt work
you have to get the badass stuff with the baking soda in it

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oh nm
it wasnt working after i plugged it in but chcp was taking its fucking time
its not so bad for automagik shit
installer app is updating its database
twingy: i need svn and the gcc shit?
half of that is in one package i think

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i used it for making wave tables and tone variables
maybe i used open office
it was just there
whats brilliant
ubuntu is pissing me off

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i thought i did
i prob should have done sudo mv
its like it saved everything except that, or theyre in some other directory
anyway ive set it up enough times before
oh you know what would be awesome
if i didnt plug the net cable in
man thats gonna be fucked up to reach now
05:24 <@Tekrad> dec2hex in excel
i love that shit

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twingy: ok its installed

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seravitae: are the surfaces flat?
or does each smaller lens have a curve
yeh you wouldnt be able to feel it
like i mean if each little lens part has some slice of a continous curvature
or they are just not that hardcore

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not particularly
but maybe in longer part cycles
yeh i guess
change it to ID maybe, so it doesnt take up so much space
like, if you had something super repetitive with templates or sketches or whatever, i can see it keeping you from going insane
like you would have to number them one by one just to kinda keep track
is the gcc stuff on the livecd?
or this shit better figure out my net chip

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okay its installinating
is that ubuntu 8?
i dont keep track of the furry names
yeh thats interesting

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anything more you can do a sense resistor
`you need a sense resistor
ver low resistance high accuracy resistance
you measure the voltage across it placed in series with your load
duct tape bad
use heatshrink or at least electrical tape
or if its really that much current, some sorta jig
and a sign like TOUCH ME AND DIE
most wont do more than 10A
yeh what moon said

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its XXXX with a floating decimal
yeh looks same
and thats not the new little ones
theyre like smaller with the switch offset to one side
kinda tapered smaller at the bottom
fluke 113 thru 119 i guess
thats the newer smaller ones
mekius: like $120 for new fluke
im setting up the ubuntu pc
prob tonight
holidays are over
life is normal again

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minidin is so much more fucked up to insert
110 and 111
112 is the backlit one
no i have both
i paid like $80 and $90 i think
fuck no
one is at work anyway
they have used shit?
110 and 111 are oooold
the replacements are goofy looking
oh, yeh probably for like same money
thats the new small autoranging thing?
theyre like same thing but bigger and funny shaped
flukes probably
its 5 digits?
then its the same thing
oh wtf
thats 7

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bios doesnt want to see this kb
this makes no sense
this is new
yes usb
apperently not
tho i usually enable it when i go thru the bios
my other kb is usb
man i hope i didnt get rid of the whole kb stack
yeh i bet i have one of those somewhere
at least make some tormach competitive
old old fluke
external differential adc
and spi or something

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twingy: probably can help with new manual
im backing up encee home dir
gonna install ubuntu8 emc2 stuff

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efnet hates them all
theres always like one server thats like ok with it

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im edgar

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i guess so
they had some locking mechanism
they won westec or maybe got 2nd or 3rd for it
whatever im not trying to strip either nut ever at all

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where is my wrench
no fuck that i need two 1" wrenches
spindle nut and collet holder nut
they did that at school

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yeh i did that and went back to asm
and everything works
until it becomes like 3am then it stops working
but then in the morning in find the retarded 2am crap and it works again
guys im missing a whole bigass wrench

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sexy looking
thats good for a pour tho
one pass to flatten it, pass or two to finish

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now just 3 years
world has become a cold, horrible place
heh, try and get the length of cut below visual if you want it to be pretty
air cooled, feer

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that shit
i think its nylon and yeh you cant tear that
the shit with like 4 or 5 lines is pretty untearable
but that stuff its nuts, like structural shit
i wonder if theyre actuall doing the concrete building CNC thing
they build up the building in layers wtf
yeah i half remember reading an article
yeh i dunno google cant find
so maybe it was just a company with a wackhead idea and a cool pic
and they had grinders big like that at the fadal factory =\
also large room sized machine centers
oh, seagate 5 year warranty on internal drives is over

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and thyve been on the bottom of his shoes ever since
guys ive never had a problem shipping shit
you guys just dont use enough clear tape armor and cardboard structure
i dont trust paper
paper is obviously fail
but paper + sticky + plastic = win
youd be madman to use kapton
i do that to everyone in here =\
clear tape is cheap yo
also i enjoy it
be happy i dont have one of those paper tape dispensers
fuckin mil spec packing tape
can you cut it?
they make nylon tape like that
it looks like pussy clear or paper tape

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i have to see whats up with all those mega164p
its like 3 of them has the same pins blown out
like damn wtf was i doing
like macegr did?
sent avrfreak avrs but when they got there there was nothing there
machine ate that envelope
i dont think he hates any of you as much as me
twingy: eheh
macegr: everyone assumes this is the case
he prob opened it and they fell out
or that foam shit
then he stepped on them

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iunno like .005 or .010
i think i was doing 1000rpm or 600rpm
cnc area almost clean
i have a wireless mouse
but i dont know where the usb dongle for it is
yeh the mice im using have wires
i dont have thise problem with those, can just trace wire
You don't have permission to access /~inittab/avr/ on this server.
i love how i leave avr projects on my desk and the mess topples over them
but they still work fine
yeh totally
but i turn the knob, nd the shiftbrites fade in and out in my selected color theme

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im not sure gas accepts that
twingy: in asm for avr, .org is a literal flash location
so you setup the vector table for interrupts with like .org $0
then when an unmasked int happens, it jmps to that interrupts line of flash
twingy: theres some way
because the vector table for the exceptions on arm work the same way
irq and fiq are vectored the same was as ints on an avr
yeh .stuff is preprocessor directives
mmm @ 6061
i was doing 20ipm thru that with the 3/8" endmill
nice block

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(you can set ints with software like that)
(yeh what moon said)
yeh i could never think of a sane reason

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in c?
because who knows what the compiler coder monkeys thought was appropriate and sane?
my cat sneezed like 10 times
twingy: oh neat
oh its HSS

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to what which
i was gonna go hiking or to the beach
buts its like, foggy, wtf
oh sweet
as long as you leave duplicate, delete
i guess i can clean the CNC area now
have to at some point
no its just messy
like i need all this shit i just have to put it all somewhere
its not like, dirty
what doeble angle cutter

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yeh rly
mine is pretty durable, no probs
those specs kick mines ass
mine is like 700MHz celeron, 512mb, 4gb ssd, 7" lcd
the ram is socketed tho, so i can throw 2gb in

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also they said timing was 15d btdc
which means i didnt fuck that up, pretty awesome
i wasnt sure because the horror freight timing light was dim and crappy
and yeh i dont understand why netbooks wouldnt be ok

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yay fail accord passed the smog test
has 2009 sticker \o/
yes thru 12/09
i had to wait in DMV line twice =(
first time im like 'i need smog check, huh'
theyre like YES!
its not so bad anymore

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i remember those
oh hahaha

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i use their adjustable one
yeh that works
they see you going to the electronics shit, theyre just kinda like oh shit stay out of this guys way
that diode is this guys paycheck! like, his familys food and shoes and shit
crt are heavy

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but yes itll work =(
i want a kickass stapler
like, 20 pages thick, never fails shit
i have a 2" long swingline made of blue plastic
surely it will fail soon

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do you have a soldering iron and some heatshrink at least?
or some electric tape
yeh fucking up is kinda the shittiest way to learn
oh pimp
k then find a wall wart and some scissors and youre good
rab makes the point that they can dismiss alot of issues as user power supply and remove themselves from liability

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get your own damn wart
yes =\
needs more
avrstudio > help > avr tools user guides
omg go find like a 9V wallwart
you are not prepared at all.

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bank better be open today

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actually no, not remembering dreams at all is
usually its like 2 or 3 weeks before i start remembering them
when im stoney ill remember them later tho, just not when i wake up, its weird

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im all dissapointed, like omg brain, this is what you are doing instead of relaxing wtf
there is a cricket in my room somewhere
woah trip out my balcony is clean

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dude, im not gonna feel silly about using something just because some jackass named himself after a website and made a fool of himself for years
i seen pic docs
thats why i wont even use them if i can avoid it
im not
apestate: wat
i woke up and my mind was all half asleep confused and mixing up word bit lengths from 2 diff projects and the quartus shit i was playing with last night

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um, theyre cheap with an awesome core architecture, opcode set, and peripherals
the docs are awesome and a capable dev environment can be had for under $50

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