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do any tiny avr have hardware multipliers?
hmm yes only megas
fuckit i dont need hardware

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definitely maybe

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why cant you read them
i dont understand
college broke dx =(
if they dont give me a timing diagram i will make that shit
strobe pulse goes low
idly state is one
hes a device
my guess is a thermal printer and if its from a pc its only because hes prototyping

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twingy: finish cuts for pockets would be good too
so like two perimeter cuts?
yeh do the perimeter pass with offset
and then do one more, you make the offset user adjustable
yeh that was included on most of the haas canned cycles
and it makes sense
no they have like builtins
kinda like what youre doing with gcam
like, G121 blah blah blah blah

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this is just for bolt holes?
it can fuckup slots maybe
but you mean the loop in/out?
yeh any vibration, or if the spindle isnt trammed perfect
they had a team of like 20 twingys on that
all fucking day

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twingy: no idea
i need to organize my electronics piles
what do you mean counter boring
like the perimeter/finish cut after the pocket passes?

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fuck that
that wont pocket or itll pocer all the year down in pieces or what
dx^: shrug
damn *pocket all the way down
solid edge isnt a cam app
thats basically what it is
sounds fucked up

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its better than trance and house
but only a little bit
see sometimes it just sounds like house
twingy: neat?
i wonder if that gets you hits
see this is like 70s rock that was just like

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like, these are your peoples
`nico: okay but whats weird
hardcore = fast stompy house
w/ kung fu movie samples
and i hate house
house is from disco

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04:34 <@BlackMoon> wtf is a candyraver?
thank god
they all integrated into the drunk at the club scene
timecop: you listen to happy hardcore

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need to go find food, clean stuff

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oh i thought read data
maybe works same both ways
i guess read is like, new funtionality

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oh is this for parallel data?
oh ok
okay you clear HostBusy
the peripheral will clear PtrClk
then you know to check daya, you could poll PtrClk for 0 after setting HostBusy low
i guess what is this?
oh neat
okay but when youre done
you have the data, set host busy high
peripheral will ack by setting clock high, then you low pulse HostClk to ack it (which clears the valid data state)

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let us know how it works out
dx^: everything lines up vertically
and \ are rising and falling edges
/ and \
see when its a bar?
instead of a line?
that means it can be a 1 or 0
when the bare twists, like on Data Lines, thats a transision
symbol for like 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 transision
thats a shitty timing diagram

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wacked out on psych meds, running away in the wrong direction on a street i grew up near
anyway, i put the cab into a sound isolation chamber, turn the amp on, set a level, and yeh thats it
run until 100 hours passes or something breaks
and its someone elses music
the non destructive testing can be pretty neat
well, we make the spec, so 'overdriven' is kind of a strange term
set level for everything else why bother testing
non destructive testing is usually like, speaker parameter identification and large signal non-linearity analysis stuff
so like, ton of pink noise
sounds like a jet engine
white noise is just random noise
pink noise is sound with like a spectrum of frequencies
so like you use audio spectrum pink noise
it sounds like sitting by the wing on an airplane

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its an awesome idea, even if it doesnt work perfectly for an agc
thats not my bot that the client on my cnc machine
you need to filter waaaay low or youll get ripple
besides that no reason it wouldnt work
dx^: sometimes
rest of the time it is boring
not all the time
and power test destroying is pretty boring
like, i bolt a speaker into a cab
throw it in a little isolation booth
funny thing about that booth
the metal perforated walls...
the only other time i seen them was at a holding cell at a jail when i got picked up for AWOLing from my group home

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wait wat no
it would have latency compared to real agc
yeh but i think itll usually keep from hard clipping
yours you would have to be all predictive, maybe track delta
but yeh thats actually pretty neat for adjustable Aref
like, ripple past the filter is a tiny issue, but not so much
just adjustable

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i have no contract, tho, heh
it ran out and vp of eng was like, well just keep giving me invoices and youll keep getting paid
but like, i dont think they can fuck me for NDA type stuff
twingy: eh?
what do you mean flare
the ones that will countersink while you tap?
no i said they def want to keep me on
i still have a job, vp of eng basically told me last week i was ok, even tho other people would prob be leaving
like, i basically answer to the overlord of engineering

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guys guys
people got laid off at work today
but not me
you didnt know i had a job?

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no idea find a datasheet and/or app note
maybe it has something to to with reactance or reliability
maybe dc will kill it, but they wanna use dc anyway because they dont wanna use a proper current course, so theyre gonna pwm it at 1000% max for just a little bit so it maybe doesnt die
like an avrfreak
10min until laundry done

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explain, prob not, but smetimes you have bigass labels for simple things
you have 18min until laundry is done
Examples can be found in the class of resistor-based sensors, such as thermistors, RTDs (resistance-temperature detectors), and strain gages; they require a current or voltage for excitation in order to produce an electrical output.
wtf yes ive put voltage and current sources on sensors to get a signal out

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how much
hehe, use a dac to calibrate it
yeh wtf at the block diagram
kitchen sink chip

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sucks: laundry in the morning

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haha wtf

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