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i like mouse gestures
one of the *box wm had it
waimea i think
like you could do a 3x3 desktop and knock on borders to switch
no i dont think so
is a giant cow involved?
wow maybe
on a friends pc tho

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speed = speed + accel * time

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heh 'meters per second per second'
i dunno why that shit always makes me smile
like tamarindo jarritos
is it noisy?
how many bits?
497 is like almost full 9 bit

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heh @ accelerometer distances
heh, averaging slows you down and makes it less accurate
sometimes you values will be negative, relatively speaking

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so thats not a spacer
its the fucking wheel hub
the thing connected to it is the splined end of the axel
you to get the disc out, you have to unbolt the bearing from the steering knuckle
and pull the bearing/hub assemble off the axel
so you can slide the disc off the back of the hub
like, every other car i know about, the disc is bolted to the *front* of the hub
so you pull the wheel off and just pull the disk off after taking off the caliper
my car...
you have to dissassemble the suspension and remove the steering knuckle/hub assembly?
thats your other brother, no?
yeh i remember your brake job story =(
so anyway, fuck this honda

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he wouldnt have known if it wasnt for me catching it
well, hopefully he would have seen it eventually
he did the qfp chip, too
the engineer who did the pcb
hehe then he went and found me in the warehouse like curled up in a folded horn
'um, hey can you do smt?'
'sure, easy'
i dont fit all the way inside =(
but to get the far bolts on the speaker, you basically crawl around it, your head to one side
so your lower torso and legs are all that sticks out of it
yeh basically
most cars, for some thing or another
its weird my civic is easy as fuck to work on
my accord is total bullshit
i replaced the dash on my civic in 3 hours, half in the dark
i dont even wanna ever try doing it on my accord
check it out i never changed the discs
because when i pulled the caliper off, i notice theres this 'spacer' looking thing

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they stopped like midway thru the last hole on the one i was assembling, i think they were doing the larger drill holes manually with a router bit (the half hole looked very, very flat on the bottom)
i had to like pick little copper burrs off the edges to make sure they didnt short anything
the holes managed to miss almost everything, most drilled into ground planes
except where one drilled a sot-223 pad, almost in half =\

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its just the custom shape apertures
(and since some have no problems with the apertures eagle and other apps produce, id say that was more about the fab house photoplotter controller than the pcb files)
we had a pcb fabbed to test some new ftdi chip sample
so they give me the board to assemble, i find extra holes
turns out they drilled 4 of the 10 boards backwards before flipping them and doing it right

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22:44 <@Rab> renesis, I know you favor a particular Panasonic cap series but I've forgotten which.
FM is like, standard low esr
FC is standard low esr
FM is lower esr, but lower max capacitance for voltage
also less sizes, FM tend to be shorter, is prob how they get the lower esr
NHG is decent esr, but very small
i forgot the chemicon exact equivs
03:31 <@AC-130U> very nice... and i understand that it is also quite good at creating whatever file your boardhouse wants
they all do that?
ha, except the expresspcb app =(

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did you update the stk500?
changes might be significant, because i think ive broken other non-atmel programmers with it

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